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Hello, back into bikes like never before

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Hello bmxsociety, here to show off and mingle :nonono: lol


From the 80s and always had bmx until the mb craze of the 90's and i had actually moved out to the hilly country then so that was ok but I eventually missed how my old bike rode, nostalgia also plays a role though. Thats what i did, rode my bike if not burning up nes's. At night cops didn't  bother kids back then for riding without a headlight. Anyway not many local people i know into bmx anymore as they are older and bigger now but that isnt stopping me.


I truly like the 80's bmx the most wether it be race or flatland. I dont mind if a bike isnt made of chromoly or had been sold at a department store or heaven forbid rust! But i am a cheapsdkate when it comes to this new hobby of mine and have figured out how to do almost 100% of the work myself as to not pay labor either. I will pick up junk bikes and check scrap yards. May not be for everyone, thats ok.


Here is my "baby", a previously abused performer i built from frame up. Its an 87. Still need this weeks project pics but it rides again! Quite nice too.

102_1205 (640x480).jpg



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Hello and welcome.  :cheers:


On your Performer project there, what was the nature of the abuse?  Curious as the "before" photo looks pretty decent... and an awesome original finish.

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Dang, that's cool but in my opinion you should have just waited for another to come up, that needed to be refinished, and traded for it because in my opinion that could have been made into a really nice survivor build with just a little work!


Not that big of a deal, though.

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Thanks for the welcome, good eye texasbmx, I guess it was stuck? The seller was nice enough to let go of a nice double clamp for it though and i did a bit more filing and sanding to it. Finish wasnt too bad, i didnt like the color much though as it was the magneta but kind of pink.attachicon.gif102_1206.JPG



I see.  So, you bought frame and fork and now you're getting the rest of it together, I take it?     Have you determined the year of the frame?    What drew you to the Performer, did you have one of these as a kid?  Just curious, and if so... wondered if you'd seen Eddie Fiola's new "Performer" line?

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Thanks, just the 87 frame. Yep, seen those. Its interesting he uses the first performer design instead of the one with the cylinder bar behind seat that has gt stamp, not sure why. Could have waited but may still not have something I (me) like. Had a western flyer freedom 2 for about 2 days when i was a kid before it was taken out of garage one day. I started this recently just shopping locally and these dont come up too often and if they do the sellers are asking a few hundred and this was an affordable start for me. I like the performer because its seems like what "set the standard" for flatland bikes and like the shape etc. If something else i liked more at the time that was a better deal i may have chose that but wasnt offered. If I had it to do over, I would maybe go with a different color but thats all, it isnt done.

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