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Soul Bikes "Soul Train" BMX Street Riding Frame

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Soul Bikes "Soul Train" Street Riding Frame (N.O.S.), $1,500.00 (free shipping in the US)
•    From 2nd of 2 batches of frames made, circa 1995.
•    Street Riding Frame
•    Black
•    Serial # 220006
•    Set-up for 990 style brakes on top side of chain stays (w/cable guides)
•    Small paint chip on left dropout.
•    Sleeved/reinforced seat tube.
•    One set of “Soul Train” down tube decals.
•    100% 4130 chromoly
•    Manufactured by Fabweld.
•    Last remaining Inventory for sale by Soul Bikes, Inc. (I’m the Owner).
•    Last of 3 new frames and 2 new forks left in possession of Soul Bikes.
•    Less than 250 frame-fork sets ever made.
•    Never assembled.
•    If you are a collector, here is your opportunity to own a piece of freestyle bmx history.
•    Free Shipping inside the USA
•    Email for further information or more photos.

History of Soul Bikes, Inc.
•    I started Soul Bikes in 1993 when I was in High School.  I started the company because I kept breaking the street riding frame sets that were offered by the large bike companies at the time.
•    Soul Bikes was one of the first rider-owned companies of the time.
•    The first Soul Train prototype was made by Fabweld in Florida.
•    Mike Forney tested the Soul Train Prototype.  I believe it debuted at on of the street contest in the fall of 1993 held in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.
•    The original Soul Train prototype was sent back to Fabweld to help set up the jigs for the first batch of frames and forks.
•    The peg mount gussets were added to the forks for the first production run.  I believe Soul Bikes was the first manufacturer to use the large diameter style peg mount gussets.
•    In 1994 the first batch of Soul Train frame/fork sets was produced.
•    The first batch of Soul Trains consisted of 100 frame/fork sets.  The first batch of frames were available in Red, Green or Chrome.  The frames were available with 990 brake mounts, cantilever brake mounts or without U-brake mounts.  A small number of frames/forks were available unfinished (raw chromoly).
•    One frame was made in the first batch that did not feature a head tube gusset.  This frame was intended to be used as a dirt jumping prototype.  This is the red frame with the fork without peg gussets.
•    The frame/fork sets were distributed in the USA by Chuck’s Bike Shop in Linthicum, MD.  The frame/fork sets were also sent to China and South America for limited distribution.
•    The second batch of Soul Trains consisted of 100 to 150 frame/fork sets.  The second batch of frames were available in Red, Black or Chrome with 990 or Cantilever brake mounts.  The forks were also available with 990 or Cantilever brake mounts.  The second batch featured a thicker wall bottom bracket.
•    The light green colored prototype was constructed as the test bed for the second generation Soul Train.  The prototype frame was designed and hand constructed by Bruni Bikes in Baltimore, MD (http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2005-0 … i-bicycles)
•    The second generation Soul Train didn’t make it to production because I went off to college and no longer had time to run and grow the company.
•    Last remaining Soul Bikes inventory being sold off by Soul Bikes (I’m the Owner)…3 new frames, 2 new forks and one prototype frame left in Soul Bikes Possession.
•    The frames and forks have been sitting in their original boxes in my garage since 1995/1996 when I went away to college and no longer had time to run/grow the company.

SBikes 058.jpg

SBikes 060.jpg

SBikes 075.jpg

SBikes 066.jpg

SBikes 069.jpg

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