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MID-SCHOOL BMX 20" (1988 to 2000)

MID-SCHOOL BMX 20" (1988 to 2000)  

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~~ MID-SCHOOL BMX 20" (1988 to 2000) ~~

All submissions should be in accord with the BOTY RULES

Please READ and follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit. 

Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting. 

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 Well first off, my apologies for the pics, its dark at 5 here in the winter, so.... Anyway, built this to look like a local pro may have raced. Everything is NOS or survivor except the Club Homeboy decals (Couldn't bring myself to cut real ones). Ideally it would have been all survivor, but finding black hoops proved impossible, and I fell into a huge score on the hubs. Every other part is used, pads included. Sorry for the camera phone pics... the light in here sucks.


88 FA Pro f&f (Survivor)

DK Pro stem (Survivor)

Unknown Bars (Survivor)

Epoch headset (NOS cups w/ OG top cap)

Ame rounds (bubble font) 

DC tech 4 lever and DC cable (Survivor lever)

Tuf neck clamp (OG finish)

FA post (Uncut) (Survivor)

Tioga FS (Kashimax) seat (Survivor)

DC 901 Caliper and DC pads (Survivor)

Redline chainwheel (Survivor)

4th gen Profile cranks (Survivor)

Izumi chain (Survivor)

DX pedals (Survivor)

Araya 7X hoops (These were originally built red fronts, but were in a shop window til saved, but were faded pink. Had them stripped, polished, and re-ano'd black.)

Stainless spokes

NOS GT racelace hubs

Cheng Shin tires

OG FA pads (Survivor)

Crit plate (Survivor)

Home made dice valve caps, made years ago


20131211_170557 (1).jpg






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I acquired this bike on eBay back in April of this year with intentions of using parts for another project I am working on. I basically bid on the bike without really reading a whole lot into the description and being a little dense on putting the name on the chainstays to Brandon Meadows. TNT flowed him frames and some parts in 97 and 98 while on Herdas Hot Shots. The yellow C4 was the one he won the ABA #1 Amateur with and this one was the one he rode and won (Junior Mens) at the UCI Championships in June of 98 and continued using until he left Herdas for Schwinn.

Once I received it, I set out to confirm that this was actually his bike. There wasn't much to go by picture wise for this bike. Most of the ones I found were black and white, or him covered up in a berm shot. There was a plethora of of good shots of him on the yellow C4 which was a totally different set-up (he seemingly changed set-ups on that one monthly). So I put out the call here to see if anyone could put me in touch with him. Shannon Gillette (thumperpilot) to the rescue part 1. He had Brandon contact me and he confirmed that this was his old rig. He also went back and checked some old photos of his to help me develop a parts list to set it back to the way he had it. The previous owner(s) had swapped out the stem, sprocket, tires, headlock, chain, chain tensioners and of course his National #1 plate was missing. The Super 7X's that were on it were replaced with another set of Super 7X's and relaced to the original set of TNT Peacemakers, so those stayed. I then set out to find the parts I needed. I already had the tires, black TNT Wing Thing tensioners and the black Headlock headlock. I needed to find a black 1-1/8 TNT stem (no easy task), a Black TNT Retroblade (I thought would be an easy task), an ACS singlespeed chain, and of course finding an ABA 1997 National #1 plate.

I kept every part that was original to the bike on it and left them alone. If it was beat, faded, dented or scratched it remained that way. I felt it was important to leave everything as it was. Also the parts I did acquire that were missing had matching patina, so I really lucked out there. I still need a Black 45T TNT Retroblade but other than that it is exactly set-up to how Brandon had it.The plate is actually Shannon Gillettes National 100 plate that I removed the zero's from to make it what Brandon's National #1 plate would have looked like.  Brandon was stoked to see it and was definitely pleased with the results. It was definitely the most fun I have had in some time with a bike project.


All 100% original finish and no reproductions.

Frame: 1998 TNT C4 (21" TT)
Fork: Answer "Carbo"
Headset: Chris King
Stem: TNT
Headlock: Headlock
Bars: GT .065 (Pro Sized)
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Brake Lever: Shimano DX
Cable: Unknown (I did replace the inner  cable as the old one was broken).
Seat: Odyssey
Post: American Classic (27.2mm)
Clamp: TNT (it has faded to a cool gunmetal gray but was originally black).
Cranks/BB/hardware: All Profile, 180mm
Sprocket: TNT Retroblade 44T (should be a 45T, if you have one, holla)
Pedals: GT Elite
Brakes: Shimano DX
Wheels: Araya Super 7X laced to TNT Peacemakers (rims are the less common polished versions, most were chrome).
Freewheel- Shimano MX30 16T
Chain- ACS Singlespeed 3/32
Tires: Mitsuboshi Comp III black walls-rainbow label (2.125 / 1.75)
Pads- ATI
Chain Tensioners: TNT Wing Things















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Frame: nickel 1994 jad pro 20" tope tube 1" threaded


Fork: brand x first gen titanium


Stem: brand x xpert titanium quill


Headset: black Fsa orbit 3d


Bars: brand x xpress 6" rise


Grips: odi longnecks cut down with ati bar ends


Cranks: jad 180mm with mcs 39t sprocket


Chain: Izumi


Freewheel: acs 14t


Pedals: Crupi pro rounds with nos crupi cages


Seat post: brand x weighlite ng nickel


Seat: selle Italia flite 1991 remake


Tires: gt megabite 2.0


Valve caps: atom chill pills


Wheelset: purple technique carbon hubs laced to nos purple t1000 rims


Brake lever: black Paul love


Brake cable: generic braided


Brakes: purple avid tri align canti brakes with old production VG cable hanger and blue cool stop pads.


Cable stop: jad






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TNT was started in New Jersey in the mid 80's and is still in business today. They first started by manufacturing some of the best looking hubs on the market. but they unfortunately kind of ripped off the Son-Lite design. Luckily this brought the second gen hubs which are still one of my favorite hubs of all time. In addition they also made some of the most amazing frame and forks on the market. During the early 90's many people including myself were jumping onto the blue and neon pink bandwagon of TNT's new colors.

The Longfellow is something that came out of early Mid School trend of BIGGER IS BETTER. Long top tubes and huge wheelbases became almost mandatory. The Longfellow was based on the PRO XL frame then it was stretched and made beefier tubing. It consisted of-if memory serves me correctly a 74 degree head tube angle, a 71 seat tube angle. To my knowledge the Longfellow was the first 22" top tube production frame and.its 40" wheelbase was the longest production frame set. These figures were later topped by Reynolds Racing with their Fresh 42.
I purchased this frame and fork from Dan's Comp in '92 and raced it until I retired. For this build I used my original parts when possible and used the same or similar parts when that was not an option. While I still have all of the parts from when I retired, I chose to use only parts from when it first hit the market. I also chose a few more TNT parts to recreate what the a lot of people were running at the time and fully do the brand justice.


front tnt.jpg


**100% All original finishes and no reproductions**
Frame & Forks:

**I am the original owner of this frame and fork**

Frame:  TNT Longfellow  Pro XXL (original chrome with nos original stickers)  
Top Tube: 22"
Wheelbase: 40" 
('90 stamped - Made by GT and the lowest serial number Longfellow to surface-according to my research)
Fork: (original to bike) TNT Pro (chrome with nos stickers) 

(Made by GT-according to my research)


Bars: TNT Pro Bars (chrome with og neon pink decals) (uncut)
Stem: TNT Pro XL stem (silver)
Headset: (original to bike) Tange MX-3 (chrome)  with (was nos) Silver Dirt Skirt (silver)
Headlock: (original to bike) DK (chrome)
Grips: (were nos) ODI Longneck (neon pink) 

Donuts: (were nos) Jive Nuts (neon pink)

Power Train:

Cranks: GT stamped Profiles 180mm (chrome)

Crank Bolts: (were nos) Bitchin' Bolts (black)

Bottom Bracket: Profile (original to cranks) (silver)

Chainwheel: S&S Tiger Tooth first gen 46 tooth 3/32" (silver)

Chain: (original to bike) Sachs Sedis Sport 3/32" (silver and black)

Pedals: SR Speedtraps MTP-100 (sealed) with Crupi Cages (silver)

Freewheel: (original to bike) Shimano 16 tooth 3/32" (black)


built at Kore bikes by Erik, Ryan and Myself - first wheelset I built

Hubs: TNT Revolver 2nd gen 36H sealed (silver with og neon pink logo stickers)

(were nos) Araya 7X (original chrome)

(were nos) Asahi Double butted spokes (chrome) with alloy nipples (blue anno') 4 cross pattern
Front Tire: Tioga-Mitsuboshi Comp 3 blue-grey label 20.2.125" (black) 

Rear Tire: Tioga-Mitsuboshi Comp 3 blue-grey label 20x1.75" (black)

Brake: (was nos) Odyssey Pitbull (silver)

Brake pads: (were nos) Scott Mathauser Super Brake Pads (black)
Lever: (was nos) Dia-Compe X-1 Short Stop (neon pink & black)

Lever Cover: (was nos) Tioga Lever Tamer (black)

Cable: (was nos) Odyssey Slic cable (black) (directly from 90's font Odyssey bag)

Seat: Selle Italia Flite seat titanium rails black leather ('93 date code with first gen red logo)
Seat Post: (original to bike) SR Laprade micro adjust 22.2 mm (blue anno) (ran backwards so I can tip the seat up)

Seat Clamp: (original to bike) TNT Double Bolt first gen (chrome)


Extras and Era Modifications: 

Pads: TNT (blue & neon pink)

Plate: (was nos) NL-1 Nick Libetore (white/blue silver)

Chain Tensioners: (
were nos) Whale Tales (silver) (fit using the factory dropout holes without drilling)

Valve Caps(were nos) Garfield (just like I used to run)
Era Modification: Seat tube drilled and barrel adjuster from 1st gen Tech 77 lever used for Pitbull brake mod. Done by me in my Dad's shop in 92.
Era Modification: Seat post ran backwards to be able to tip the seat up more for speed jumping and clearance.


tnt front 2.jpg










TNT Dropout.jpg


TNTChainwheel 1.JPG








Me circa 93 at Binghampton's NBL Track on my TNT 
Mar '93 Bmx Plus (Alan Foster's Bike)
Mar '93 Bmx Plus (Alan Foster's Bike)

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This is my 95 Standard Motocross race bike. Custom made with 22'' TT Purchased this frame from Sayville Bike Works Long Island NY when i was still in high school. This was the popular frame at Shoreham BMX mostly because of the geometry. Not to mention Standard Bykes sponsored half of the track, to the likes of Robbie Morales, Brian Iarocci, Keith Terra, and Tom Bivona. Sorry for the bum pictures newb posting here at the society. Hope you can enjoy them. Shout out to diamondF1back thanks for the link.

Motocross frame chrome

Standard pad set

Standard topload stem

SE Landing gear fork

Cane creek 1 1/8 headset

Araya super7X rims

Kovachi hubs

stainless spokes

Profile Pro race bars

Profile 180 w/44 imperial gear Shimano 16T rear

Peregrine sealed platform pedals

Thomson 25.4 seat post

Animal seat clamp 1 1/8

ALBA brass button seat

Tech77 lever

diacompe cantilever brakes w/matthauser pads

ODI longneck grips

Ringle peace sign straddle cable

Compe III front and Kenda street rear



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In the early 90's Hyper made a name for itself out of New Jersey. They had an awesome team with AA Pro, Eric Carter heading the charge! Eric had returned to BMX and was know for his incredible ability to dominate berms. Hyper was know for amazing powder colored bikes and until this point everyone referred to their bikes as painted. TNT supplied hyper their hubs and they are pretty much revolvers that aren't drilled. My Orig. Hyper was a blue xl Metro with pro forx and the whole 9.!


When Building this bike, I was going to go with the dark black cherry purple factory color. When I arrived at the Powder coaters I saw this translucent purple and had to have it. When you see it in person, it looks totally purple, but for reasons on the camera it might appear to be blue. The blue undertones pull through depending on angle but the bike is purple. The Body Belt pads needed trimming to fit the bars and left me with the perfect amount of neoprene for a headseal...... enjoy!




Frame: 94 hyper metro xl (re-finished) OG decals from the pack after refinish.

Fork:         MCS magnum (re-finished)

Bars:         dk pro              (re-fishished)

Stem:        tnt

Hubs:        Hyper H/F flip flop og finish

Rims         peregrine chrome 36 single wall

Tires:        Front: 2.0 Megabite Rear 1.75 megabite kevlar

cranks:     GT 180mm

Sprocket:  GT elite 44t OG purple

chain:        Sachs Sedisport

freewheel: Shimano 16t chrome

pedals:       Odyssey triple trap with JP pro square cages

seat:         turbo

Post:         generic purple

clamp:      GT double clamp

brakes:    Lever: modified Shimano XT

                Cable: odyssey slick

                caliper: Dia Compe big dog

Grips: ez Jive

Pads: Neoprene Body Belt

Plate: UGP Bunny Girl






Eric Carter.jpg

me on hyper.jpg

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The Standard Bicycle Motocross frame can be the frame that defined Mid school. First frameset on the market to feature 1 1/8th threadless, one of the first to use "oversided" 1" seat tube, one of the first to incorporate Cantilever brakes. In 96 the Bicycle Motocross frame the 125R model, which it is still know for and available (updated over the decades) today. 


Frame: 95 Standard Bicycle Motocross xl (OG finish, OG decals applied by me) 

Fork:    95 Standard race fork threadless

Headset:    Ritchey sealed mech. 

cranks:      Boss 175

chain:        Sach Sedisport

freewheel: Shimano 16t Chrome

Pedals:     DK Iron Cross

Sprocket: GT Elite 44t

Wheels:    Hubs: Crupi L/F Flip Flop

                 Rims: Araya super 7x chrome

                 Spokes: stainless

tires:         Front: Tioga rainbow label 2.125

                 Rear:  Tioga Rainbow label 1.75

seat:         Odyssey Cobra

Post:        generic chrome

clamp:      dk 2 piece

Bars:        Standard 2 piece strip bars (og red finish and decal)

stem:        Standard 1 1/8th (og finish and decal)

grips:        jive ez jive with nuts

brakes:    Suntour XC Pro cantilver

cable:      Tioga durocable 2.0mm

lever:       Shimano xt modified 

plate:       ugp

pads:       ugp













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This bike has so much meaning to me. It is one of my all time favorite builds and has taken me over 7 years to collect everything to complete. 


You can read all about it in society's bike check number 3 http://www.bmxsociety.com/topic/57116-bmx-society-bike-check-3/





Frame: Robinson Amtrac

Fork: Robinson Chromoly


Handlebars: Robinson Pro

Stem: GT Pro

Grips: ODI Tech 7

Headset: GT UFO



Cranks: GT Power Series 185MM

Bottom Bracket: GT/Profile sealed

Sprocket: GT Power Series 43t

Pedals: GT Elite Big man

Chain: Sedisport


Brake: Odyssey 2000 Rear Red

Lever: Dia Compe Tech 5 wrapped in red cloth tape

Brake Pads: Scott Mathauser

Cable: Tioga Durocable 2.0 mm



Rims: Sun Mistral Factory polished, re-polished by hand

Hubs: GT pro sealed

Cog/Freewheel: Shimano Chrome 16t

Spokes: Stainless with red/blue nips

Axles: factory

Tires: GT Megabite 2.0 front 1.75 rear


Seat: GT Power Series

Post: Robinson Pro

Seat Post Clamp: GT Power Series double clamp

Seat Guts: stock


Pads: Dyno padset Red

Number Plate: Dyno D-force

Era Modifications: red clothtape wrap on lever, additionaltoe-in of the caliper




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Here is my 89 kastan Prototype....


frame... 89 kastan prototype, intergated seatpost clamp with redline dropouts, refinished in the og red color


Fork...  89 kastan fillet brazed uniblade, also refinished in the og red color


Bars... Kastan FB 4 piece bars, uncut with og chrome


Cranks.. redline 180mm full wraps in og chrome


BB..  Kastan techmatic II sealed


Seatpost... Kastan in og chrome


Decals ..  were nos before install


Hubs..  Front is a kastan lathe made early sealed hub, rear was a nos bullseye, both 36 hole


Rims... Nos before built, araya 7x chrome 36 hole,


Tires..  re issue comps


Grips..  ame


Brakes...  dia compe tech 77 lever, slic cable, and a diacompe


Pads...  nos kastan


stem..  dk xxl polished


Headset.. tioga beartrap II


freewheel... Shimano


Sprocket..   Kastan powerdisc with a red tuff neck 43t


Chain ... chrome  izumi


Seat..   dominator,   but now is a redline




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1991 Wilkerson Airlines Riot

  • WAL Frame, Fork, Bash Guard
  • WAL San Quentin Bars
  • DK Inverted Freestyle Stem
  • Fluted Chrome Seat Post
  • Peregrine Seat Clamp
  • Tioga FS Seat
  • WAL Araya 48s w/ Chrome Sealed Suzue Hubs and Chrome Asahi Spokes
  • Odyssey 20 x1.75 Tires Frequency G
  • Dia Compe F&R 990 Brakes
  • Dia Compe Tech 7 Locking Levers
  • Odyssey 1st gen Gyro
  • Odi Mushroom Grips
  • Redline 401 Single Pinch Full Wrap Cranks 170mm
  • Redline 43T Chainwheel
  • Izumi Chain Chrome
  • MKS Graphite Pedals

The rims were rebuilt with NOS Chrome spokes and the gyro plates are powder coated Black.  Everything else is original finish and decals.









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The influence of the SE Quadangle is easily recognized on this frame.


Axxis was a sub company name for Alliant.  Other company names associated with Alliant were Dirtmaster and Radix.  This company was owned by Mike Devitt (previouse owner of SE) and Gary Turner (previouse owner of GT).  Axxis made freestyle and dirt type frames and parts.  Alliant and all its co-companies closed their doors in 2005 when Mike and Gary went their separate ways.


All finishes and decals are original.


Frame:  Axxis Flatty

Fork:  Fishbone Big Ass

Bars:  We The People Neocontrol 

Stem:  FBM

Levers:  Dia-Compe MX-99

Rotor:  Fishbone

Headset:  AHeadset

Brakes:  Dia-Compe 990

Grips:  SE Flangeless 

Seat:  Fishbone

Seat post:  Fishbone

Clamp:  Fishbone

Cranks:  Odyssey Black Widow 165mm

Sprocket:  WTP

Pedals:  Odyssey

Pegs:  Fishbone

Rims:  Araya Super 7X

Hubs:  Profile

Tires:  ASM













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1997 Badd&Co


I built this bike to resemble a bike we raced BITD and not a dream super expensive catolog build people do today with all of the best stuff..


Frame was NOS I got from a bike shop.

Weimann wheels with suzie type UNsealed hubs. Yep same type a wheel set we ran in the 90's

NOS GT stem

NOS Powerlite seat

Redline flights


IRC/Tioga tires

ODI grips

NOS Odyssey plate

NOS Poorboy pads

Tank headset


and more..




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93 Hyper Metro with full Hyper parts kit.

Here is my 93 Hyper Metro Pro XL. Built up using as many Hyper parts as I could get, including Bars, Wheels, Pads, and Plate. When I started the build I really wanted to get the Hyper wheels to match the frame, but in the end I managed to find everything that Hyper made for it. Im really pleased I managed to get the bike built up like it is, mostly because I never imagined Id find all of the Hyper bits to go with it, and I haven't seen another Hyper Metro with a full Hyper build kit on it. Thanks to Jake on here for helping me track down the pad set!


Full Spec:
Frame: 93 Hyper Metro Pro XL
Forks: Answer Pro Forx
Stem: GT Pro Series XL
Headset: Odyssey Dynatron
Bars: Hyper Pro bars
Grips: Jive Tentacles
Lever: DC MX88
Brakes: Odyssey Pitbull
Seat: Selle Italia Flite Titanium (genuine 90's not a reissue)
Seat Post: GT micro adjust
Seat clamp: GT Double Bolt
Cranks: GT Pro Series 180mm
Pedals: JP Pro Square
Sprocket: Profile Rip Saw 2
Chain: Izumi
Tyres: GT Megabite / Tioga Competition 3
Rims: Sun Minstral
Hubs: Hyper Pro
Padset: Hyper
Plate: GPR Hyper team issue




























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