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Handlebar ID needed

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Hey Rick, thanks for the info.


I think it's agreed that the bars are not Rascals.  


I pulled them out the other day and took a good luck at the ends of the bars on both sides.


The hole in the tubing is slightly off center and not concentric and the wall is very thick.


At this point I'm not really sure what to make of the bars, at least until somebody comes up with a genuine photo of Speedo's.


I lightly mounted them on my R&R and they look awesome and really suit the build - so I'm stoked!


Now all I need is a 3/4" diameter Speedo seat post with the 7/8" top seat mounting area and my build will be finished!  :power.of.suggestion:  


Big thanks to everyone that has chimed in so far.


PJ :ThumbsUp:  

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On ‎11‎/‎6‎/‎2014 at 9:36 PM, Larock said:

Definitely not Rascal. Rascals are a bit taller. I will see if I dig up pictures of both styles. I have owned 5 pairs of Rascal and two Speedo. 3 of the rascal bars were original black and two were polished prior to me owning them. The tubing on the Rascal bars is very thin also. 

I'm leaning toward Speedo. Speedo bars had thicker tubing than the Rascals as well. Both pair of Speedos I had were also polished and not painted.Is there any paint residue in the bar ends? Speedos were painted red or blue. I spoke with the Patterson brothers about the Speedo bars that were on my G-Boy and they both agreed they were polished Speedo Bars. 

There's always the possibility of Kawasaki too. Bigfire has two Kawasaki's with aluminum bars with two different rises. Maybe he can post pics.

Bumping old thread because I recently  someone stating that the Pattersons said Speedo never made any bars (which I'm pretty certain they did.)

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Well they advertised they sold handlebars. Maybe made by someone else.



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