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Chris Oakden

Cook Bros Euro Style BB Help

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I recently acquired this '79 Cook Bros frame/fork/BB set. I would like to know if anybody can ID the BB and is there a way to remove it without destroying it. The bearings have a few rough spots in them and I'd like to fix it. This is my first CBR with the euro BB and really want to make it right. Also looking for a decal set as well.




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My CBR Euro has a threaded, but, appears to be slightly machined down threads BB. I think they are all press fit in the end, but, maybe not.


The bearing is an R10 sized bearing. The "cool" bearing to get is the R10 Snap ring bearing - this bearing has an external groove that a snap ring fits in, and keeps the bearing from sliding too far in.


I think you just pick a side there and some sort of internal sleeve probably will knock the opposite side out. Or, if not, the full spindle will come out anyways, leaving you the ability to punch the bearings out with a press.


Here's what that snap ring bearing looks like:


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Are those snap Wring R10'S easy to find,i need a set for my Cruiser frame,i think they will be perfect for what i need since the inside shell is not machined with a lip for a bearing to sit against.

Just search eBay or google. Let me know if you cannot find them. Sometimes easy. Sometimes none.

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Thanks mark for the info,but as i look at my frame and spindle not sure if the snap rings will work,looks like the bearings stick out another 3/16 past the edge of the botton bracke shell on each side because of the rings,my spindle might not be long enough.Gonna be close,My spindle is 5 inches long total including the square tapers,not sure if i will have room for the lock collars.

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I know there are a lot of solutions on this one. The one thing I think is consistent is the bearing. R10. In the bearing world, that's the "base" info, which is the ID, OD, and thickness. R6 is the bearing for Sunshine hubs. R10 is CBR BB.


Every other letter or digit is a feature ID.


An R6RS is an R6 bearing with 1 Rubber Seal. Take an early Sunshine hub apart, many will not have an internal seal.

An R62RS has 2 Rubber seals. Both sides.


The snap ring I think is "NR" So, you could have an R102RSNR.


There are things like ZZ and other letters which represent ceramic bearings, or high load or high RPM capability, or the seal material (metal, vs rubber).



So, any R10 bearing should fit the hardware dimensions you have, but, I could see where a shorter spindle would have issues with a snap ring bearing perhaps.


On a followup note, an "R" bearing is US/SAE measurements.

A 6000, or 6200 bearing would be a metric sized bearing. Those are 2 sizes used commonly on Suzue sealed hubs.


Sometimes, as you're trying to read old, dry, cracked seal covers, knowing if it's a "R" or an "8" can be helpful.

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