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FREESTYLE BMX BIKES (1989 and earlier)

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~~ FREESTYLE BMX BIKES (1989 and earlier) ~~


Please make all submissions in accord with the BOTY RULES .

Kindly follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit. Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting. 

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1985 Hutch Trick Star:

I wanted a Trick Star so bad when they first came out, a friend of mine ended up getting one (crazy story for another day) and I was so jealous of it compared to the bike I had. When I saw this beauty of a Purple Reign survivor pop up I had to have it. Building this bike was a labour of love that took me years to hunt down the parts I wanted, to build a dream of mine from the '80's. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.


1985 Purple Reign Trick Star frame/fork: original paint/decals 
Bars: Hutch Woody Itson: original paint/decals 
Stem: Hutch western H (refinished before purchased)

Headset: Hutch Purple Reign (nos prior to install)

Seat post: Hutch: original paint/decal

Seat post clamp: Hutch: original paint

Cranks: Hutch JDB Aerospeed w/ Tuf Neck 44t chain ring
Pedals: Hutch bear traps
Rims: ACS Mike Buff Z's (nos prior to building)
Hubs: ACS Z hubs (nos prior to building)
Tires: Tioga Comp Ramp
Brakes: Dia Compe 883 front, 901 rear brake calipers; Dia Compe Tech 6 levers; Dia Compe dated cables and cable clamps (all nos prior to building)
Grips: Oakley B2 (nos prior to mounting)
Seat: Viscount Trick Top 
Chain: Izumi

Pads: Hutch stem pad (nos prior to mounting)


ts 2.jpg

ts 1.jpg

ts 3.jpg

ts 4.jpg

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The bad news... this was the only freestyle entry this year.   :nonono:


The good news... this is a sweet OG finish freestyler.   :rockout:



I'm adding this bike to the 20" 80's bikes for voting.  As far as I'm concerned - this is a worthy freestyle winner, I just wish you could have taken the title under better and more competitive circumstances.


So... I'll leave this bike here I guess, but it's description will be placed in what is now essentially the 80's open class ballot, and it will link back to the entry for the Trickstar above.

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