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OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1979 and earlier)

OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1979 and earlier)   

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~~ OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1979 and earlier) ~~


Please follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit.  


Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting.

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This bike is a tribute to the one I campaigned for Mira Mesa Schwinn in 1977-78. In the 77 season I was 16-17 Novice, and we mostly raced in San Diego, travelling often to LA as well as Arizona. I became pretty dominant in my class and ended that year with the #62 plate in BMXA, and the 10S plate in NBA.


My novice career ended with a 1st place victory at The Southern California Cup Championship at Rancho San Diego. A terrible start had me last out of the gate but I passed the entire field for the win.


The frame eventually broke and was replaced with an SX-1000.


Frame - 1977 DG Racer - Beautifully chromed, repop stickers

Forks - 1977 Redline - Nickel chro-mo, spraybomb white, repop stickers

Neck: Redline Double Clamp

Bars - Gen 1 Redline - OG nickel, cut 1"

Grips - Oury

Cranks - Sugino Maxy

Chain Ring - Sugino, new blue

Pedals - Helix Reedy's, new blue

Wheels - Weinmann 7B's, front is NOS, rear is new blue

Hubs - Gen 1 Phil Wood

Front Tire - NOS Carlisle Aggressor MX

Rear Tire - NOS Schwinn Tractor

Seat - Messinger

Post - Fluted aluminum, new blue

Brake Lever - NOS Shimano

Calipers - Weinmann

Brake Pads - Matthauser (not era correct, but correct pads enroute)

Freewheel - 16t Shimano

Plate - NOS Preston Petty

Valve Stem Caps - Chrome

Pads - Blue (Frame is Rad Pad)

Chain - Chrome


The props include my 3rd place trophy from The Muscular Dystrophy Benefit race at Las Palmas, my daughter in an OG Mira Mesa Schwinn jersey, a BMX Action Magazine featuring Encinas on the color coordinated cover, and a repop DG helmet. The JOFA is NOS.


I realize this isn't a survivor type build, but I'm going to stick it on here anyway....I didn't start doing this until about a year ago, so I'm really late to the vintage bike party. Thanks to everyone who helped with parts and advice. It turned out nice.



This is probably some violation, but edit isn't working for me....so I can't stick it up where it goes


New brakes installed....nice and era correct



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1975 AAA Rascal

 Bought this frame from ROC.

Brian MX fork

Speedo bars

repro decals on frame

MCS stem

Unicanitor seat

Tuf neck post clamp

Takagi MX crank

Takagi mx chain ring and spider

Raliegh red dot front tire

Femco rims

Large flange and bearing ACS FRONT HUB

Kawasaki cheng chin rear tire

Shimano MX large flange rear coaster hub

Sedis chain

Schwinn head set

DSC05309 (1024x768).jpg

DSC05324 (1024x768).jpg

DSC05310 (1024x768).jpg

DSC05307 (1024x768).jpg

DSC05306 (1024x768).jpg

DSC05305 (1024x768).jpg

DSC05302 (1024x768).jpg

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Littlejohn Murphy Monoshock


I picked this bike up out of Costa Mesa, CA from the original owner and his brother. It was complete for the most part - no chain, no seatpost clamp. It had newer bars, brand new foam grips and a newer style cushion seat. I replaced the bars, grips and seat with some older parts that I had on hand. I also added the frame and bar pads. Everything else is original to the bike.


Frame: Littlejohn Murphy

Fork: Cook Bros.

Handlebar: 31" wide MX

Rims: Heavy duty "Made in Japan"

Hubs: Bendix coaster; No markings on front hub

Tires: Pirelli

Seatpost clamp: Schwinn

Sprocket: Schwinn

Pedals: Schwinn

Chain: Union





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76-77 PROFAB

















Schwinn Headset

Phil Wood BB

Shimano Dura Ace AX "10 pitch" track crankset 

Takagi MX Sprocket

Regina Oro track chain

Reedy pedals

Black Dura Ace Hubs. Front Quick release

Araya 7B Rims

Presta Tubes

Carlisle Aggressor Front/Schwinn Tractor rear

Union Spokes

SR Swan Alloy single stem.

BD Fluted handlebars

Schwinn Seat Clamp

Weinmann vainquer center pull calipers

Weinmann levers and hardware

Unknown 70s grips

Alloy fluted post

Elina Super Pro saddle

Speedo Pads (Thanks Dan!)

Hunte Wilde number plate 

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1978 Redline Proline


All original finishes. A previous owner made a half-hearted attempt to strip the cranks. I like to think I rescued them from a show polish. The decals were replaced by a previous owner, but are OEM.


1978 Redline Proline frame & fork.

Unknown fluted bars. (VDC?)

Early tuf neck clamp. No stamp.

Tange head set.

OGK MACH grips.

Dia Compe straight lever.

Shimano Tourney caliper.

Kashiwa saddle.

Unknown chrome seat post.

Schwann "S" seat clamp.

Takagi Touney cranks.

Takagi chain ring.

Sugino bb and chain ring bolts.

KKT rat trap pedals.

Unknown chain.

Araya 7C rims.

Sunshine sealed hubs (etched).

IRC MX4 1.75 rear tire.

Cheng Shin 2.125 front tire.

Unknown tubes.

Redline frame pad (repaired & hanging on) and redline crossbar pad.

Early Tuf Neck stem pad.











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1979 Redline MX-II


All original finishes and decals.


1979 Redline MX-II frame and fork. (USA made)

Ukrai 7C style rims.

Suzue high flange, loose-ball hubs.

NTKK Snakebelly tires (black walls) 1.75 & 2.125 respectively.

Unknown tubes.

Redline V bars. (No stamp)

Redline Super Proline stem (faded gold)

Schwinn headset and bottom bracket.

OGK MACH grips.

Dia Compe 890 brakes, bent levers, cables and brake pads.

Elina lightning bolt seat & guts.

Unknown chrome seat post.

Caliber seat clamp.

Schwann Ashtabula cranks.

Takagi spider and chain ring.

Sugino chain ring bolts.

MKS Pedals.

Unknown chainimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg


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