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Blyther stayed cool... he did not get all Huffy about it.

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There is always something fascinating about a factory rider who rides a bike from a company other than his sponsors.


Blyther from first issue of Freestylin' - Summer 84 issue.


TA with Bottemas




March, 1984....  not sure, I've seen it called a Patterson 


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Amazing pics of Blyther!


Was he riding a real Huffy?  I know Stu and others raced some restickered RL's and Skyways at some point - due to the unfortunate Huffy geometry. i imagine riding ramp woul dbe even harder with a big lazy head tube angle.


But Flyin' Brian is amazing anyway - I'm sure he could get any old bike to go way up in the sky.

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Some random Blyther goodness I've saved on the ol' computer over the years.

(sorry I don't know who to credit for the shots — most probably Oz & Windy, but there are some gems from regular old freestyle fans out there too). Dom Phipps posted a lot of these on an old Haro thread a long time ago. Too good not to save for my own archives.



And... This is my all time absolute favorite pic of Brian Blyther.












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