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haro group one composite

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word on these was the front ends were so stiff, the rear flexed an awful lot.


composites don't show up very often and this is a really beautiful example.


haro bars, cranks, factory spc and tange switchblades are spot on.


crupi hubs, peregrine sealed pedals, holeshot / goosebump tires, color matched jives, dirt research seat, of course pitbulls (is that a dk under the stem pad?)...


I dig everything about it :ThumbsUp:


looking at the controltech post raised a question...


Controltech build redline alloy frames and even their own bmx frame. 


Does anyone know if they built the front tris for the haro composite??  

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aaah yes.. they aren't jives!   :Power.Grin:  I guess I really wanted them to be..


controltech built redline pro alloy frames in 94, so I wouldn't doubt they were producing for others a few years before that.



someone in the know could confirm

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Awesome job making this happen Shawn!


When I first saw Shawn pull this frame out of the box seven years ago I had to clean my shorts. Yes these frames had tons of issues, but just like a vintage Ferrari it's still amazing looking twenty plus years later!


Control Tech was started '89. However seat posts posts with two oppsing bolts-one at the front and one at the rear-for the clamp are often a newer design.

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