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84' GHP Trix restoration

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Here's a little photo documentation and brief history of my restoration on my Trix. As you know the Trix is a rare bike and finding one is no small feat. Some of you watched as this unfolded on Facebook. A guy named Rob from Adelaide, AU posted on one of the pages asking questions about the GHP Trix he picked up for free. He wanted to restore it but was unsure of whether he wanted the bike and was fishing for trades. I messaged him then broke away from our July 4th party to call him. Ended up working a trade for my recently restored Hazard Yellow RL20-ii frameset. I contacted a buddy in OZ to forward the GHP to me and I sent my RL to him.


Rob had unfortunately stripped the bike of it's original finish and spraypainted it yellow. This is how I received it. There was extensions brazed into the fork stands but otherwise, the frameset was in remarkable condition... A trip to the media blaster once the extensions we painlessly removed left me with a remarkable canvas to spray the DuPont white base coat, followed by House Of Kolors Candy Red then clear. Repop frame decals, careful selection of parts and this is my result... Enjoy!












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Parts breakdown:


The bars are original to the frameset. They sport the original chrome and tattered original decal. Hanging from the bars are survivor black A'me bubble font grips giving your hands a perfect place to grab the locking Tech4 levers of unknown mfg. The bars are held up by an incredible DK Freestyle stem that is spun by a trusty GT Epoch headset. NOS Sturmey Archer cables run from the levers down to NOS Sturmey Archer Elite series drum brake hubs laced to restored black ACS Z rims wrapped with NOS Avocet Fasgrip pools. The original finish 175 Redline 401 Flight cranks are supported by a repop Techmatic bb and pushed with a pair of restored Suntour XC-II pedals. A NOS Izumi chain and NOS Sturmey Archer freewheel finish off the drivetrain. A mint original finish Robinson RRR stamped post with a NOS GHP sticker helps support the unstamped Elina? seat and is held firmly in place with the rare DK standing clamp.









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Here's what the bike looked like as Rob found it. These are the only pictures he took of it before he stripped it. I found traces of the original yellow over white finish inside the headtube and also inside the fork pegs and on the steertube. The headtube and steertube paint was preserved for a future color match and refresh in the yellow it was found in. That will happen in a few years once I enjoy the bike as it is...




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Yeah, I had already bought the materials to paint it when the pictures of it in original paint surfaced. I do plan on refinishing it in the original yellow in a year or two. Trying to dig up some more history on it for now. Original owner is deceased so it's tough.

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Killer work Joe.

That bike deserved some care and De-modification to get it looking right.

Nice careful work on those front pegs!


It was amazing to see this in person!



Thanks Matt! Your clean and well planned builds influenced me a lot with this along with your advice. Torker Freestylist is next... :)

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I think it's cool as is, unless yellow is a rare color for that bike I think it's fine in that red. Nice one!

Thanks! I love the red and pictures honestly don't do it justice but yes, this is the only known yellow example found. Another interesting feature is that it has no serial number. Not sure if that has any significance but I thought it was worth a mention.


I will refinish it again in the correct original yellow but I want to have some fun riding it for a bit first before I redo it for the last time. It will give me a chance to decide if I like the way it's set up now or if I want to make some small final changes.

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Fantasic build, I am also from Adelaide and had a GHP Trix in the candy red colour as the distributor for GHP was Adelaide based so they were quite popular here.

I cant say I ever saw a yellow frame before? very rare I would think but I wouldn't be surprised if the paint was sun damaged.


Again great build.

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