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OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987)

Old School BMX 20" (1980 - 1987)  

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~~ OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987) ~~


Please follow the RULES & GUIDELINES to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit.

Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting 

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80/81 PK Ripper. Original finishes.


IMG_0603 (1024x765).jpg


80/81 PK frame (PK3xxxx). Original finish and decals.

Cycle Pro forks (Tange 1980 dated). Repop decals.

Araya 7b's

Shimano MX hubs.

Aggressor MX/Kenda tires.

Unstamped TufNeck.

RaceInc bars with Ourys.

Takagi MX/Chromo cranks.

Addicks spider.

Sugino Chainwheel.

HKK chain.

KKT K-MX pedals.

DC MX-1000 brake and lever with Mathauser C shoes.

Kashimax MX seat.


After 3 years, finally all the parts came together to get this done and complete. It's a near clone of my GJS, but, that's cause those are the parts I like. Blue collar, but race ready. Enjoy!


IMG_0593 (1024x765).jpg

IMG_0595 (1024x765).jpg

IMG_0596 (1024x765).jpg

IMG_0599 (1024x765).jpg

IMG_0600 (1024x765).jpg

IMG_0605 (1024x765).jpg

IMG_0606 (1024x765).jpg

IMG_0607 (1024x765).jpg

IMG_0592 (1024x765).jpg

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1985 GT "Mach One"  


All 100% original condition and finish frame and parts.  


F/F: 85 GT "Mach One" Pro (Made in Japan)

Bars: 85 GT "Mach One" Pro (Steel - Made in Japan)

Grips: A'me Tri

Headset: GT Epoch

Stem: DK XL

Hubs: Suntour front, Sansin rear

Rims: Araya 7X front, Araya 7L rear (80's model) - Both in original anno red (previous owner sanded down the side walls)

Tires: Mitsuboshi Comp III

Cranks: SR Cosmo-Lite

Spider: Pro Neck

Chainwheel: SR 43T

Chain: Izumi slotted 

Freewheel: Shimano

Pedals: Shimano PDMX-15

Seat Post: GT

Seat post clamp: GT

Seat: Cyclepro Shotgun II

Brake: Diacompe MX 900

Lever: Diacompe Tech 3

Brake cable: Weinmann






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85 Mongoose Californian



Mostly stock as I acquired it 6 years ago from my brother in law. Basically the only thing missing was the original wheel set that disappeared long ago. Sat in his possession untouched for about 20 years till he offered it to me. I ran it with black NOS Tuff II's until the Pro class Wheel set was found separate headed to the trash last year.   Front and rear Sidewalls had grooves from brake pad studs grinding into them. Spokes were rusted half way through, freewheel seized. Luckily they were straight with no hops and the bearings were smooth. I hand sanded/polished the sidewalls, lightly polished the 84' stamped SR hubs and re-laced them with NOS ASAHI plated spokes. Left the og Pro Class decals even though the lettering is gone. No replacement prism rim strips, just electrical tape.  Reissue tires because I ride it and don't mind killing them.  


How I received it:


All decals are original


SR Sakae MS-423 Stem

Mongooose Grips

Hunt Wylde bar ends

Vented Seat & guts

Seat post

Seat clamp (SR?)

SR Cosmo-Lite cranks

Pro Class spyder & Bolts

SR 44t Chain ring

SR P-468 Pedals

Complete Stamped Headset

Complete Stamped Bottom Bracket

Lee chi Brakes

outer brake cable and clamps

KMC Chain


The only things I added:


Jive Nuts

NOS Padset

New Inner Brake Cable

Kool-Stop Brake Pads 

Reissue Tioga Comp 3's - staggered 

Used Shimano 333 16t freewheel

Pro Class Alloy Wheel set


85 a.JPG

85 b.JPG

85 c.JPG

85 d.JPG

85 e.JPG

85 g.JPG

85 y.JPG

85 z.JPG

rims1 (Large).jpg

rims2 (Large).jpg

rims4 (Large).jpg


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GJS A Frame


** Original finish to all components **


Circa 1980 Frame, serial 123*

Cycle Pro forks, (dated 80)

Araya 7b laced to Suntour Superbe hubs

Comp II tyres

Pinchless Flights

GJS clamp

GT Bars

Pro Neck

Hatta headset

Oakley III grips

MKS Pedals

DC MX 1000 calipers (dated 80)

Mathuser Finned pads

Shogun seat

Izumi chian








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1983 Hyper


This F&F was Greg Grubb's personal race F&F from when he was on Hyper. The build is loosely

based on the 1983 Hyper advertisement that ran in all the bmx rags.


All original finishes throughout.


F&F: Hyper bmx

Bars: CW pro

Seatpost: Pro neck

Cranks: Redline flight 401's

Chainwheel: Redline flight 44t

Chain: Izumi (no master)

Pedals: Shimano DX

Rims: Araya 7x

Hubs: Bullseye bmx ( real old school product with original hardware and provenance and, yes, it blows to have to distinguish them)

Spokes: double butted with brass nipples

Tires: Kenda compe 3 tread

Seatpost clamp: Dia compe mx'

Brakes: Dia compe mx 900's with tech 3 lever and dia compe cable

Grips: Oakley B-2's

Stem: DK pro

Seat: Kashimax aero

Number plate: Zeronine











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1981 Redline Carrera


This is the bike I wanted in 1981 after seeing the New FF combo in the mags BITD. The Carrera was a rare bird back then as a complete bike or the same frame was offered as a ff set separate decaled as a Proline II. Brazed technology replaced the TIG welding process for a clean look and new design. Very rare in OG chrome and decals.


Frame: 1981 Redline Carrera brazed OG finish and decals

Forks: 1981 Redline OG finish and decals Carrera proline

Handle bars: 1981 Redline Proline Vbars OG finish

Stem: Redline Super Proline OG finish

Grips: Oakley .5 OG

Cranks: Redline 401 flights OG finish

Chainwheel: Redline bubble font 43t OG finish

Pedals: KKT Rat traps

Chain: DID

Wheels: Weinmann style 254 hoops with Campagnolo Record low flange hubs

Tires: OG Fat skinny set of yellow label comp III black skins

Brakes: Dia Comp MX1000

Seat: Kashimax MX

Seat Clamp: Suntour

Seatpost: Ultramax chromo stamped

Pads OG vinyl Redline with rare OG Carerra frame pad (very hard to find this damn thing!)












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1982 Mongoose Pro Class...


Rechromed frame, forks and bars as they were raw when I got them. Repop decals/grips/cables, refinished DXs. Everything else original/NOS.















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started with a bare frame and decided to build up an RS2 close to the catalog for 86.  made a few minor tweaks.  i left the seat post tube top chrome and didn't powder coat it so the post clamp wouldn't jack up the powder.  i also left the front gusset chrome so the haro chevron was nice and visible.  the group 1 stem is actually an anlun stem, but i snagged a raggedy Group 1 stem top, polished the heck out of it and mounted it.  i also went with 4130 chrome bars.  the UKAI rims really give it some bling and spin beautifully.  absolute blast to build.
86 Haro Group 1 RS2 Frame
Chrome Group 1 4130 bars
Later year Haro Group 1 Fork
VP Pedals
AME Grips
Lizard Skin flange guards
Peregrine seat clamp
Dia Compe 901 Rear Brake 
Old school Tech 6 Locking Lever 
Haro Sprocket/Crank/BB - from 87 FST
Anlun polished stem w/Group 1 stem top swap
Chrome UKAI hoops - repop decals
Sunshine hubs
ACS 16t Chrome Freewheel
Cheng Shin Comp III Tires (one NOS one New)
GT Seatpost
KMC Chain
Decals from FrogBMX












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BOTY is always nice but not my focus. We all know Schwinn put out some fairly mediocre bikes over the year but I wanted to take time to refresh a few peoples memory and focus on American made craftsmanship. Schwinn saw the emerging BMX market and set out to build the best race bike ever made. My heart feels like they achieved this goal for a year or two with the incredible "Schwinn Sting". Absolutely were before their time with the brazed welding, the tapering stays and forks. All I could do was dream about this bike as a kid and I put my heart and soul into a bike that honestly moved me. It took me years to get it right and wanted to build something that would honor all the early Schwinn Team racers (Eric Rupe, Donny Atherton, and Mike Poulson). I went with the Sugino 175 OPC cranks because they all rode them. I also wanted to find the grail parts that the team racers were given like NTKK snakebelly tires, EDCO headsets and Jaguar Champion 2 saddles. Well here's my dream bike that is frequently ridden and always cherished.


Frame/Forks/Bars: Schwinn "The Sting" (Original Sky Blue Paint)

Stem: Pro Neck 

Headset: EDCO Competition (team issued)

Seat Post Clamp: SunTour made "Schwinn" stamped 28.6mm

Seat Post: Strong brand aluminum 26.8 (rare silver ano)

Saddle: Jaguar Champion 2

Brakes: Dia Compe chrome MX1000/Dia Compe Pre Bent lever/uber rare Schwinn stamped brake cable/Skyway finned brake pads

Grips: Original A'Me bubble fonts

Cranks: Sugino 175mm OPC, Schwinn bottom bracket, Phil Wood 110bcd spider/Sugino 44T chainring

Chain: DID

Freewheel: Team Schwinn (loudest freewheel on the planet!)

Wheels: Gen1 Skyway graphites Tuff 2's with Campy axle set up

Tires: Front 2.125 NTKK Motocross "Schwinn Approved" Rear Schwinn Competition Scrambler 500X50 20X2.0 "Tractor Tires" Original Schwinn 20X2.125 and 20X2.0 inner tubes.



























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             1982 Race Inc RA7

The Christmas Bike


Race Inc RA7 frame. Serial RA45251- Used OG finish and decals including og bike shop decal

Race Inc RF-2M "centerline" forks- Used OG finish

Race Inc handlebars- Used OG finish and decal

DK stem- Used OG finish

Ame Tri grips in bubble font- Used OG

Dia Comp MX1000 brake- Used OG finish

Dia Comp brake pads - Used OG

Dia Comp 1982 dated cable- Used OG

Dia Comp Tech 2 lever- Used OG finish

Tioaga Beartrap 2 headset- New

Xcaliber seat post clamp- Used OG finish

No name chrome seat post- Used OG finish

Kashimax Aero seat- Used OG finish

Cheng Shin 20x1.75 skinwall tires- New replacements

Tubes- New

Rad Kaps- NOS before install

Ukai hoops 20x1.75- Used OG finish

Phil hubs 36H- Used OG finish and hardware

Spokes- New stainless

Nipples- New chrome

Tioga loose ball BB set- New

MKS BMX7 pedals- Used OG finish

Takagi 180mm one piece cranks- Used OG finish

Takagi chrome 130mm spider- Used OG finish

Tuff neck black 44T Sprocket- Used OG finish

No name chrome chainring bolts- Used OG finish

KMC Z chrome chain- Used OG

Suntour 16T freewheel- Used OG finish

Race Inc pads- Used OG


This is the bike that CWard organized a build here with alot of help and parts and money from you guys to surprise me with last Christmas. The postman showed up at my job with a big bike box on Christmas Eve last year with this bike from you guys and it will be with me till I take my last breath. I swapped out the refinished forks for these OG finish forks even up. Got the bubble font Tri's as a gift here when I was looking to buy some to switch out the new set and I swapped out the seat post clamp and traded CWard the Shimano brake for a Dia Comp setup because the Shimano lever didnt fit the curve of the short bars. I traded the camo pads that were on it to Jon for an OG finish and decal Race Inc seat post but it hasnt arrived yet and another member here gave me a SMOKING deal on these OG Race Inc pads.This bike is amazing to me. Reminds me DAILY of my true friends here. Thank you again to everyone involved.



















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Built in reflection of my first BMX bike, not an exact rep as it changed quite a bit in the yr or so I ran it - but it started out with a gold stem, gold alloy bars and post.... Me circa '81/82


And the build....


*all finishes and decals are 100% original

BMX Products Inc. Motomag (transition 81, just before the dropout changes) - nickel plated og decals
1st gen PC fork - nickel plated
Mongoose Motomag era h/s
Mongoose gold stem
Win alloy bars
Grab-on grips - w/yellow plugs (pilfered from a Roadway sponge grip set)
Dia-Compe 890 - dated 79 w/prebent lever and DC lever sleeve
Excalibur seat clamp
Ashtabula 165mm cranks - stamped 80
Sugino star and 44t chainwheel
Sedisport nickel plated 3/32 chain
Suntour brass 3/32 freewheel
Generic alloy post as offered they BMX products Inc.
Made in USA Messinger quilted
Araya 7C
Asahi SS spokes
Early Sunshine HF hubs
Cheng Shin - fat n skinny 183 serial numbered 79
Cheng Shin raised letter inner tubes to match

Added accessories
79/80 offered survivor Mongoose BMX Products Inc. pad set
Hunt Wilde black vented rectangle panel plate (not shown)
Simplex brake cable clips
70s chrome plated steely valve caps - like we used to steal off our older brother's friends' Cragars ..... :wink:







And at rest in its new home ....



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1980 Redline MX-II

1980 Redline MXII USA BMX

1980 Redline MX II restore. Always wanted a Redline as a kid; so much so that I used to strip my Kent or Raleigh or whatever it was and put Redline decals on it. Now, I've got one for real!

1980 Redline MXII SN#358011 - Restoration complete! What do you think??

- Frame & fork purchased from bmx museum.

- Powder coated white by Ocean State Hot Coat (Excellent job)

- NOS Redline V-bars (Kusuki made in Japan chromoly bars))

- 44t bubble letter Redline sprocket.

- Red Duro comp-II style tires (20x1.75 front & rear)

- Skyway Tuff Wheels white mag rims. (Suntour rear freewheel)

- Red anodized sealed bearing headset.

- Tuff Neck red anodized seat post clamp.

- Chrome Izumi chain 1/2"x1/8"x96"

- White A'ME grips with red donuts.

- Redline Flight Cranks 175mm. (US BB)

- Red Kashimax seat.

- Redline seatpost.

- RePro decals with USA CrMo decal.

- Redline Brute stem.

- Red anodized VP rat trap pedals.

- Odyssey Slic Kables.

- Dia-Comp MX1000 front and rear caliper brakes - red anodized.

- Dia-Comp Tech 3 brake levers - red anodized.

- Repro pad set.











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This one was a long wait - then quick build. I blame this whole build on acquiring the fork years ago - having it sit around and taunt me with build ideas ranging from crazy freestyle - to 70s pool riding - to another old SE or mongoose.....  Then it hit me. I wanted an old Patterson!

Well, I waited around for about 2 years before finding this frame (very recently). In the meantime (waiting for the right frame to pop up) I had time to contemplate and acquire most of the parts that would work for this bike (good stuff from 81-84). For the past few months, I was ready to go. I made a trade deal for this frame, and once I unpacked the frame, the bike was built in about 2 hours.  I couldn't help myself.


Frame - 1982 Patterson Pro
Fork - Bottema Skatepark Fork (battered OG chrome - w/ replacement decals)
Bars - Redline "Stu Thompsen" STR V-Bars (OG chrome & decal - G'damn bars are comfy!)
Cranks - Redline 401 Flight Cranks (OG finish)
Sprocket - 44t Redline 401 Flight
Pedals - Shimano DX
Tires -  Raleigh Snakebellies (1.75") (Vintage issue, from around 83-84)
Rims - Chrome Araya 7x
Hubs - GT Sealed Race Hubs (early version, OG finish & decals)
Seatpost - MCS (OG chrome - w/ a Tange decal on it)
Seat - Elina
Seat Clamp - Dia Compe Hinged (yanked from an 84 Master)
Stem - 1st Gen Tufneck - Square Corner  (Pre-stamp - got it from Hector, Where's Aggy?)
Grips - AME Cam (I paid $75 for them years ago, I hope they're OG.)
Headset -  GT Epoch (84/85 og chrome — A damn Tange 300 won't fit in this frame. I tried. Grrrr!)
Caliper - Dia Compe MX 1000  (og of course)
Lever - Dia Compe Tech-3 (og of course)

Brake Pads - Dia Compe / old gummies

Cable Clamps - Dia-Compe (nos-og)


The original owner couldn't tell if the frame was rechromed or not, and I'm having trouble deciphering that as well. The age and details are all there — and if it was ever redone, it had to be decades ago, because of the sticker aging, and old tint to the chrome. Plus the dropout wear looks pretty legit. But to be completely honest. I own another 82 Patterson Long frame, and the factory chrome on most of the 82's I've seen didn't fare as well as this one. so i am not going to claim to know if it's factory finish or not.  The stckers definitely look like real issue decals though (apparent aging, and the screen printed on chrome, etc) even if I'm not sure when they were applied.  But again it's an aspect I'm not completely sure of. ( even though my eye is pretty keen on what aspects/quality to look for in reproductions). There's even an old Preston Petty decal on the seat mast that came on the frame - which adds a bit of nice of-the-era vibe...  Anyway... All the other finishes are original, Enjoy!













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Here is my 1980/81 Thruster Tri Power, which is the round brake bridge, non XL model. I purchased this frame/fork, which was already re powdered, but it is an original factory black frame. I stripped off the repro decals, and used OG decals that I acquired. The Thruster Power Bar's have also been refinished.

I've been wanting to do this build because a friend BITD had one, I always thought it was the coolest bike around.


Frame: 1980/81 Thruster Tri Power (restored, with OG decals)

Fork: Thruster (restored, with OG decals)

Handlebars: Thruster Power Bars (restored, with OG decal)

Stem: Tuf-Neck- OG finish

Headset: Hatta Speedline

Grips: Oakley 3

Pads: Johar California Lite (frame/stem only-bar pad left off on purpose)

Seat: Elina

Seatpost: Race Inc- OG finish and decal

Seat Clamp: Suntour- OG finish and hardware

Brakes: Dia-Comp- OG finish and hardware

Brake Cable: Dia-Compe

Brake Lever: Dia-Compe

Brake Pad: Dia-Compe

Crankset: Takagi Tourney-170mm

Chainring: Pete's Precision Products 44t

Chain: DID

Bottom Bracket: loose ball

Freewheel: Suntour 16T

Pedals: Suntour XC-II

Wheels: Araya 7X with Shimano low flange hubs

Tires: Fat/Skinny Sheng Shin (newer stock)












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1980 Matsuri


I do not know how many of these framesets were produced.  This is the only one I have ever found. All finishes are original.


This bike was used as a rolling piece of advertising back in the day.  The front triangle sign is original, made of aluminum, and hand painted.


Frame and fork:  Matsuri full chromoly (made in Japan)

Handlebars:  Mongoose stainless steel

Stem:  Suntour

Grips:  Cobra

Brake lever:  Shimano

Seat:  Viscount Aero

Seat post:  SR

Clamp:  Suntour

Brake:  Shimano Tourney

Cranks:  Sugino Super Mighty

Chainring:  Campagnolo (144 BCD)

Chain:  KMC

Pedals:  KKT

Rims:  Sun

Hubs:  Sunshine

Tires:  Diamante Golden Series 20 x 2.125









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1981 SE Racing Quadangle



This was one of the bikes I always wanted as a kid.  There was a guy in my town who had one similar to this who often brought it to our local arcade in the back of his truck to show off to all the kids hanging around outside.  Of course we all thought it was the coolest looking bike around.


I've been working on this bike for what seems like many years, tweaking it here and there to get it just right.  Someone on here called this the "Smokey and the Bandit" bike for the black and gold color combo it's got, which I think is awesome, because who didn't want that badass Trans Am with the gold on black eagle on the hood back in the late 70's and early 80's?


I got this frame off of ebay a few years back and it was in really rough shape with a horrible black spray can paint job and no stickers, so I had it re-painted and re-stickered.  I decided to go with graphite Z-rims because I was looking for an excuse to re-create some wheels like I had as a kid.  I still owe my buddy 1979Diamondback a few beers for helping me get these wheels built up and trued.  I know some people don't care for Z-rims, and I'm not a big fan, either, but I think they give this bike a nice look.


Frame-1981 SE Racing Quadangle, repainted with old school SE dry mark stickers


Fork-Landing Gear, repainted with reproduction or new school SE stickers


Wheels-ACS graphite Z-rims with Asahi double butted spokes, and gold Bullseye hubs


Drivetrain-Bullseye cranks (re-painted black), Bullseye pedals, Bullseye bottom bracket, gold

                Tuf Neck power disc, Takagi chain wheel, and gold HKK Smoker chain


Bars-GT Pro with original paint and stickers


Stem-Tuf Neck square corner w/out stamping (re-anodized by previous owner)


Headset-gold Hatta MX 100


Grips-Oakley .5


Seat-Kashimax Aero


Seat Clamp-Dia Compe


Brakes-Dia Compe front and back w/yellow 1983 stamped cables


Tires-Tioga Comp III, green/blue label, fat and skinny combo


Pads-Cloth SE Quadangle frame pad, Tuf Neck stem pad, and vinyl SE bar pad

espquad 005.JPG

espquad 008.JPG

espquad 009.JPG

espquad 010.JPG

quad 003.JPG

quad 004.JPG

quad 005.JPG

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1981 Diamond Back “Johnny Johnson “ Senior Pro.




As many of you know, Johnny Johnson is the walking encyclopedia of BMX.  But some might not know he was a national level racer.  Doubling at a couple of nationals in the early 80s.




JJ killing it at the Diamondback summer nationals in 81




This is a looong term project between me and JJ. Started about 6-7 years ago when JJ spotted a beat up Senior Pro frame at my house.  Over the years, items were acquired and slowly built up for a future assembly.  JJ wanted it to be as close as his back in the 80s.


While his original went through many versions as most of our bikes did back then, it finally morphed into the finished product.  Here's a picture of an earlier version.




Some of you guys have seen it partially finished but I tweaked it to suit JJ’s taste and make it as close to his original one back in the 80s.

This again, is not a tribute bike, it is a bike built for a very good friend and proud to finally show it off.












DB Frame. (Rechromed)

DB Fork (Repaint)

Reproduction DB decals

DB Prototype bars (Via Eddy King)

Redline Brute Stem

Oakley .5 Grips.

Haro Type 2 Plate

Araya 7X rims.

Comp III copy rear tire.

Comp III front tire.

180 Redline Cranks and BB (Rechromed)

Suzue sealed hubs

Tange headset

SR seatpost

Kashimax saddle

Dia Compe MX1000 Brake and lever

MKS “Diamond Back” pedals

Sedis chain.

Black unknown spokes.






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1985 SE Racing Quadangle

NOS Frame Fork
NOS SE bars
NOS Oakely B1B grips
Pro Neck 2 stem
NOS MX1000 brakes
Sugino 400 cranks
Shimano DX pedals
Elina UL seat
OG Tuffs
NOS Tioga Comp 3 tires
Hutch 2n1 
Dia Comp hinged clamp
This is a bike i had bitd that i replicated with the above parts. 
This is the bike that got me back into bmx again and its my first build.
When I look at it, it brings back so many memories and emotions.


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1982 Patterson Pro Long


All original finishes, decals, etc...


Frame: Patterson Pro Long

Fork: Patterson

Headset: Tioga

Stem: SunTour Power Stem

Bars: GT Pro

Grips: Oakley 3

Seatpost: GT

Seat Clamp: Dia-Compe

Seat: Viscount MX

Cranks: Profile (3rd gen)

Spider: Profile

Bottom Bracket: Profile

Chainring: Pro Neck (44T)

Chainring Bolts: Sugino

Pedals: KKT Lightning

Chain: KMC

Rims: Sumo 20 x 1.75

Hubs: SunShine (2nd gen, sealed bearing) 

Freewheel: Shimano 333 (16T)

Front Tire: Cheng Shin 20 x 2.125

Rear Tire: Cheng Shin 20 x 1.75

Tubes: Schwinn

Brake Caliper: Dia-Compe MX-1000

Brake Lever: Dia-Compe Tech3

Brake Pads: Dia-Compe

Brake Cable: Generic


Small 1.jpg

Small 2.jpg

Small 3.jpg

Small 4.jpg

Small 5.jpg

Small 6.JPG

Small 7.JPG

Small 8.jpg

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1982 Skyway T/A  Re-creation

Earlier this year, I decided to re-create my 1982 Skyway T/A (original owner), as it was, from 1982-1985. Some, of the parts are, from the original 1980's build, while others were purchased to completely restore the bike. The good thing about owning a Skyway T/A, BITD, was that you could use either red, or blue parts. The local bike shop didn't always have the color I wanted, so I purchased what they had, in stock. As a kid, I never wanted to wait, for a special order to arrive.


001 - 2 MB.JPG


Original Parts:

1982 Skyway T/A Frame & Fork, with Reproduction Decals (Original Owner, since 1982)
YST Headset  
Patent Pending Tuf-Neck Stem
Race Inc Cr-Mo Pro Bars
Cycle Pro Seat Post Clamp (Refinished) 
Suntour Freewheel

Restoration Parts:
Faun F-1 Grips, with Flight Donuts (Originally Oakley F-1's)
Cycle Craft Number Plate, with OG Haro Decal, and Reproduction Hot Inc Numbers (Originally Haro Lightning Bolt Plate, with Hot Inc Numbers.)
California Lite Handle Bar and Stem Pad
OG Skyway Designs Frame Pad (The original was included, with Frame.)
Fluted Aluminum Seat Post
Kashimax Aero Seat, with OG Guts, and Reproduction Decals
Sugino Diamond Back Crank & Bottom Bracket
MKS Diamond Back Pedals (Refinished)
Araya 7x Rims (The originals, were transferred, from my Limited Edition Pro Thunder 3) 
Suzue High Flange Hubs (Originally steel, with Bendix freewheel kit. Then, re-laced to Sunshine Low Flange Rear)
KMC Chrome Chain (Originally Sedis Chrome)
Dia-Compe Tech III Brake Lever (Originally DC Pre-Bent, but I didn't want to cut the number plate)
Dia-Compe 890 Brake Caliper
Tioga Comp III Reissue Yellow Label Tires (Originally Mitsuboshi Comp III's)

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FRAME- Maximum Early Pro Model (One of 2 known with M Seriall #)

FORKS- Maximum

BARS- Maximum Pro

STEM- Red DK Pro

WHEELS- Red Arraya 7X

BRAKES- Blue DC MX 1000 w/Red Skyway Cooling Finns and Blue Tuff Pads

LEVER- Blue DC Tech 3

LEVER COVER- Blue Neal Industries

CRANKS- Profile 2nd Gen. Box Cranks 180

SPIDER- Phil Wood 2nd Gen. 130 BCD


PEDALS- Red Xcaliber Sealed

SEAT POST- Race Inc. ¼ Lay Back

SEAT POST CLAMP- Blue Xcaliber w/ Rare Red Decal

SEAT- Kashimax Aero

PADS- Haro Racing Sperlites

GRIPS- Blue Oakley B 2’s

TIRES-  Knarler Knobby 1.75 (Rear)  Cheng Shin Comp III OG from the 80’s 1.75 (Front) Both Black w/ Skin Wall

HEADSET- Blue Hatta MX 100 w/ Red B.S. Dirt Skirt


CHAIN- DID Nickel 


100 OG finish survivor quality components were used for this build

Frame and Fork feature high quality reproduction decals 

Handle bar decal was NOS OG before being applied 


2013-11-15 16.27.21.jpg

2013-11-15 15.45.22.jpg

2013-11-15 15.59.40.jpg

2013-11-15 15.57.57.jpg

2013-11-15 16.02.45.jpg

2013-11-15 16.00.27.jpg

2013-11-15 16.18.01.jpg

2013-11-15 15.49.07.jpg

2013-11-15 15.46.38.jpg

2013-11-15 16.30.57.jpg

2013-11-15 16.01.32.jpg

2013-11-15 16.01.51.jpg

2013-11-15 16.00.42.jpg

2013-11-15 15.49.47.jpg

2013-11-15 15.55.55.jpg

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1982 Blue Max


Probably one of the last nickelplated, old drop-outs and gusset style Blue Max frames.

Build up as a racer with Redline parts. Everything original finish except decals.


January 1982 BMX products Blue Max frame nickelplated (restickerd)

Nickelplated BMX products forks

Redline Pro Bars

Redline suntour brute stem

Original Mongoose grips

Tange patent numbered headset

Dia-compe double bent lever

Honda brake lever boot

DC 1020's brown dc brake pads

Ukai's with suzue hi flange and suntour cassette

Original comp III yelow labels 1.75

Redline pinchless cranks to 44t cross sprocket

Suntour seat clamp

black fluted seat post

Elina seat











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