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Decal Preservation

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I've brought this up before without any real answers, but I need to figure out how I can fix decals that are starting to curl. I've tried to reactivate the glue with a blow dryer on hot, but that didn't work. Has anyone used a clear adhesive? These are OG decals, so I want to save them.


Thank you for any help!


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I did something once that worked pretty good. It  With a q-tip I cleaned the lifted portion from the dirt, I can't remember what worked best, windex I think? anyway then i simply used double back tape, I used the "permanent" ultra clear scotch tape. It was tedious, but cutting it a little smaller than exact size, helped a lot. Good luck

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Well, I'm happy with it now. I followed carbizguy's instructions, and that Scotch tape is really thin, so the decal sits down nice and flat. I used alcohol to clean the dirt and old residue off the frame and the back of the decal.


Thank you for the help!

Repaired Decal.JPG

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