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pk ripper nos decal placement and application techinque ?

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Don't know exactly where they go, but the method I use for applying decals is pretty fool proof.

I get the decal and fold the backing back a little depending on the size of the decal. I make sure the folded backing bit is folded all the way back to where it is flat. This forms a sort of tab. Then, keeping the sticky part slightly lifted (so it doesn't contact the surface it is being applied to, I line the decal up where it is supposed to go. Once it is aligned, I attach the sticky part. Then I slowly peel the backing out, using the folded back tab.. As I peel it slowly away, I use my thumb or finger to evenly stick the decal to the surface, rubbing it side to side as I peel to keep the decal bubble free.

Voila! Hasn't failed me yet.

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You can reference the old magazine test bikes:


and http://www.bmxsociety.com/topic/39899-se-racing-pk-ripper-test/


or hit up the PK Ripper info thread in the "university of BMX section" ... you can SE stock photos for decal placement reference:



There is also a photo of an early 80's frame set that is supposed to be NOS.  


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