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The Mid-school Forum is back and I'll be honest and say that I am glad that it is.  Here is a list of things you need to know.


Site Ideals


This particular website caters to those who are NOT down with reproduction, particularly hard goods.  So don't start singing their praises and not expect to get grilled on it.  Because you will.  No one thinks you are bad person because you may accept them, but at this site they are not celebrated, take that shit somewhere else.


We also frown upon unnecessary refinish and celebrate patina.  Look, we all know some parts need redone in order to "preserve" them.  Yes, we are all aware these bikes and parts are yours and are free to desecrate them at your whim.  But again, you will inevitably get pounced on for ruining something that probably didn't need refinished.


We also strongly believe that if you are going to assemble a bike of any era, we think it should be as era correct as possible.  Again, if you bring in a 1995 Elf and have new school bits on it, some one will suggest an alternative to make it "better".  The we know its your bike, you can do what you want but don't expect to get stroked for it.


Critique- you post up a bike for the world to see, someone will evaluate it and give feedback.  This is the nature of forums like this.  If your ego is remotely fragile, this place is not for you.  But realize that critique is not necessarily a bad thing.  There are many many members at this site who have an enormous amount of knowledge and respect for how things were. So keep in mind, most critique is really given to help you.  Learn from it.  I do ask that those of you who give critique be tactful.  If the response back is hostile, by all means, respond in kind.  But don't be a dick right of the bat.


Don't ask if something is for sale when people post up bikes and parts.  This is one of my pet peeves, I find it rude and disrespectful to the forum.  If you have an interest in part someone has, use the PM function to inquire about it.


Sales and wanted policy


No selling or asking for parts in this forum, please use our classified section for all sales and wants.



Any questions, feel free to PM me and ask



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