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RETRO / Modern Replica / Custom Build BMX PROJECTS

RETRO / Modern Replica / Custom Build BMX PROJECTS  

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~~ RETRO / Modern Replica / Custom Build BMX PROJECTS ~~


For the purposes of the BOTY, we'll define the era of eligibility for this class as 2000 to present, though concessions may be made for earlier bikes with fitting attributes, that make them more at home here.  Also be advised that the winner of the retro and new school category does not vie for the over all title which is open to the Old School classes only. It's a self contained honor for this class only.

Bikes that would belong in this class are modern fabricated bikes that are modeled on old school bikes and have incorporated an old school aesthetic or were custom fabricated according to the entrant's imagination / customized vision. Bikes in this class include all bikes that did not actually exist historically. Examples of this would be bikes like the SE retro line, the Supercross made skunk works projects, certain Kappa or VRP (or other Sal made retro projects) or some of the bikes made by Knight, or the new retro GHP's or the Skyway TA retros, the CW/Revcore retros, the Hutch retros, Mongoose KOS cruisers, the recent Haro releases, EK Performers. All the True Torch retros, etc. etc.. Essentially any enterprise aspiring to sell something to the old school guys by releasing a bike inspired by old, original era designs and productions. Other examples of bikes belonging in this class would include heavily altered examples of actual old school frame sets that have been customized with frame or fork modifications into a pit bike, a cruiser or anything other than it's original wheel base size. If you have a bike like this, it must be entered into this Retro/Custom class. Please do not enter a custom fabricated frame in the era designated classes.


There are still other bikes like Fireman's Texas Cruzers that are not replicas of vintage bikes, but definitely have the old school vibe.  You can put those here too, though they might be considered modern new school in some cases. You decide based on your parts selection and the feel you were going for when putting it together.

Please follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit. Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting. 

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2014 Bassett Bikes 26 Cruiser

All parts new

2014 Bassett f/f,seat post and bars

Profile Lockjaw stem and bottombracket

Redline Double pinch 180, Neptune spider, MCS 39t chainring, Haro Fusion pedals, KMC chain Shimano 17th freewheel .

Kashimax seat,Dia Compe seat post clamp, DC Tech 3 lever, MX-1000 caliper, Avid pads.

Sunrims Rhynolite rims, Wheelsmith spokes, polished and blue hubs, Kenda 1.95 K Rad

Tange headset, Ame Tri grips.


2015-12-18 16.52.30.jpg

2015-12-18 16.55.27.jpg

2015-12-18 16.54.41.jpg

2015-12-18 16.58.10.jpg


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2012 Kuwahara ET Anniversary bike. 


Quite a departure from my last years bike entry. This bike is the decor in my bonus room. It's pretty much how it came in the box. I did try and make it fairly close to Elliotts bike in the movie. This came with front brakes, I left them off in lieu of the milk crate. I fabbed the bracket for the crate myself. Found an OG ET off ebay and voila, instant conversation piece. Stangely, I keep finding Reeses Pieces all over the place. :)









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2015 Hutch Trick Star


Parts list:

F/F – 2015 Hutch Trick Star / JDB
Bars – S&M Perfect 10 with Woody Itson Signature decals
Post - Standard Bykes
Clamp – Hutch Donut JDB
Seat - Kashimax Aero Reissue
Grips - AME' Unitron Reissue
Levers - Dia Comp Tech 77 Locking Reissue
Stem - Hutch Western H Freestyle JDB
Headset - Hutch 2 into 1 JDB
Gyro - Snafu Modeus with Primo Pervert upper cable assembly
Front Brake - Odyssey EVO II with Ultra Werks CNC machined Brake Bridge
Rear Brake - Odyssey EVO II with Ultra Werks CNC machined Brake Bridge
Cranks – Retro Profile Box 175mm
Sprocket - Colony Menace Guard
Pedals – Hutch Bear Trap JDB with Custom JDB Freestyle Cages by Ulta Werks
Chain - KMC Z510 HX 1/2" x 1/8"
Wheel set - Custom built by Lenny. Chrome Odyssey Aerospace hoops laced to G-Sport Ratchet hugs with stainless spokes
Tires - Panaracer HP406 Reissue
Pegs – Custom Woody Itson Signature by Ultra Werks




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1999 Mongoose Supergoose Built in retro mode.

The only old school part is the Addicks front sprocket. The rest is new retro parts.


99 Supergoose Frame, fork, bars.

SE Racing wheel set, Fluted seat post, Stem.

Addicks front sprocket.

Redline Flight Cranks.

Kenda Tires.

Dia Compe brakes, Anodized adjuster, cable ends, checkered cable.

VP Pedals.

FMF seat.

Flite pad set, donuts, seat cover.

KMC chain.

AME grips.

Anodized spoke nips, sprocket spider, valve caps, head set from porkchop.


supergoose 091.JPG

supergoose 150.JPG

supergoose 188.JPG

supergoose 027.JPG

supergoose 026.JPG

supergoose 032.JPG

supergoose 043.JPG

supergoose 041.JPG

supergoose 207.JPG

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