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SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier)

SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier)  

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~~ SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier) ~~

Please follow the general rules and guidelines AND take special note of the special conditions and rules for this particular class.

Bikes eligible for participation in this class are solely: complete survivors (in other words not merely compiled from all survivor parts) - bikes that are just as they were at the cut off date of Dec. 31, 1995. Minor non original and realistic part changes are allowed... such as tires, maybe grips... suppose an otherwise complete survivor was found with all original 25 or 30 year old parts, except a seat that was much later, or something like that. Bringing one or maybe two small accessories back to "era correct alignment with the rest of the build is acceptable. Please don't over do it. Please have integrity and honor the spirit of the survivor class. No refinished (powder/paint/anodizing/chrome etc.) parts and absolutely nothing repopped, i.e. no reproduction pads or stickers. 

Any bike in this category ought to have parts that fall in their entirety within a 5 year period of era correctness. In other words... an 80 survivor should have no part later than 85 on it. This provision is made in order to accommodate the fact that people might realistically have kept a bike but added upgrades over the years. 

At one time, we allowed more latitude with the definition of survivor so that even "survivor builds" were permitted. At this point, we seem to have enough true survivor bikes of great quality that we can drop this concession. Please put "survivor builds" made from all original parts in to the appropriate bike and era class. Duly note the status of your OG parts. The true connoisseurs will no doubt reward you with appreciation.

Addendum :
An exception to the rule that the bike must be acquired within the last year - Life time owners can enter their survivors as long as they meet these conditions:

1) the bike meets all the other criteria of the survivor class
2) the bike has never been entered in the BOTY in previous years
* life time owners will be defined as 20 or more years of ownership for a bike from the 70's or 80's.

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1976 Redline Squareback


 A true survivor. Alot of you have seen this.  The bike I scored off craigslist back in late March, after it sat in a basement for 25 years. All I have done is meticulously clean it. Cleaned the 25 years of crud and dirt off the chrome. Replaced only the rear tire. Installed the pedals, as it had none. And found a vintage, leather seat of similar age. Slightly trued the wheels. And found some black vinyl snap pads for it.  Other then all that, its all original parts, true to a 1976 Squareback. A true Barn find.......


See before and after pictures on the front rim photo..Gives you an idea how good it turned out after a good cleaning, and polishing by hand.. Also note the original finish, before cleaning, in the bikeshop decal photo a few pics below.




My favorite 20" of all time......




1976 Redline Squareback frame set from Northridge Ca.
Redline Nickel Frame non-drilled brake bridge
Redline Nickel Fork Non-drilled
Ashtubula Crank
Ashtubula Stem

3 Arrows Sprocket
Mathews 28" wide bars
Araya 105 wheels 20 x 2.125" steel
Cheng shin 20 x 2.125" knobby tires
15 guage spokes
Acs  stamped "75" front hub
Bendix stamped "70" rear hub
Avocet leather racing seat
Preston Petty grips
Schwinn stamped "S" seatclamp

Redline aluminum seatpost









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1976 Mongoose Motomag


Factory Orange Paint

Original decals

Original Bars and Hunt Wilde Grips

75 Stamped Chrome Ashtabula Stem

75 Stamped Ashtabula Fork

SIMI Motomags and original knobby tires

76 Stamped Takagi Crank

Three Arrows Chain Ring

Standard Union Rat trap pedals

Original Post, Seat clamp and Mesinger Saddle


Found on ebay split between 2 auctions... 1 auction for the wheels, 1 auction for the rest as seen in the first picture.

Mild clean and wax.


100_5979 - Copy.JPG



100_5991 - Copy.JPG

100_5992 - Copy.JPG

100_5993 - Copy.JPG

100_5994 - Copy.JPG

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   1980 JMC Long. Factory "shipped" to Jim Melton. Yeah, THAT Jim Melton.

The bike came to me with no tires. I had some well aged Carlisle's in stock, so on they went. A few hours of cleaning went into this rig to make it presentable. As a personal touch I added my personal Wes' bmx pads I have had since '79, and another personal gem, my original Haro plate with my first ABA number from '81.

   This is a JMC Shimano kit bike. You picked your frameset and JMC would supply the rest of the parts.

1980 Long frame

1981 fork

Dura Ace crankset

Araya 7c Shimano DX wheel set

Carlisle MX tires

Pro Neck

Alloy Race Inc type bars

A'ME grips that have turned to bubble gum

Shimano brake and lever

Kashimax seat

And the gem on this beauty is the seat post. Jim tells me this is the same stock used for the 3.1 xl frames, but just isn't machined like those were. There CAN'T be many of those to be had.























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1984 GHP Pro


Craigslist find, bought from original owner.  Came to me with no chain, every other part has been on the bike since he was a kid.  He said the only part he ever changed was the seat. 


GHP frame/fork

GHP bars (expert bars? 27" wide uncut, 7" rise)

GHP seatpost

Cycle Pro seatpost clamp

Peregrine seat

Hatta headset

Sugino stem

Sugino OPC 175mm

Sugino MX A5 spider, Sugino 44t sprocket

Suntour freewheel

KKT pedals

Araya 7x rims

Sunshine hubs

Cycle Pro Greg Hill signature snake belly tires

Dia Compe MX1000 brake

Dia Compe Tech 3 lever

Oakley F1 grips


ghp 1.jpg

ghp 2.jpg

ghp 3.jpg

ghp 4.jpg

ghp 5.jpg

ghp 6.jpg

ghp 7.jpg

ghp 8.jpg



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Still has the OG tires on it.  Basically an all OG 87.


- Mallet stem, Tioga crazy chain and number plate was added by OG owner back in the day

- The AME grips have been replaced with new ones

- Another member hooked me up with a survivor seat as the seat I had was not OG






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     This Nomura is a Race survivor, of which I am the original owner. This bike was built in December of 1986 to replace one that was stolen in October of the same year. This Nomura was raced from Dec-1986 through Aug-1987, with it's last race inspection sticker clearly visible (Silver Dollar Nationals Reno NV.). The only items that are not original to the bike are the tires(the original skin walled comp 4's degraded to where they literally fell apart-New Cheng Shin skin wall comp 3 knockoffs are waiting to be installed).


Brand: Nomura,   Material: Aluminum Purple Annodized, Genre: Race

Country of MFG: USA,   Year of MFG: 84,

Finish:  Original Condition Purple Annodized, Used Excellent

Frame#:  NRDG 275, Fork: Huch Pro, Handlebars: GT Expert

Stem: odyssey, Headset: Suntour,

Wheel Details:

Front Hub, Shimano Track Small flange

Rear Hub, Shimano Track Small flange 14t rear sprocket

Rims:  Ambrosio Front Tire:  Chang Shin Comp 4 copy, Rear Tire: Red Line

Spokes: Stainless Double Butted.

Drivetrain Details:

Cranks: GT Power Series 3 Piece, Pedals: Shimano Deore XT

Chain: Sedis, Sprocket: Suntour 41t, Spider: Power Disc

Bottom Bracket: GT.

Seat Details:

Seat Post Clamp: Diacomp

Seat Post:  SE lay back(installed backwards)

Seat: Kashimax Aero.

Brake Details: Brake Rear: Diacomp, Brake Lever: Diacomp

Brake Cable:  N/A, Brake Shoes: Mathauser

Miscellaneous Details:

Grips:  Am'e, Pad Set: CAL lite (Redline for stem), Number Plate: Quicksilver





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1977 Mongoose Motomag


Another Craigslist find. And yes, I still have it. I got a heapin of ridicule back when I posted this find during the summer. "Long story". But, the guy I got it from, was the original owner, and I promissed him, I'd keep it together. So far, so good....


1977 Mongoose Motomag frame OG finish and decals

Ashtubula fork


Motomag 2's (with freewheel mod)

Kenda Motocross tires


Ashtubula Cranks

3 Arrows sprocket

Mongoose rat traps pedals


TufNeck 1st gen square edge

FMF aluminum bars

Hunt Wilde waffle grips


Mesinger seat

Mongoose steel seatpost

Mongoose Seatclamp

Shimano brakes








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1974 Yamaha Moto-Bike

Model A


I picked this one up at a garage sale this summer. Actually a friend saw it there, snapped a pic of it on her phone and got the woman's number for me. I was pretty excited to call her and find out she still had it. WooHooo!!! I named this one Gloria Gaynor, a survivor from the 70's. The woman said it was hers as a kid, then she let a nephew use it for a while, but when he was done with it and she saw it just laying behind a shed or something, she brought it back home with her. She finaly decided to let it go, and now it's mine. I pumped some air in the tires a little after I brought it home, and it's still there, so even the tubes were good. I switched nothing on this bike since I got it. I do plan to get the rust off and re-grease and oil it, and look for a tire to match the original stock one. If I come across an original seat that's not all ripped up and a fender, that would be cool, but I'm still happy to keep it as it sits. Here are some pix from today.


No need for a parts breakdown. Stock Yamaha except for 1 tire, missing the chainguard, top frame stickers and fender.


Yamaha 01.JPG

Yamaha 02.JPG

Yamaha 03.JPG

Yamaha 04.JPG

Yamaha 05.JPG

Yamaha 06.JPG

Yamaha 07.JPG

Yamaha 08.JPG

Yamaha 09.JPG

Yamaha 10.JPG

Yamaha 11.JPG

Yamaha 12.JPG

Yamaha 13.JPG

Yamaha 14.JPG

Yamaha 15.JPG

Yamaha 16.JPG

Yamaha 17.JPG

Yamaha 18.JPG

Yamaha 19.JPG

Yamaha 20.JPG

Yamaha 21.JPG

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1981 Cook Bros. Landcruiser


Custom built by Gary Cook for the founder of Vision Street Wear.


This bike is a complete survivor aside from the tires and Shimano cable guides which I added. It was built by Gary Cook himself for Brad Dorfman, owner/founder of Vision Skateboards & Vision Street Wear. The bike had been sitting at the Vision warehouse for years, unused and covered in dirt (photos below). Brad had recently brought the bike to get tuned up at a bike shop so he could start riding it to lunch and I got tipped off about the bike when it hit the shop. I was put in touch with Brad and we made a deal for this and another survivor Laguna cruiser he had(now owned by Larock). 

Originally I believed this bike to be the Cook Bros/Shimano Land Cruiser from the June 1980 article(posted below) from BMX Action magazine but it's not. This bike has a few differences that set it apart, mainly the small press fit BB shell, 3 piece cranks, & fork undrilled for a brake. The Land Cruiser from the magazine had blue front/rear Shimano brakes, CBR seat clamp, & American BB with 1 piece cranks. I inquired with both Jack Witmer & Jim Watson(Cook Bros production manager) as to how many of these 5 speed Land Cruisers were made with the Shimano Front Freewheel System and they both said "a couple". Jim Watson also stated that the small "press fit" BB's were only a custom feature on cruisers at the time. The Shimano FFS works flawlessly and shifts while coasting, no pedaling necessary. 
I brought the bike home, cleaned it up and the rest is history. All finish is original. 
  • CBR Cruiser frame #387 with "euro" press fit BB shell(built Feb 18, 1981)
  • CBR undrilled fork
  • CBR Slant stem
  • CBR Longhorn Cruiser bars w/early A'me Rounds grip
  • VDC stamped seat post
  • Mesinger HDD-10 saddle
  • Shimano Front Freewheel System 5-speed
  • Shimano Tourney brakes, lever, & cables
  • Shimano double top tube and seat stay cable guides
  • KKT K-MX pedals
  • Araya 7x hoops with Shimano high flange hubs
  • Cheng Shin Cruiser Knobbies










June 1980 article from BMXAction







This is how the bike looked after sitting 30+ years. The red tires were thrown away before I got to it. 









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i literally found this at my local flea market two days ago. it looks untouched since originally built in '80. i didn't even clean it…. left the grease, rust and all and quickly took these pics. it's is a complete original except for the grips (still on it) and seat which someone changed along the way to a fat cushion seat (which was all thrashed and peeling). i tossed it, i just couldn't stand looking at it. other than that, it's a survivor. i don't think it traveled very far…i found it close to the Anaheim Schwinn bike shop decal on the seat tube.

Frame: 1980 SCHWINN 26" King Sting
Handlebars: SCHWINN Cruiser
Stem: SCHWINN four bolt
Seat: JAGUAR II "NJS" Leather Shotgun style
Clamp: SCHWINN stamped
Brakes: DIA-COMPE MX-1000 (dated '80)
Levers: DIA-COMPE Pre-Bent
Headset: SCHWINN
Bottombracket: SCHWINN
Cranks: SUGINO Maxy Cross
Pedals: MKS Foot Jaws
Chainring: SUGINO
Rims: ARAYA 7x
Hubs: SUZUE High Flange


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My 2013 BOTY Survivor Special:

1981 Saint Tropez Aerolite Puma

Everything on the bike is original as purchased in 1981.

Paint, Decals, Chrome and all finishes: OG

Brakes: Fake MX 1000, Fake Dia Compe Tech 2

Tires: Cheng Shin Snakebelly

Rims: Gold CMC/KK Hub

Serial: K1J22435



I am entering this bike for several reasons.  It is a complete survivor down to the original tires and grips.  It is unique and very, very rare.  This particular model does not appear in the Museum or anywhere else on the internet.  It is not particularly valuable.  It really represents a time in BMX when most riders did not get top notch bikes from their folks and would get something like this under the Christmas tree.  Those bikes would get ridden, broken, stolen, parted, scrapped or long ago forgotten.  I am fully aware that this bike probably will not get any votes, but none the less, I "saved it" for this special time of year here on the Society to introduce it to you guys.  Hope you like it!  Thanks for reading.


Of special interest:

I uncovered the original Owners "Plaque" under the California Lite that was on the bike.  This was applied at the bike shop at the time (imagine that today).  The original foil and paper bike shop sticker is in tact and the shop is still in operation today: Henry's bike shop in Wilmington Delaware.  Also, since there is NO reference for this bike, I am going off of the "1" in the serial number for the date of manufacture.  (Oh and my son decided to help take pictures lol.  Like how his jacket matches the Puma?












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1975 Gobby MX - as found.


Frame: Gobby Mfg., Inc.

Seat: K.S.M.

Pedals: Union

Chain: Union

Sprocket: CROWN

Grips: O.G.K.

Rims: ARAYA 20x1.75 / 20x2.125 S2

Hubs: Schwinn 28h / Bendix 70 28h

Tires: Scorpion (front), no label rear


There isn't much info. on the bike as far as it's history goes. The seller's description read, "all original, including the inner tubes - nothing had been changed. It was purchased, then put away...never really ridden. Reflector fell off, rides smooth, 19.5" top tube." I've included a pic of an original ad from one of my magazines.










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1982? Huffy Pro.


I got this from my neighbor. All OG to my knowledge. Motomags with reflectors and OG hardware and even bolt head plastic caps. Even the OG tubes held air and I rode it around..








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1983 Powerlite Pro with all OG finishes. I picked this one up from Buck a few years ago and haven't done anything except replace the front tube.


Frame and forks- Powerlite

Headset- Tange

Stem- Powerlite by Sugino

Bars- Robinson Pro

Grips- O'neal

Brakes- Dia Compe 1000 caliper with DX lever

Cranks- Super Maxy 170mm

Pedals- KKT

Rims- Araya 7B

Hubs- ACS

Tires- Cheng Shin Comp III

Seat- Viscount Aero

Seat post- unknown layback

Seat clamp- Dia Compe hinged

OG padset






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1976 Peddlepower


All original except I couldn't get the chain freed up enough to put it back on.


Peddlepower frame and fork

Araya 7B's with Shimano high flange hubs

Cheng Shin 2.125 tires

fluted bars and seat post

DiaCompe caliper and lever

MCS stem

Sugino cranks with DID chain

KKT Rat Trap pedals

Seamless YFC seat

Schwinn seat clamp






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1976 FMF mild steel Breithaupt Replica

I am the fourth owner of this bike. I would love to track down the original owner if anyone knows him. It obviously was not used much and was stored in a garage for most of its life. This is one of two known surviving steel Breithaupt Replica’s and the only one with all the original decals. The other is a yellow one that William Larock used to own. I know the chain is loose but I could not bring myself to slide the wheel back in the dropouts and damage the paint. This is definitely an amazing bike!

Frame FMF mild steel
Fork Dan Gurney OG finish
Stem SR
Crank Takagi MX
Grips Oakley 1et gen
Bars A&A Aluminium
Seat Messinger

Seapost clamp Schwinn
Rims Araya 2.125 steel
Rear Hub Shimano MX
Front Hub Shimano MX
Front Tire Cheng Shin (not labeled)
Rear Tire Cheng Shin (not labeled)
Sprocket Wald
Pedals Miro-flex

Chain HKK



























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** 1982 Harry Leary ** 


I actually accquired this a couple of months ago, but decided today I might pull it out of the box and assemble it specifically to enter it here to let everyone see it in its original glory. This bike has been through the hands of a couple of serious collectors here in Oz, so when it became available I sold down my custom restored 82 HL to buy this as my focus has shifted and this style of bike is more prominent in my collection now days.


1982 Harry Leary Smoked Chrome F&F

Turbo Cranks

Harry Leary Bars

Diamond Back Suede Seat

Diamond Back Pole w/- SR Clamp 

Turbo Stem

Diacompe Caliper

Diamond Back Pedals

Chrome Araya 7x Rims

Suzue Sealed Bearing Hubs (3e matching)

Diamond Back Comp II tyres

Oakley F1 grips

Diamond Back Padset (except stem pad, in transit, one of the probs with not checking box contents for 8weeks)


** Exactly as she left the bike shop floor bitd, except no front brake **





















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1980 Diamond Back Large Pro

I acquired this survivor, as a complete, from a local seller, who bought it, from a friend, in the mid 1980's. It was originally sold, by Westside Schwinn Cyclery, in Lakewood, Colorado and it still has their bike shop decal. Someday, I hope to find a Diamond Back frame pad and an IRC Diamond Back tire to make this factory built bike 100% complete.


k-frame 1980 Diamond Back Large Pro Survivor.JPG


Parts List:


1980 Diamond Back Large Pro Frame and Fork (Original paint and decals)
Tange MX 2 Headset
Sugino Diamond Back Stem
Win Aluminum Handlebars
OGK Mach 1 Grips
Dia-Compe Pre-Bent Lever 
Cal Lite Diamond Back Handle Bar and Stem Pad (Original Pads added to survivor.)
Cal Lite Frame Pad (Still looking for an OG DB Pad)
Kashimax Diamond Back Seat
Fluted Aluminum Seat Post
Suntour Seat Post Clamp
Sugino Diamond Back Crank and Bottom Bracket
MKS BM-10 Foot Jaw Pedals (Originally MKS BM-7's, which I have, but need repair.)
Araya 7x Rims
Suzue High Flange Hubs
Suntour Freewheel
HKK Chain
1980 Dia-Compe 890 Brake Caliper (Found, with Dia-Compe Bulldog.)
HWA Fong Snake Belly Tires (Found, with roached Comp III's. I have 1 used blue IRC Diamond Back tire and 1 used blue IRC Z-1 tire. They are not identical. Still looking, for an orphan IRC Diamond Back match.)

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