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86' Vector Freeplay

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I first saw this frame on Facebook when it was scored for $75 on Craigslist, sans original fork. I tried to buy it from him but lost out on it. Fast forward a year. I was browsing thru the Facebook pages and came across the extremely rare first gen/prototype Powerlite Log Freestyle bars in rough shape and after some intense negotiations, I ended up purchasing them. A couple days later, I ended up working a trade out for the Vector frame. Once the two were in my possession, I noticed how nicely the two paired up, looking almost as if they were meant to be together.


Unfortunately, the bars were cut down and the finish was in rough condition. I contacted Enzo in AU who graciously measured his set of bars(the only other set known to exist) so that I could stretch them back to their original size. I dug thru my parts that I had laying around and put it together as a complete survivor while I hunted down the other parts I envisioned building the bike with.









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With only a handful of surviving examples of the third gen Vector FS around, finding an orphan fork is impossible. I was lucky to find a Vector Mark 2 fork with bad chrome and a big dent in the leg. This and a set of Wald CW knockoff bars formed the basis for the replica Freeplay fork. The Mark2 fork differs from the real Freeplay in a few ways up close and the steertube was marked with my name and dated so it won't be passed off as a legit piece if the bike ever leaves my possession. I carefully color matched the fork to the original finish on the frame and painted the fork to match along with an internally braced Tioga layback post. I refinished the bars after most of the paint flaked off while cleaning them.





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This is the finished product. I'm happy with the way it came out. It's a different feeling bike to ride with the extreme reach of the bars but awesome amounts of knee room for cruising. More pics and full specs are in my bikes...










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