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Early Shimano Hubs

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Can somebody break down for me the differences between the late 70s- early 80s shimano hubs? I've heard dx, mx, mx60 and maybe more models but to me they all look the same honestly. Or is it just people not knowing the differences? Any info is appreciated, thanks!

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Here's a few I have had over time. The pics are from various sites. 

Shimano MX high flange and a rear low flange. 
Shimano MX hubs.jpg

Shimano High flange rear..jpg


Shimano DX. 


Shimano dx hub 2.jpg


Shimano Dura Ace 

Shimano Dura Ace hub.jpg


Shimano Loose ball High Flange. 
Shimano High flange front hub.jpg

Shimano High flange.jpg


Shimano Looseball low flange.

Shimano low flange front.jpg


And the Shimano Silver series semi sealed.



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The missing link in there is the pre-DX, The MX or MX-60 freehub. In the timeline a bit after the black MX style, but, before the DX model.


This hub style was out in late 78. I own hubs with C date codes. Have never seen a B/77 code. I also own models of this hub with F dates, so, 1981. I maybe have seen a G, but, can't recall. So, 78-81 for sure.


The DX hubs shown above, I have seen as early as 1980 date stamps and I am pretty sure as late as H. I don't really collect the DX model, so, my recollection is more vague on the DX model. But, keep that in mind, there's a bunch of overlap on these.





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