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GT serial number

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I guess you and I are the "new" guys around here.  Ha



has nothing to do with new or old... or you as individuals, it is simply that nobody bothers to be helpful anymore, Freestyle is especially dead.  


If either of you can change that... I'll make you a staff member right now, with the understanding that it is about generating content... there is no rule enforcement to be concerned with around here.  It's about being present, and being helpful.  


I need help.

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It's ashame the enthusiasm has dropped off over the last few years.  Hopefully that's just online.  I haven't been able to make it to the CA reunions for a few years now, but the turnouts still look really good.  There was talk of an east coast reunion this summer, but unfortunately, it never materialized.  


I've never been a collector, but I will have a new build to show in a few weeks!



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