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So, I just recently heard about this product a few months ago, and I was surprised to find out they made this product in a clear. For anyone that hasn't heard of plastidip, it's a type of rubberized coating that you can spray on metal/plastic to change the appearance (color). The best part is that you can remove it, and it leaves the original finish in the same condition as it was before you coated it. Sort of like a latex glove.

They also make a product that you can dip tool handles in, but the product I'm talking about is very thin.

So it got me thinking that this product could be used to protect the finishes of frame/forks that people keep stored while they are hoarding......lol

I think it would protect chrome frames from surface rust, and also protect painted finishes from shelf wear.


You can buy it in gallons and use a sprayer to apply, or they also make it in an aerosol can.


I'm not sure how decals would react to the product, but I feeling nothing would happen. And when you remove the plastidip, it comes off pretty easily, so I don't think it would bring the decal with it.



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The stuff has been around for years. At first is was sold in small batches mainly for applications like hand tools and such.




I Had to make a custom strap for the coaster brake on my M&L because the seat and chain stays are retangular. I dipped the portion of it that contacted the frame in Plasti-dip. It worked great! 



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