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Survivor 1980 Robinson Pro

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A friend of mine got this somewhere. I passed it to me to clean up. It's a very cool survivor. Missing the front tire, and the rear is a replacement, but otherwise, it's 100% OG.


Looks like a bike I'd build. Other than the grips and MX1000s, all the parts are among my faves.


It's how I remember us building bikes--mixed up brands, mixed up colors, de-anodized stuff. . .


It's rusty and poorly preserved, but it looks like it was originally barley used or well taken care of. 


Pics not loading. I'll post when I can. Sorry. 



Frame: 1980 Robinson Pro

Fork: Robinson

Handlebars: JMC first-gen, need to check to see if they were cut, but I think not

Grips: A'me 

Stem: Torker 

Headset: Tange MX-2

Cranks: Shimano Dura Ace, 175 with Shimano 44T sprocket

BB: Sugino

Pedals: KKT Lightning

Chain: HKK Smoker

Seatpost: Uni Seat

Saddle: Uni Seat

Wheels: Araya 7X (de-anodized, OG blue) with Omas Hubs

Tires: N/A

Freewheel: Shimano

Brakes: Dia-Compe MX 1000 with Dia-Comp pre-bent lever and Scott Mathauser Finned brake shoes

Seatclamp: Suntour (de-anodized and long ago polished)



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what up michael.  good to see you posting.



if you do a lot of typing...not sure why but i think the upload part "times out" after a bit.

try uploading again.  it should work.  

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Hey Michael,

Bike sounds very cool.


The photos are likely too large.  I always urge people to host them here, but if you can't manage... off site hosting is welcome.



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