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OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS 24" (1987 and earlier)

OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS 24" (1987 and earlier)  

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~~ OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS 24" (1987 and earlier) ~~



Please follow the Rules & Guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit.

Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting. 

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1983 Bandito Factory Team Bike



I got this from a guy off ebay who said he was a factory team Bandito rider. He also sent me 2 pairs of race leathers and a helmet. I got the number plate locally and it used to belong to a different Bandito rider. Their main man back then was Tinker Juarez! The green pads are OG and are rare stuff that makes people want the bike more!


Frame: 1983 Factory Team Bandito 24 OG chrome and decals

Fork: 1983 Bandito OG chrome and decals

Handlebars: Bandito cruiser OG chrome and decals

Stem: Gold 1st gen square corner DK

Grips: OG to bike Oakley F1 (raced on this bike BITD)

Pads: OG real deal green Bandito Flites

Seat: Shotgun II

Seatpost: OG finish and decal Hutch early

Seat Clamp: Dia Comp 2 bolt

Brakes: Dia Comp MX 1000

Cranks: OG finish 3rd Gen Profile 180mm

Chainring: Suntour43t

Freewheel: Suntour 17T

Pedals Suntour XC2

Wheels: Araya 7x with 1st gen philwood hubs

Tires: 24x1.75 Comp III Gray label









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 1984 24" JMC racing




The Breakdown (everything 100% og, either vg presentable, mint or nos condition)



JMC racing 24" f/f og finish w/og replacement decals (1 of 7 ever offered)
JMC racing FAB bars 
JMC racing 12" seat post 
Pro-Fit racing stem 
Tange 320 sealed h/s 
Hutch headlock
Dia Compe tech III lever w/univega mid 80s mtb lever cover (vintage honda xr type, but smaller) 
Dia Compe MX900 w/Wienmann ultra-glide cable - old og DC cable guides 
Kook-Stop continental brake pads in grey (for alloy rims) 
Redline 401 flt cranks 180mm w/2nd gen flt gear 
Hadley BB w/Hutch lock
Hutch bear traps 
Sedisport chain 3/32
Shimano 17t chrome freewheel 
Araya 7x chr plated
Asahi ss spokes 
Sonlite turbo II hubs 
IRC X-1  skinny/fat tires (IRC Inoue brand inner tubes) 
GI-Lux 3000 late 70s Italian made suede track racing saddle 
California lite jumbo pads (proper felt marker logo for the era) 
RadKaps og plastic insert dice  
Oakley 1 grips (well worn)













in the wild...



and just for a little extra credit : it was recently ridden at the Liberty St Park ride in NJ this fall and didn't skip a beat  :wink:


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I acquired this frame/fork early last year to build as a daily rider. The frame was in decent shape, except for the broken seat mast. I had the seat mast replaced, as it was broken off at the welds. The RI forks are original to this frame, and both have the original decals. This bike rides fantastic, and is the perfect size to cruise around the neighborhood with my two sons.


1984 Race Inc RA24


Frame: Race Inc RA24- OG finish and decals (repaired seat mast)

Fork: Race Inc leading edge-OG chrome and decals (original to frame)

Handlebars: National Pro- OG chrome and decals

Stem: Tuf-Neck- OG finish

Headset: Tange

Grips: Oakley 2

Pads: Zap Pads-OG foam

Seat: Kashimax

Seatpost: Race Inc- OG chrome and decal

Seat Clamp: Suntour- OG finish and hardware

Brakes: Dia-Comp MX-1000- OG finish and hardware

Brake Cable: Dia-Compe

Brake Lever: Dia-Compe

Brake Pad: Skyway finned

Crankset: Redline 401 Flight 180mm- OG chrome

Chainring: Redline Flight 44t

Chain: Aeros  blue/nickel

Bottom Bracket: loose ball

Freewheel: Suntour 16T

Pedals: Suntour XC-II

Wheels: Skyway Tuff II

Tires: Fat/Skinny Sheng Shin from 80's







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1981 CW TFL 24.This is a bike i picked up around april this year,it came with the original box and warrenty card.It was built up with CW Cruiser bars and some mid school parts.The only part i used was the cruiser bars.I got it with the original box and warrenty card.


1981 pre serial number F&F original chrome

CW decals-new from CW Racing

CW Flite padset-new from CW Racing

1981 CW Cruiser bars with original chrome-uncut

Tuf Neck-Pro model stem

Bullseye Hubs

Chrome Araya 7x hoops-original finish

Tioga Rainbow Label Skin wall Comp III tires-fat/skinny- NOS

Dia- Compe MX 1000 brakes

Tuf Neck Seat clamp

GT seat post

Aero Seat

CW 3 PC  cranks

Pro Neck 43 t sprocket

Torker- Speed Trap Style pedals

AME tri grips













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1982 Panda Pro Am 24



This was an NOS frame from a Wisconsin bike shop that had been closed for years. I found a correct era fork and built a very rare frameset. All OG finises and mostly mint or NOS parts. Very good geometry bike.


Frame: 1982 Panda Pro Am OG decals and finish

Fork: 1982 Panda OG finish NOS decals

Bars: GT Expert

Stem: Real deal used Inverted Pro Neck

Cranks: Redline single pinch full wrap with Phil spider

Chainring: Suntour

Chain: Izumi

Pedlas: NOS Shimano DX

Brakes: Dia Comp MX 1000

Grips: Oakley .5

Seat: Shotgun 1

Seatpost: OG SST Command Post

Wheels: Chrome Araya 7X

Hubs: OG Bullseye through bolt from closed bike shop

Tires: Cheng Shen Comp III front old stock and cheap 80s snakebelly rear

Seatclamp: OG Excaliber

Brake shoes: Cool Stop

Pads: Cal Lite

Number Plate: Hot Plate








panda 4.jpg






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1987 ESP



I got this frame and fork from the original owner about this time last year.  It popped up on ebay while I was out of town for the holiday and the seller agreed to hold onto it until I got home.  It turns out he lived near me and agreed to bring it directly to my house.  It was really cool talking with him about his old bmx racing days.  He used to race for JMC and then went on to race this ESP in the late 80's.  He told me he had it built with red parts, so I decided to try and re-create that bike.


This was one of those bikes that came together really easily.  Most of the parts I already had and the others popped up for sale shortly after I got the frame and fork.  I have to thank my friend Matt for getting me the stickers for it, he had some originals from his days racing for ESP, and had some extras made for me.  I'm real happy with how this one turned out.


Frame-ESP with clear coat over raw metal (reproduction stickers)


Fork-ESP with clear coat over raw metal (reproduction stickers)


Cranks-Tioga one piece with MCS chain wheel and Tuf Neck power disc


Wheels-Araya with red Suzue hubs and nipples


Tires-red Tioga yellow label Comp III


Seat-Kashimax Aero


Seat Clamp-Cycle Pro


Stem-DK inverted


Bars-unknown cruiser


Grips-Uni Hand Grenade II


Brakes-Dia Compe


Pads-ESP original w/unknown autograph on the frame pad






ESP 24 001.JPG

ESP 24 002.JPG

ESP 24 006.JPG

ESP 24 007.JPG

espquad 001.JPG

espquad 002.JPG

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1986 HITECH Pro 24


This is a rare cruiser i picked up this year,i searched the internet and could not find another one.There are 3 20 inch bikes on bmx museum but that is it.Not sure if they were sold to the public or just factory race bikes.The finish is candy gold over chrome and that is how all there bike were finished.The guy who raced it back in the day raced it with a Sponsor plate mounted on the down tube,kind of cool as seen in some of the pics.


HITECH Pro 24 F&F-22 inch top tube

original finish and decals-no serial number

GT Expert bars-80's unknurled

Torker- 6 bolt stem

Velo- CW Lightning bolt seat -80'S Model

ACS- seat clamp

Gold ano fluted aluminum post

Sugino Maxicross cranks

PPP- 42T sprocket

SR- MPT 110 Speed trap pedals

Ame- Round bubble font grips

Dia-compe 730 brakes-tech 4 lever

Araya 7x original black ano 24x1.75 hoops

Schwinn-high flange hubs

Chen Shin-Comp III skinwall tires 24x1.75

Cal-Lite Johar pad set








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1984 JMC  Cruiser


My street rider ........




JMC frame fork

JMC padset from jim

JMC plate from jim

Diamond back turbo cranks

Suntour pedals

Kashimax seat

Dia compe mx 1000 with koolstops

Araya 7x rims with campy's / cheng shin tyres

DK inverted stem

Mcs handlebar

A'me grips













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I picked up the frame on eBay a few years ago, built it up using a Tange TRX fork and it stayed in the basement with my other bikes. A set of era correct Thruster cruiser forks came up and I snagged them up for $$$$! That's when I decided to do a complete tear down and start from scratch. I started this build in March of 2013. I hand polished the frame and fork which came out beautiful because the original chrome on this is pristine! I have a lot of parts I have been hording for years just for this exact purpose. From what I understand, Thruster built the first gen cruiser framesets for only a couple month's using a 22 1/4 top tube and a curved brake bridge. They found that these were cracking and started building them with a 21 inch top tube and a flat brake bridge with a Thruster "T" stamped on it. Frame and fork are 100% chromoly. Here is a parts list:


Frame/fork: 1980 Thruster Tri-Power 24" Cruiser


Bars: First gen GT Cruiser bars (my favorite cruiser bars)


Grips: NOS blue Oakley 2


Headset: Blue anodized Tange MX5


Seat: NOS blue Kashimax


Seat post: First gen GT (Circle stamp)


Seat post clamp: Blue anodized Dia-Compe MX-1000 with finned spacer


Rear brake: Blue anodized Dia-Compe Tech III


Cable guides: Dia-Compe


Crank arms: Profile 3rd gen


Bottom bracket: Profile sealed /titanium bolts


Spider: First gen Profile/Sugino bolts


Chainring: Red anodized Sugino 39 tooth


Chain: Izumi


Pedals: Suntour MP-1000 sealed bearing


Hoops: NOS blue anodized Ukai Speedline 24x1.75


Spokes: SS


Nipples: NOS blue anodized Araya


Hubs: Blue anodized Bullseye (old school)


Sprocket: Shimano 333


Tires: NOS Mitsuboshi Comp III


Pad set: Original blue Thruster


After this nothing will be NOS because I will ride this Cruiser!


I am new to this site so I am having an admin helping with pics. Yes, I am slow on a computer.



















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