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King Of The Aerial : Jeff Watson SICK PICK!!!

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hard core rawness!!   


just ran across it diggin' through some mags and had to post it.   one of my favorite pics from bitd.  



early freestyle shredding too....sick pic from (bmxa may 81)





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Riding bowls with a coaster sounds scary.  This pictorial was a mind blower for my buddies and I.  I have that mag in my collection I think.  Does anyone remember the Bio Air pictorial?  I can't remember the riders name.  His thing was doing full dive-bomber nose dive re-entrys from big airs.  Seems like he rode for Bassett.  Anyone remember his name?

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Yeah Woody did some crazy airs.

Riding with a coaster for me wasn't too bad because I didn't have a choice. My thrasher was coaster and that's what I used. It didn't hang around long though.

Jeff was my #1 inspiration. I gave up racing to ride parks because of him. I was about to leave oz to ride in the US parks when my best mate got an apprenticeship and couldn't go. I quit bmx not long after.

Same bike.jpg 

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