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OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1979 and earlier)

OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1979 and earlier)  

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~~ OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1979 and earlier) ~~


Please follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit.  

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78 Robinson

Powdered Frame and fork repop decals

Robinson Bars

170 Campy Cranks w/44t chainring

HKK Smoker chain

Reedy Pedals

Wienman 7b rims Bullseye hubs 16t shimano fw

Kenda knobbys

Unicantor Seat

Fluted post

Suntour Clamp

Mongoose double clamp stem

Shimano f&r brakes with bent levers

Original Robinson Padset

Oakley 1 grips






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DETAILS 1978 Redline Proline f/f-- Redline V bars-- Mongoose Suede Seat-- Generic seat post-- Suntour Seat Clamp-- Shimano Tourney rear brake-- Skyway Cooling fins & pads (1st Gen.)-- Araya 7C's-- Front ACS hub-- Rear Shimano hub-- Grab On grips-- Shimano pre-bent lever-- Redline frame pad-- Tuf Neck stem pad-- KKT Rat trap pedals-- Ashtabula Cranks-- Mitsuboshi Staggered CompII's

100% Survivor
This bike is by far one of the nicest survivors I have ever come across. Everything is exactly as it was built 35 years ago. I got it in a trade from a fellow BMX enthusiast.













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1976 Adam Cox  JMC JM Special replica

This was a fun bike to build.

1976 Race inc style frame with a home made brake bridge

Redline Nickle fork

FMF style gold bars

JT grips

Dia compe brake lever

Dia compe center pull caliper

Cycle pro seat post clamp

Wald seat post

Unicanitor plastic seat.

alps stem

Black vinyl pads

Tange head set.

Sugino maxy cranks

Sedis chain

KKT pedals

Tange BB

Araya 7 B wheels

Campy quick release hubs

shimano free wheel

Raleigh red dot tires

Custom blue painted frame

Jm special decals.


DSC00183 (1280x960).jpg

DSC00185 (1280x960).jpg

DSC00187 (1280x960).jpg

DSC00188 (1280x960).jpg

DSC00189 - Copy (1280x893).jpg

DSC00107 (1280x960).jpg

DSC00184 (1280x960).jpg


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1977 Cook Bros


Original survivor:

Frame #997 with European size bottom bracket and curved tube brake bridge

OG chrome Cook Bros undrilled forks

1st gen Cook Bros.stem

1st gen Redline Bars


Added NOS Araya 7B rims laced to 1st Gen Phil Woods hub

NOS Chen shin knobby tires.

1977 Dura Ace 170mm cranks.

KKT Chain

Mesinger side embossed saddle

Aluminum fluted seat post

Chrome Suntour Seat clamp

1977 Weinmann brake set

NOS motocross grips


1st picture as found.




100_5939 - Copy.JPG

100_5940 - Copy.JPG

100_5941 - Copy.JPG

100_5942 - Copy.JPG

100_5943 - Copy.JPG

100_5944 - Copy.JPG

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Have been through a hard year, had to sell some excellent bikes but this one remains with me. not only is this bike simple and clean but rides the best out of all my 70's BMX's. Hope you like it and thanks for looking. I have tried to faithfully recreate Clint's bike with his frame and what I could find to be the correct parts.


​Most of all, Clint Miller was a hero of mine in the early 80's and I would hope he would be proud of the resurrection of his 1977 JMC race bike.


Clint Miller #JMC 20 Frame

Cook Bros fork OG

Cook Bros 1st gen stem OG

Dura ace crank OG

Union pedals NOS

Araya 7b rims NOS

Campagnolo Record hubs OG

Weinmann brakes OG

Mathauser pads OG

Unicanator seat OG

Oakley 2 grips OG

Chen Shin Tires NOS

















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I started with wanting a Webco Professional after seeing the ad in BMX action 1979. Then I saw one at The Bike Shop in downtown (Honolulu) very late 1979 early 1980. Man I saw a white one with blue and silver parts and it was kool as fuck. So I knew I had to find one in OG finish one day. I got this one from an well versed collector in OG finish but the back triangle was bent. I had the frame straightened and its got all the OG decals still on it from BITD it was hanging in a Wisconsin bike shop for many years.


Frame: 1979 Chrmo Webco Professional model OG finish and decals

Forks: Late 1979 Webco long drop out fork OG finish

Handle bars: Ealry Fluted OG finish alloy bar

Oakley I: (Early tire style/well worn

Stem: Early unstamped Tuf Neck OG finish (IE old as fuck)

Wheels: OG Araya 7b 20x1.75 rims with Campagnolo Tipo early hubs

Tires : NTKK snakebellys used

Cranks: Sugino Super Maxi

BB: Sugino loose ball

Pedals: KKT rats

Seat: Seamless YST

Seatclamp: Tuf Neck

Seatpost: OG Galvanized Redline (Stock MXII 1978)

Pads: OG Vinyl Webco

Chain: DID

Brakes: Weinmann 890 Style










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Cap’n Smash.

This bike has been swimming around in my head since I was 12 years old. 42 years is a long swim. The inspiration for the Cap’n Smash project came from a bike owned by my good friend and OG Sodbuster Larry Fehrnstrom. Larry was more or less one of the lead instigators of our little band. In fact he was the one that dubbed us “Sodbusters”. The great part is Larry still owns the original bike. It was last seen by me near Boise Idaho in 2005. Early on in my journey into BMX collecting I knew one day I would build myself a tricked out replica of Larry’s Schwinn Sting Ray. But it was not my intent to complete the Sodbuster Labs Team racer series of bikes with it. A series of bikes I started when I made a fantasized replica of my own child hood bike, The Sodfather. But all of that is for another thread. Suffice to say I didn’t want it to be the last of the line since it represented the first among the originals. It just turned out that way.

A brief history.
The original bike was given to Larry by his parents on Christmas day 1965. Larry had once shown me a picture of it taken in front of the tree on Christmas morning. It was originally gold and came with the tall wide first generation “ape hanger” handlebars, with a “solo polo” seat,sporting a “blue band” two speed automatic Bendix rear hub as standard. It also came with a Sting Ray slick on the rear and a Schwinn “Westwind” tire on the front. Of course over the years Larry went through things on the bike and modified it. My personal recollection of Larry’s bike started around 1971. By then it was already blue, the banana seat and rear tire were swapped out for a seat from a Schwinn Varsity 10 speed and Schwinn Sting Ray “knobby” tire on the rear. As time passed Larry decided he wanted a few more upgrades for his scoot. The front rim needed re-lacing so Larry had his front rim fixed up with a high flange hub and some heavy duty spokes. He also got a 20 x 1 ¾ Schwinn Tractor Grip tire at this point and got rid of the old Westwind front tire. 

Larry also wanted his rear rim done as well but the bike shop refused to do the modification. The reason it was said was mainly due to the location of the spoke holes in relation to the edges of the hub flanges.This feature allegedly would weaken the hub flanges if the spoke holes were enlarged to accommodate larger gauge spokes. Larry took them at their word as they were a Schwinn dealer. So the rear rim just got trued and kept the stock gauge spokes. The only other mod was a set of “dirt bike” grips from the local motorcycle shop.


Larry on the right and me on the left. In 2005. 
And no! That is not Larry's bike.

Who was Cap’n Smash?
He was a lot of things he was funny and obnoxious as well as a good luck charm and a touchstone for our merry little band through our adolescence into young adulthood. Through the years of BMX to off road back country trips, though to off road racing. From the back 40 to the Mint 400 the Good Cap’n came along for the ride! But in reality he was nothing more than a four inch by two inch water applied sticker. Ok now first picture good old breakfast cereal Cap’n Crunch, but standing with his hands behind his back. Now instead of a navy blue uniform ours is more a powder blue and instead of a friendly smile his grin reveals some missing teeth. That’s when you notice the scar on the cheek the black eye and peg leg. Only then you see it peeking out from behind his back, a chain mace! With the words “Cap’n Smash” across the bottom, I can only describe him thus.

Larry found the good Captain one day at what can only be described as either a printing company’s over stock and rejects store or some kind of decal clearing house. Like for mail order and wholesale and such. I can remember going there once but I don’t remember any signs of printing on the premises. But I do remember the place had almost anything you could imagine in the way of water decals. Larry bought a thin stack of Cap’n Smash decals and used them as his personal mascot and symbol of luck for many years. And sometimes it’s how we would refer to Larry, Our buddy Cap’n Smash. 

The Bike.
This bike is 100% pieced together I did not start with a complete bicycle. Many of the parts have been in my stash for years. The rest of the parts I started to gather up about two or three years ago through ebay and swap meets. Every part except for the grips and chain is either genuine Schwinn or Schwinn approved part, or a like component made by a Schwinn approved parts manufacturer. 

The frame is from a 1968 Sting Ray. The front fork is 26”Schwinn forged blade fork that was cut down at the steer tube and re-threaded for the Sting Ray head tube spacing. The rims are standard Schwinn Sting Ray issue. S-2 on the rear and S-7 on the front, both are 28 hole rims. The front hub is a 28 hole ACS high flange unit. It has been laced to the front rim with.105 gauge spokes. The rear hub is a 28 hole Bendix two speed automatic blue band “kick back” unit. This hub was modified to laced up with .120 gauge spokes. The spokes of the wheel set were additionally stiffened with the use of a safety wire wrap at key points. I used a .032” stainless steel safety wire. A six wind wrap was used for the front wheel and a five wind wrap was used for the rear. The rear tire is a Schwinn Sting Ray “knobby” 20 x 2.125. The front tire is a Schwinn Tractor Grip 20 x 1 ¾. 

The handlebars are a pair of early Sting Ray “ape hanger”bars mounted to a Schwinn stem. The bars have been modified by having a crossbar wielded in. The headset is Schwinn. The cranks are 6 ½ inch Schwinn “diamond” cranks. Along with a 36 tooth Schwinn “lucky 7” front sprocket and Schwinn bottom bracket set. Mounted to the cranks is a pair of Schwinn approved rubber tread Union pedals.

The seat clamp is stock Schwinn and was the only part left on the frame when I got it. The seat post is from a Schwinn exercise bike. It’s longer than a standard post. It’s made of thicker wall tubing than a standard Schwinn seat post. And it has 12 one inch increments marked off on it for seat adjustment. The seat is a Mesinger unit with the double griffin logos.











The last Sting Ray.
This was a bike I knew I had to build. And a bike I've wanted to build for many years. This will be my last Sting Ray. I don’t see myself building another for a very long time. Over the years that I've been into building, restoration/preservation and collecting I've noticed stuff about things of a tribute nature. Most tribute bike projects come under two categories. One is a tribute to a favorite rider, usually a famous one. The other is a tribute to a company, usually in the form of a “what if” project.This bike is like all of that, but without the famous part. Also not so much about the brand either. It’s more a tribute to an old friend and good times spent. And a brand of bicycle that could be easily molded into any form you wished.Our very first “what if” bike. 

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1979 Rampar R-nine full Cro-Mo

I picked up this rare one year build in the heyday of Rampar cycles F/F in February of this year from the OG owner he told me it was NOS but had chips in paint from sitting around for all them years so I thought I would build it up as a tribute to me as a bike I would loved to have BITD with survivor parts I had sitting around so here's a list of what's what and enjoy. Oh and she is quick with the thin wheels enjoy

F/F- Rampar R-nine light blue

Headset- Stock with F/F

Bars- Powerlite Pro-Bends (slight rust but still nice and uncut)

Plate- Bob Haro Series One( freebie)

Grips- AME Tri black and white (came on the bars and need a good cleaning)

Stem- Tuf-Neck Pat.Pend. Square Blue (sure she's a bit beat up but fits the build)

Rims- Araya 20x1 3/8 w/o 36 hole

Spokes- Unknown

Nipples- Red and Blue anno.

Hubs- Sealed Sunshine 36 hole

Tires- Silver Star 20x1 3/8 (rear look very used)

Seat & Post - Uni White (not to sure of year on this seat but again fits nice)

Seat Clamp- Dc Hinged (super dark blue and clean)

Cranks- Sugino 175 loose ball BB (was going to put a shine on them but again like parts above fits the build)

Chain Ring- P.P.P

Chain- Red New

Pedals- 9/16 SR

Rear brake and MX lever DIa-Compe










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79 SE PK Ripper Survivor


-Original Paint Round Top Tube, OG decals throughout

-1st Gen Cooks Bros forks

-Cooks Bros Bottom Bracket

-Race inc Straight Bars

-Oakley 1's

-Early Z's with Normady Hubs

-Super Maxy Cranks

-MKS BM7 Pedals

-Excaliber Seat clamp

-Suntour Stem

-VDC Fluted Seat post

-Aggressor MX200 Fatty - Cheng Shen Skinny Rear

-DC 1020 Rear Brake - Team Products Lever - Original 70s cable - Mathauser Pads

-Original Canvas SER Pads


I am the 3rd owner of this fine bike.  My friend Dave in California hooked me up with it.  The bike belonged to his good friend whose parents bought it new for him BITD. He was to do well in school and if he did he could build the bike the way it basically sits today.  I purchased the bike with the only trophy it ever won. The originally owner could never finish a race well as he was always out of breathe.  It turns out he had a heart problem and required a pacemaker. The bike basically sat the way it is today.  I replaced the seat post(as it was red), the brake lever(red) and the blue schwinn grips for what you see today.  The bike still features orignal dirt!!








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1975 Panda MX

Well I have been collecting some pretty nasty parts for some time and wanted to use them in a build like this one for years. It was just going to take a special frame. I finally found it and with some help from a few friends on some little things I got it done. All the pieces are survivor including the duct tape number 7.The wheels are a pretty special set that I was hoping to have the info on them nailed down before I put it on here. I will save that info for a later thread. I wanted something dirty ad i fnally got it!




1975 Pand MX frame

1975 Silver fox forks/clamps

Matthews Bars

1975 Schwinn cranks

Schwinn Sprocket

Union pedals

MX tank

Schwinn Stingray seat

generic seat struts

Goodyear MX front tire

Cheng shen rear tire

????? wheel set











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Some heavy hitters in this class but what the heck..


75 Webco "RG" Replica.












Webco Mild Steel Frame (Repowdered)
Schwinn Fork (with original chrome plated fork crown cover) rattled canned.
Box bars
Doherty motorcycle grips. ("Throttle" side taped to fit grip)
Schwinn/Tange combination headset.
Ashtabula Cranks:
Schwinn Bottom Bracket
Three Arrows Sprocket
KKT Pedals
DID black Chain
Dia Compe Brake caliper with brake guides
Shimano Coaster hub with home made freewheel adapter
Weinmann brake lever with original Doherty lever cover
Matthauser brake shoes with brake guides
Shimano housing
Araya 7B Rims
Shimano MX front hub
Asahi spokes
Carlisle Aggressor rear, Cheng Shin 1.75 front tire
Sportex French saddle
Steel generic Post
Schwinn Seat Post Clamp
Yamaha Moto Bike Chain Tensioners













I try to build bikes the way we rode them back in the Stone Age. I have a few bikes but don’t consider myself a collector. I rather see myself as an old BMXer with good memories. 
This one brings back a lot of memories.  I was heavily into both BMX and motorcycles at the time and looked up to both Marty Smith and trials rider Lane Leavitt and was lucky to meet both at the time. There is even an annotation on the back of the pic about Leavitt.
 I wore the Honda jersey everywhere! Sadly, all I had to ride at the time was some beat up Suzuki TS-185 so I had to make up through BMX. It was this configuration that the bike was set-up for when I Met Rick and Patti and the rest of the RBS crew. This was a time when I wanted to be as good as some of the RBS riders as well as MX racers. Alas, by my multiple 9th place finishes and crappy motorcycle, this was not meant to be.
The bike is set-up as closely to the original one given what I have in my stash. It does have chain adjusters as well as brake pad guides like I did 38 years ago.. Steel box bars now but I had some trick alloy ones back then. You can see the motorcycle influence by the tires. Larger on the back and smaller front.  Grips are motorcycle Dohertys like the old days. I even used tape on the “Throttle” side to make the over sized grip fit.
I was running an early homemade freewheel kit on the coaster hub at the time and got rid of the brake arm. I Kept the brake arm this time around.
Bike went through several changes over time. Originally had motomags but when alloy wheels became popular I jumped on them and immediately went from last place finisher to mid-pack finisher.
The bike is long gone but the memories remained. Picked up the frame from my friend and mentor Tom DeRosier of Tom's Bike shop.  Met my friend and sidehack pilot Mike Hardaway when I owned this bike; met my BMX dream girl Pam Coble,  rode endless miles with Jesus Felix and Jimmy McDaniels (among many of my BMX friends.) Trekked to the multiple trails in Santa Cruz with my friend Rex and even raced with some of the early Nor Cal pioneers at a race in Scotts Valley.
Bike makes me smile. And like I said before, if even one person gets a smile from reminiscing through this bike, I’m happy








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1979 SE Racing STR-1
Original Paint & stickers
This bike is built with all original finish & parts
Original stickers were applied on cleaned up frame

Frame - SE Racing STR-1 original paint & stickers
Fork - Cycle Pro original paint & stickers
Stem - Square Corner Pat. Pending Tuf Neck
Headset - Schwinn
Grips - Oakley 1
Bars - Race inc
Brake Lever - Dia Compe Red Dot
Brake Caliper - Shimano Tourney
Seat Post - Laguna Solid Aluminum
Seat Clamp - PLME
Seat - Avocet Racing1
Rims - Araya 7C
Front Hub - Shimano High Flange
Rear Hub - Shimano High Flange
Front Tire - Carlisle Aggressor
Rear Tire - Cheng Shin c-183
Chainring - Shimano
Spider - Takagi
Cranks - Takagi MX
Pedals - KKT Rat Trap
Chain - D.I.D. Nickel
Pads - SE Racing Vinyl
Number Plate - HARO JT Lightning Bolt











Special thanks to Joe Buffardi for saving this rare frame and giving me the opportunity to own it!




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1979 SE Racing PK Ripper
Original Paint & stickers
This bike is built with all original finish & parts
Original stickers were applied on cleaned up frame

Frame - SE Racing PK Ripper original paint & stickers
Fork - Cycle Pro original chrome & stickers
Stem - SR Double Bump
Headset - MX-2
Grips - Oury
Bars - Race inc
Brake Lever - Dia Compe Bronco Bend
Brake Caliper - DIa Compe 890
Seat Post - SE Racing Troxel
Seat Clamp - Excaliber
Seat - Elina Super Pro
Rims - Araya 7L 20 x 2.125
Front Hub - Shimano High Flange
Rear Hub - Shimano High Flange
Front Tire - Carlisle Aggressor
Rear Tire - Cycle Pro Snake Belly
Chainring - Takagi MX 118 BCD
Spider - Takagi MX 118 BCD
Cranks - Takagi MX
Pedals - KKT Rat Trap
Chain - Schwinn
Pads - Black Vinyl
Number Plate - Hunt Wilde










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1976 G-Boy
Original Paint & Finishes
This bike is built with all original finish & parts

Frame - G-Boy original paint
Fork - G-Boy Girder original chrome
Stem - Riser Blocks
Headset - Schwinn
Grips - Winners Circle
Bars - Speedo
Brake Lever - Mafac Guidonnet Aluminum
Brake Caliper - Mafac Racer
Seat Post - Aluminum
Seat Clamp - Schwinn
Seat - Cinelli Unicanitor Padded
Rims - Weinmann 7B
Front Hub - Phil Wood
Rear Hub - Phil Wood
Front Tire - Carlisle Aggressor
Rear Tire - Cheng Shin Tractor Grip
Chainring - Specialties T.A.
Cranks - Specialties T.A.
Pedals - MKS Rat Trap
Chain - Sedis
Pads - Vinyl Bar Pad
Number Plate - Hunt Wilde















Special thanks to Roc for giving me the opportunity to own such a rare frameset!

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1978 Webco Replica
Original Paint & stickers
This bike is built with all original finish & parts

Frame - Webco Replica original paint & stickers
Fork - Redline original nickel & stickers
Stem - SR Aluminum
Headset - Schwinn
Grips - OGK MACH Grips
Bars - Cycle Pro Aluminum Box
Seat Post - Wald
Seat Clamp - Schwinn
Seat - Quilted Vinyl
Rims - Weinmann 7B 20 x 2.125
Front Hub - Shimano High Flange
Rear Hub - Shimano High Flange
Front Tire - Cheng Shin C-183
Rear Tire - Cheng Shin C-183
Chainring - Takagi MX 118 BCD
Spider - Takagi 118 BCD
Cranks - Takagi MX
Pedals - Union Rat Trap
Chain - KMC
Pads - SE Racing Vinyl
Number Plate - HARO JT Lightning Bolt













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I do not really know the year of this frame, as Ross made them for years.  But it seems that they quit production around 1975.


Many of us had one of these as kids.  I always thought that the frames were unique, and would make an interesting BMX bike.  Here is my interpretation.


All finishes and decals are original.


Frame:  Ross Apollo

Fork:  MX with a very long steer tube

Handlebars:  MX

Grips:  Hunt

Stem:  Wald

Cranks:  Sugino 180mm

Sprocket:  Sugino

Spider:  Power Disc

Pedals:  HTI

Chain:  KMC

Seat:  MX

Wheels:  Tuff II

Tires:  Kenda

Brake:  Alloy long reach






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1978 G-Boy


Frame- G- Boy it was originally blue

Fork- G- Boy original chrome finish

Hoops- Araya 7 bs original finish, front is epoxy, rear is anodized

Cranks- Lambert with 52 tooth, rear freewheel is 20, so it rides nice

Pedals- Atom

Brakes-70s Shimano Disc

Tires- Cheng Shin fat skinny

Stem- Mongoose

Bars- not sure

Grips- Schwinn

Seat- Elina Super Pro

Pads- Speedo

2013-12-21 17.05.58.png

2013-12-21 17.06.29.png

2013-12-21 17.07.32.png

2013-12-21 17.06.59.png


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1976 Dan Gurney Monoshock 3rd gen

Rare and seldom seen 3rd generation monoshock.

 Dan Gurney OG finish and decal

Fork Stamped Ashtabula
Stem Stamped Ashtabula
Crank Stamped Ashtabula
Grips Oury
Bars Unknown
Seat Schwinn

Seatpost Redline nickle

Seatpost clamp Schwinn
Rims Femco
Rear Hub Shimano MX
Front Hub Shimano MX
Front Tire Cheng Shin
Rear Tire Cheng Shin
Sprocket Schwinn
Pedals MKS
Padset Stars and stripes

















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FRAME- Brent Patterson 1979 Nickel Pro 

FORKS- Single Drop out Speedo Nickel

BARS- Cooks Bros. Nickel Pro

STEM- 1st Gen. Tough Neck Unstamped Square Corner w gold bull dog decal

WHEELS- 1st Gen. Skyway/Graphite Tough Wheels

BRAKES- Shimano Tourney w 1st Gen. gold koolstop fins and pads

LEVER- Team Products

LEVER COVER-  Team Schwinn

CRANKS- Takagi MX OPC 175

SPIDER- 1st Gen. Phil Wood Spider 130 BCD

BOTTOM BRACKET- Blue Hadley Sealed 24T

PEDALS- Sealed 1/2" gold Xcaliber 


SEAT- Cinelli Leather Unicanter 

PAD SET- Speedo Blue Suede 

GRIPS- Oakley Pt. 5 w/ Blue Oakley Crud Plugs

TIRES-  Mitsubishi Yellow Comp II staggered set 2.125 (F) 1.75 ®



CHAIN- Sedis Sport 









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