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OLD SCHOOL 20" and Under OPEN 80's class (1980 through 1987)

OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987)  

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~~ OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch and under OPEN CLASS (1980 through 1987) ~~


Please follow the RULES & GUIDELINES to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit.

Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting 



Please note that due to low turnout, the lone PIT BIKE entry as well as the lone FREESTYLE entry have been merged into this class.  We will now refer to this as "the 80's 20" and under open class".

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1981 Hutch Pro-Racer

1981 Hutch Pro-Racer Frame-original finish( downtube decal is a og paperback decal.)

Thruster(Speed Unlimited)Fork

Tange 125 bmx headset-og finish

SST Dirt skirt-og finish

Bulldog stamped Pro-Neck-og finish

Powerlite Pro bars-og finish

Oakley 3 grips-og

Araya 7c 20 x 1.75 rims-og finish

1st Gen.Phil Wood hubs-og finish

Cheng Shin tires-og tires

Jaguar Shotgun II seat-og finish

Shimano DX seatpost-og finish

Hutch seatpost clamp 1st gen.-re-chromed

Shimano DX brake lever-og finish

Dia-Compe MX1000 brake caliper(dated'83)-og finish (hand-polished)

Scott Mathauser brake pads-og finish

PPP 42t chainring-polished

Phil Wood spider-og finish

Tuf-neck chainring bolts-re-chromed

Takagi 175mm cranks-og finish

KKT Lighning pedals-og finish

California Lite frame and stem pads-og

ODI Mushroom bearing cap-og














Edited by Troy Dunsmore
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My 2nd entry 1983 Torker L.P.

Ive always loved Torkers and was very happy to finally get my hands on a clean frameset.I built her with a mix of NOS,original finish and new parts.Thanks for looking!


1983 Torker L.P. frame & fork-og chrome on frame and fork(i believe decals are the '84 style and are reproduced)

NOS Tange MX-3 headset

NOS SST Dirt skirt

NOS Tuf-Neck Pro stem

CW Pro bars-og finish

AME Unitron grips-New

Ukai 7c rims-og finish

KJ high flange hubs-og finish

Tioga Comp3 yellow label tires-New

Dia-Compe MX1000 brake caliper(dated 81)-og finish

Dia-Compe Tech 3 lever-og finish

Dia-Compe brake cable(dated 83)

Scott Mathauser brake pads-New

NOS Sugino Maxy Cross 170mm cranks

NOS Sugino chainring bolts and dust caps

NOS Tuf-Neck 46t chainring

Diamondback MKS Pedals-og finish

Shimano DX seatpost-reproduction decals

DK seatpost clamp-og finish

Kashimax Aero seat-New

NOS California Lite bar and stem pads








Edited by Troy Dunsmore
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My first post and first entry to the BOTY 2015:

I always wanted a PK when I was young, so when I had the chance to grab the f/f I jumped on it. Pretty much built it up the way I would loved to have back then. Hope everybody likes it at least half as much as I do.


1985 SE Racing PK Ripper:

Frame/fork: 1985 Pk Ripper, vertical stamped Landing Gear forks (has been refinished)
Bars: SE Racing Power wing (repro)
Grips: Oakley B1-B (2010)
Stem: DK
Headset: Hatta
SST DirtSkirt
Brakes: Dia Compe 901, Tech 4 lever, Shimano (?) cable, Skyway Tuff pads
Crank: Redline 401, Tecmatic b/b, repro sindle (repro decals on crank arms, 3 of the Tecmatic bb decals)
Pedals: JDB Hutch beartraps 
Rims: Araya 7x
Hubs: Suzue high flange, 16t Suntour freewheel
Tires: IRC Super MX-8
Seat: UNI Hammerhead 

Chain: Izumi
Pads: SE Racing (repro)


pk 04.jpg

pk 01.jpg

pk 06.jpg

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This year's entry is my 1984 GJS A-84. A-84's were the last generation for the GJS A-frames. This is the bike I built for and take locally on rides. Vintage representation. So, some of you may not like the tires, but, I'll roll those dice - street tires for street riding. Original finish across the board.


Frame/Fork: GJS A-84 and GJS fork. Original finish. Pre-acquisition decal replacement.

Wheels: Shimano cassettes with Ukai 7C/Box rims. Street tires.

Bars: Redline STR Series V-Bars with Ourys

Stem: Tuf Neck Square corner

HS: Tange 125 (New, sealed model)

Brake: Shimano Quick Release with Mathauser pads

Drivetrain: Takagi OPC and spider. Sugino Chainwheel. DID chain.

Pedals: KKT K-MX.

Seat: Kashimax MX.

Bonus: Original bikeshop sticker, Conway Bicycle Center, Orlando, FL




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i figured i'd throw another bike in the mix,probably not a fave to the purists,but she was a fun build and one of my favorites in my collection.Thanks for looking!


1982 Hutch Pro-Racer

1982 Hutch Pro-Racer Frame-powdercoated

Hutch undrilled fork-painted-reproduction decals on both

Tange bmx 125 headset-og finish

Hutch headset lock-re-chromed

Pro-Neck stem-polished

Hutch plate-reproduction

Ame Unitron grips-New


Hutch padset-New

Dia-Compe MX1000 brake caliper(dated '83)-polished

Dia-Compe Tech 3 lever-polished

Hutch stamped seatpost clamp-re-chromed

Hutch seatpost -re-chromed-JDB decals

Hutch(JDB) seat-New

NOS Araya 7x rims

1st.Gen. Phil Wood hubs-hand polished

Knarler Knobby tires-New

Redline 401 175mm crankset-painted-reproduction decals

Redline 46t bubble font chainring-polished

Hutch(JDB) pedals






Edited by Troy Dunsmore
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1982 Diamondback Harry Leary Turbo


Found at a local bike pile near where I live. 

Can't call it a survivor since the wheels were on the same area but not on the bike.


hlt find.jpg


I left the "Port Hueneme" Navy base decal on for a mind-narrative. I can see some hot-shot military dependent bmx kid getting this for Christmas 1982 (Serial indicates later 82 build) and racing the many tracks that were available around that time.

I can picture the family being reassigned to Kitsap Bangor Naval base (Close to where I found the bike) and as the kid grew up, slowly turning away from BMX and finally just selling or abandoning the bike as he became an adult and moved away.

Finally, I can Imagine the now adult browsing through the Society page and seeing the bike.

















Diamondback HLT frame, fork, crank, seatpost, stem and handlebars.

Araya Chrome 7X rims
Asahi spokes (from a new box)
Black nipples
IRC Tird
Chrome Suzue hubs
Tange headset (original finish)
Fuan grips
Dia-Compe chrome brake (switched front to back)
Dia-Compe lever
Sedisport chain
Suntour freewheel
MKS "Diamondback" pedals (Not HLTs)
Haro plate
Ariake saddle
All items original finish. Except for saddle which was faded grey and I used some "heel and sole" to give it the "right" look.
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1983 SE Quadangle


ALL original finish and decals.








1983SEQuadangle_starbars sticker.JPG





1983SEQuadangle_rear hub.JPG




Frame: SE Quadangle (Reynolds)

Forks: SE Landing Gear Lites

Handlebars; Star Products ("Midnight" Star Bars) Pro

Stem: Tuf Neck 2000

Cranks: Shimano Dura Ace

Chainring: Shimano 44t

Chainring Bolts: Sugino

Pedals: Suntour XC Compe

Freewheel: Suntour

Bottom Bracket: Tange 28t

Rims: Ukai

Hubs: Suzue (high flange)

Tires: IRC Z-1 (both 1.75)

Grips: Oakley B-2

Seat: Kashimax Aero (allen bolt)

Seat Post: Redline (fluted chromoly)

Seat Post Clamp: Dia Compe

Brake: Dia Compe MX1000

Lever: Dia Compe Tech 3

Cable: Dia-Compe (grey/dated)

Brake Pads: Dia Compe (grey)

Headset: Tioga Beartrap 2

Headset Lock: Tange

Chain: Regina

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