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More 70s pictures. From the Armando "Kachupito" Carrasco collection

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For all its evils, Facebook does have the good point of locating long lost friends and acquaintances.  I met Armado "Kachupito" Carrasco in the early 70s.  Guy was incredibly fast going toe to toe with some of the well known San Diego names of the era.


Like most of the early guys, he started with the basics









We trekked over to his home track in Mexicali at what was a prep school I believe, They ran enduro and night races which were pretty intense


mexicali 74 bmx.jpg


At a time where anything went, he was racing a Graco with surprising results.











Some of the early San Diego guys like Ricardo Pedroza of Wheels N Things made appereances











He also hit up Rancho and other San Diego and Imperial valley tracks.






The next few are random pics.



































He later built a downhill track at the Mexico bank of the All American Canal.  It was pretty insane for the time.





I even wrote some cheesy letter to Bob Osborn at BMX news about the track.






The last pic is later in the 70s. Kachupito in first, the late Dave Garcia second, Mike Manley 3rd and me in 4th place.






Guy is still involved with MX, MTB and other related things and some of you might know his "Too Much Fun" company which organizes races, tours and other cool stuff down in Baja.


Want to give him thanks for sharing these pics.

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Treasure.  :cheers:


Really, good stuff!

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I can relate to the Graco endos!!! Thanks for posting!!!


Richard Vogt


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Wow Rick (or should I say Ricardo?) this is just pure gold! But this picture most of all! This pic speaks to me on so many levels it freaks me out a little.



There is so much more going on in this picture than meets the eye. Like so many of us in those days, what we wanted more than anything was to emulate our dirt bike racing heroes. These kids are no different but it is their local environment that is making them stand out in this case. Why you may ask? Simple, other than the city of Ensenada over on the west coast Baja, Mexicali was the only other town in the area that would hold an annual off road race. Ensenada had the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 (still does) Mexicali would hold the Mexicali 250. A very big part of off road racing in Baja is racing at night.


Most off road races that take place in the open desert are of a long enough distance to require check points along the race course. Each racer had to stop at each check point. At each stop the competitor has to get a "check point stub" as proof he passed through the check and did not cut the course. Back in the day the method used to collect these check point stubs during a race was a simple one. An empty pull tab drink can (usually a beer) was simply attached to the car or buggy with duct tape on the driver's side windshield frame or roll bar. Motorcycles mounted the can to the bars. So what I see are a bunch of guys set up to race like their desert racing heroes of the day. I'm willing to bet one of those heroes is the King of Baja, Malcolm Smith.


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These pictures and accompanying text are so great. Delightful. Thanks.

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Good eye Sod.

Kapuchito will be in the Mexico HOF when they get one. He was working it way back when for his love of BMX.   


Will try to get a few more pics.

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I'm also liking the suspension mod done to the bike in the center in that pic too. Notice the use of a fork with a longer steer tube and an automotive valve spring slid in to take up the gap. That's Jurassic period BMX home brew trickery at its finest! I love that kind o stuff!  

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Missed this thread the first time round but definitely deserves a bump!  

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