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some of my freestyle bikes enjoy !

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1987 Street Hawk Mag Pro

Just my junk yard dog I built up from a frame and fork I got in trade. built from used spare parts. only new stuff fresh grease.





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1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form

frame factory painted SCHWINN PREDTOR FREEFORM freestyle. forks stock SCHWINN PREDITOR . hole bike is a 100 percent stock except GT PEGS and kenda tiers.  seat YO ROCK N ROLL with the roller on back to help with up side down trick like (spastic seat grinds). brake DIA-COMPE center pull rear front nippon ,brake levers DIA-COMPE 128's. wheels unseald 48's tires KENDA contact. I think it should have YO tires but cant find a set in white or any color. stem ACS . roter ACS , cranks SR 1PC.  sprocket white  YO CD. bars SCHWINN with oval cross bar very slipery not a good place for a foot to be. grips schwinn white moshroom copy's. seat clamp stock. seat post stock traded a set of ARAYA 20" wheels to a friend for the hole bike.








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1987 Ross Piranha

my 1987 Ross Piranha 4130 freestyle
I got this 1987 ROSS piranha to rebuild up like the one I had stoled back in 1989/1990. it's mostly stock. changed the bars to HARO knee saver knock offs just like I did back in 1988. as soon as I find and buy all the up grade parts I had on mine. I will powder coat it black like my old one. will post new pic when dun but for now here is a picture of  near stock bike. My first real freestyle bike was a Ross like this but the 48 spoke model with disk covers on wheels. I really wanted a GT freestyle for my birth day but new my dad was cheap or tight when it came to opening up the wallet. so I got a ROSS PIRANHA GT knock off and loved it. but the stock twin top tube Handel bars just had a crappy bend on grips for spinning smooth. so got knee saver copy's. they where cheaper priced than haro's. then as  I broke stock parts I would buy better parts!





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1987 GT Performer

I just got way to many spare parts so I built up this nice orange 87 GT. it has Hoffman love handlebars thanks to member polanco. thanks to member Hobbes12   who traded me the frame. love the way this frame rides.it has older style GT stickers not factory correct but looks cool.do not now if all the serial # is there frame was repainted orange. serial # reads DS705685443 not sure which forks I want for now it has GT stock  performer forks powder coated by chip at C4 labs . it has a nos TIOGA head set. SR spin teck stem. brake lever dirty Harry. wheels back is a sealed 48 Mohawk Gt, front sealed 36 Mohawk GT. sprocket spider is stock GT, sprocket is SR 39T rear freewheel 16T .cranks SR Cosmo lite 175MM. bottom bracket is TIOGA. set post GT straight post. seat old trick tops.  pedal es mongoose DX platform type. brake ACS BOA. rotter ODYSSEY GYRO. NOS GT bolt on bash Gard. need to get new tires it has used GT AA PRO for now. it has one DK grind peg with chain tensioner. may add for pegs and orange kenda tires. built for all around riding. will take it to the local skate park when dialed in/done. what do you think of it?





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1988.5 Haro Sport

CLEAN surviver

1988.5 HARO sport frame and fork factery paint with tuchup done on chiped spots.stock stikcer pack.GT MID SCHOOL PEGS up front trek MID SCHOOL pegs in back.savoy chrome 48 spoke seald baring wheels same as PEREGRINE but less money out the bike shop. tires brand new HARO MULTI. cranks GT chrome 175 old school three PC. sprocket SKY-WAY CD 43 tooth. pedals SHIMANO DX old school 9/16". bars 1987 HARO KNEE SAVERS cut a half inch on both sides.grips stock HARO AME copy. Brake levers LEE locking button cheaper vershion of DIA-COMPE tech 77. brake's ACS 860 same as ACS BOA but not seald baring less money. stem stock HARO. roter ODYSSEY GYRO first gen. head set stock YST with HUTCH head lock. seat post clamp PEREGINE. seat post HARO laid back. Seat GT preformer. bult bike to be a dayly rider I could pritty much use and abuse as a jack of all trades. I will try just about any thing on a bike one time if it dose not kill me and I can stand up I may try it agin an this bike can handel it.





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1989 Schwinn Predator Flatland Pro

got this bike in trade off BMX museum. its mostly stock Schwinn Yo parts. exept the Haro freestyle tires, the GT laid back seat post and maybe the pegs? plan to up date pics as I freshen up/ restore it in to a rider bike.  needs chrome and some paint. well let me Know what you think of it. if you have any info on this model please share it/ post it  here! did a little up grades. made it more of a pro team Model.


Frame 1989 Schwinn predator flatland pro model
forks Schwinn predator flatland pro threaded
head set tioga beartrap 1 " freestyle
roter/gyro ODYSSEY with snafu astro glide dual lower cable convershion and SST top cable'
front cable 1978 Dia-compe houseing and Odyssey slick cable.
front brake Dia-compe Nipon
rear brake Dia-compe 990
habdelbars WE THE PEOPLE NIO control
grips Primo
bar end plugs alloy Oragin 8
brake Levers Dia-compe 99
seat GT 
seat post Primo rod
seat clamp Schwinn YO
cranks Primo hollow bight
pedals sealed bearing Haro
sprocket Graveyard 32 tooth
chain KMC half link
wheels sealed bearing 48 hole pergrine HP pro
ACS crossfire 16 tooth
chain tightners ORGIN 8
valve caps trick Top silver bullets
tires Kenda 20 X 2.125








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1991 Bully Bashguard


I bought the frame used it was cracked on the left bottom rear chain stay by the bottom bracket. it was $8.00 at local swapmeet. thought it would look good on the wall in bike work/restoring room.started to clean it up striped all the spray boom off.fram was not as bad as I thought.tierd of friends saying thay cant go riding there bikes broke.was not abought to loan out one of my expensive restored bikes but friends do not let friends ride wallgoose. so I welded it up with help froom my old man.got it powdercoated black. built a loaner bike out of it and some spare parts I had no bike plans for. let me know what you think of it.thanks for looken. what you have probley been whating for the parts build list. frame BULLY bashgard freestyle. forks MONGOOSE freestyle. headset YST. gyro SST ORYG. stem PRIMO CASKET bars BULLY. brake levers DIA-COMPE. grips ODI LOCK ON. wheels UKIA black aluminum 48's un sealed. tires SPECIALIZED CASINO 20x2.00 freewheel ACS 16 tooth.

brake ACS 860 like BOA  but not seald baring.

chain INDY hollow black and silver. sprocket black anidized KINK 45 tooth I polished it to look like pac man. cranks SUGINO CR 1PC. pedals GT PLATFORM SHIMANO DX copye. seat clamps two un stamped PRO NECK style. seat post PRIMO ROD. SEAT VETA brown lether. pegs FRONT STANDERD INDUSTRIES 5" tight thread rear PRIMO..









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1991 Haro Ground Master

frame for now is OG chrome Haro ground master. will rechrome it some day. but it's a rider not a show bike. any ways forks are S&M 1 " threaded with peg bosses welded on. there close to the stock Haro forks but way stronger. head set is a Tioga. stem is brand X invert with hollow bolt for front brake. handelbars stock chromed Haro knee saver bars. brake levers Dia-compe tech 77 locking levers. grips DK Iron Cross. frunt brake polgone. rear brake teck troy 990 for now till I get mor bike speending cash. cranks 1pc SR Cosmo Light. sprocket Odyssey battle gear. pedals old Shimano DX platform. chain KMC black and silver. seat clamp Perigrine singel bolt. seat post redline laid back. seat  Velo hard plastic. wheels sun Rino light rims black andized with silver side walls, hubs rear Power light sealed bearing silver, front GT mohawk silver. tires for now Powerlight AA PRO there all I had in a spar tire. first thing I plan to swap out will be tires and back brake! pegs  mongoose half newcerled half slick. built this bike up to do street/skate park and flatland riding. still hunting down the OG stickers but all in all not bad for a surviver.






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1992 Peregrine Criag LePage Freestyler

.1992 Peregrine Criag LePage Freestyler 
this has Benn a dream bike build of mine for some time now. finally got all parts to build it up. so here they are was NOS F&F till I built it up. Peregrine frame and fork.GT head set gyro friendly. the head set came from member polanco. odyssey 2 gyro, peregrine stem NOS with shelf wear ,NOS peregrine zero sweep handlebar's.  grips are  NOS peregrine. it has Dia-compe tech 77 none looking levers hooked up to a front brake  that is Dia-compe nippon. a  dia-Compe 990 AD rear brake with a AZTEC alloy cable holder. the alloy one looks cooler than the stock steal one. front brake was green then striped and polished like chrome. the cranks are polished GT alloy 3PC power sires. sprocket is a NOS Peregrine cd 43 tooth. pedals wear spray boomed after striping like five coats off the Shimano DX polished up nicely. the chain is a black and silver IZUMI. the hardest part of the build was the wheels. twist lacing looks cool but sucks to true it. you can only do a half a turn at a time. its a pain but it looks cool. gave up on twisting  front wheel went with radial lace. on font. back hub is a NOS  Peregrine coaster brake freewheel , spokes are stainless steal rims are Peregrine HP super pro, the front hub is SUZI sealed bearing same as a Peregrine but it has a STANDERD INDUSTRY axle in it. most of the wheel parts/stuff came from member polanco tires are ACS RL edge front is 20 2.00     back is 20 175. seat post is a 25.4 Redline laid-back, seat is a NOS TRICK TOP , seat clamp is a GT I hand filed to fit over size seat tube. pegs NOS but I really have no clue what brand they wear. 







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1995 KHE Catweasle


This build started. because I heard about the spring build off bike build on BMX MUSEUM. I never turn down a excuse to build a nother bike(LOL)went searching for a frame. saw this KHE for sale on BMX MUSEUME. really dug the looks of this mid school cool KhE CW freestyle copy frame. the price was also some thing I could not pass up. 

any ways this is the parts list


frame NOS mid school KHE Catweasle.
forks NOS with shelf wear BULLET PRO.
head set NOS green painted TIOGA striped and powder coated same pink as frame decals + added a used HUTCH HEAD lock.
GYRO/rotor used powder coated pink ODYSSEY GYRO with new SST ORYGY cables.
stem NOS 2 HIP. like a ACS slant but stronger.
handle bars used HB Huff Man bikes love handels.
brake levers NOS DIA-compe tech 77 locking.
grips new pink ODI long neck cut to fit .
front brake used ACS with new blue COOL STOP brake pads.
back brake new DIA-COMPE 990 AD.
seat used GT preformer.
seat post NOS 24.5 chrome steal no brand name.
seat clamp alloy NOS CD inc powder coated pink.
cranks used GT profile made 3PC 175 MM.
pedals used SHIMANO DX 9/16.
sprocket used first gen 30 tooth GRAVE YARD. Grave Yard mad the best mid school parts for flatland freestyle!
chain used IZUME.
front wheel UKIA chromed 48 laced to sealed bearing SAVOY hub.
rear wheel SUN chrome 48 rim laced sealed bearing GT Mohawk flip flop hub and 13 tooth free wheel.

will be building a better custom pair of wheels when money is in the bank!








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1998 S&M Sabbath

I have a 2nd gen 4130 S&M Sabbath in very good condition. Here is a list of the parts that I used. USED Parts-- S&M Sabbath 19 1/2" TT ,2nd gen frame in very good condition. No dents or cracks. Original powdercoat red with scratches. Primo Powerbite cranks rear KORE aluminum FLATLAND pegs.BRAND NEW Parts-- NOS KORE alum FLATLAND pegs Sun BFR 48 spoke rims Bullet Proof sealed hubs, rear hub flip/flop Primo Wall 2.10 tires, S&M Pitchfork fork ,FSA Pig DH Pro headset, Odyssey GTX-R aluminum sealed gyro, Hoffman stem, Graveyard bars, DK Iron Cross Pedals, 30tooth DK sprocket, DK grips, Dia-Compe FS990 u-brakes with 2x4 pads, MX-99 levers, S&M saddle seat, Haro seat post, Primo seat clamp, Shadow cons Half Link chain, ACS Freewheel 18 tooth.







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1998 Haro Revo

the frame is a HARO REVO twin toptube that some day will be made a retro MASTER.for now im happy just riding it. the forks are S&M PITCH FORK SPECIALS with peg boss mounts. the gyro is SST ORGY.the head set isDIA-COMPE.the bars are HARO DAVE MIRA.the brake lever is DIATECK DIRTY HARRY. the grips are PRIMO JOHN PARKER. the cranks are BIG CHEASE.the sprocket is a HARO NUKE RING 44 tooth.the pedals are HARO platform.the chain is a KMC standerd. the seat post clamp is PC.seat post is REDLINE laidback. seat is a old AVOCET TOURING the big cushion is grate for pedling from home to ride spots.the wheels are ALEX ANTIX with SCHWINN SX hubs and stainless spokes.the tiers are PROMO DIRT MASTER up frunt rear is a PRIMO V MONSTER. the tubes are thorn prof with eyeball valve caps.the pegs HARO FUSION in back the frunt is a TREK. will be black powdered and rechromed with repo 1988 HARO MASTER sticker pack at least thats the plan.right now its probably the worlds heaviest HARO bike. 








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1998 Haro Zippo

1998 HARO ZIPPO FREESTYLE frame thanks chromey for the frame. bike has 4130 chromoly 1 1/8 treadless forks with 990 AD mounts welded on.handelbar is a knee saver basic bikes I think, stem is a trek threadless I fliped it up side down to lower bar hight. levers are DIA-COMPE tech77 hase odyssey cabel up frunt SST in rear .brake's are DIA-COMPE 990 AD.wheels are alex chrome rims with seald teck 14mm hubs.pegs are by trek.seat clamp is a haro,seat post cheapy chrome laid back I panted black.seat is a trek bikes.tire's are crapy changshine freestyle for know.bike was put to gether with left over spare parts.It will be a loaner/ spare daylee rider that I can take to 711 or just about any where I want.will ride to swap meat looking for scores.I leve at 4:00 AM to go there so it needs the reflectors on wheels. I go early because parking lots emty so I can FLATLAND while I whate till it opens.let me know what you think of it.not as heavey as my HARO revo but on the heavey side!!!! now that ive riden it a cuple times I will deff change some parts out.like swap chrome pegs to alloy one's. needs to go on a diet + chrome pegs to long keep hiting ground to soon.did I say the tires suck big time because thay do!!








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1999 Diamondback Venom

parts list

frame Dimonback Venom painted by me Skyway street beat green

fork WE The People Zero forks.

head seat Dia-compe

stem We The People gold andized

bars We The People naocontrol. with zero sweep

grips Primo Nat signiture model

brake levers Dia-compe tech 99

front brake Dia-compe tech 990 AD black dated 88

rear brake Dia-comp tech 990 AD silver dated 87

cranks Primo hollow bite 165MM

sprocket Graveyard 32tooth

pedails Shimano DX 9/16

chain Kink half link

pegs KHE I  driled out to look like basic silancer pegs

front wheel   Primo son OFA Bomb sealed hub on  primo hola hoop black andized rim radial laced. with black spokes and niples

rear wheel  hub KHE Bruce Cristman signature free coaster Revers model on G sport gun meatel gray andized rim. with black spokes and black nipples .9 tooth

seat post stock alloy

seat clamp stock Dimand back alloy

seat stock dimond back

rotor Odyssey Gyro

brake cables  Odyssey and SST ORGY

tires Odyssey ElmeStreet 20X2.10


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2000 Free Agent Air Strike

IT started as a $25.00 swapmeat find for resale.but after riding it to see if any thing was broke or needed fixing.I liked it it felt good balance wise. so I keeped it but did some upgrades frome stock.added GT stamped PROFILE 3PC in place of the 1PC stock cranks. then put on a profile sprocket I had laying around. did not trust the stock coast cuter stem and bars. put on FISHBONE bars and a FUSE stem.the stock brake levers sucked so put on NOS DIA-COMPE TECH 77 levers. now bike rids grate for street,flatland,and skate park.the first 2 pic's are stock befour upgrades the rest are after.











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2001 S&M Sabbath


I bought a used S&M mad DOG to ride in 2001. but after cleaning it and polishing the chrome I ccould see a crack at the seat tub. maybe thats why I only PAYED $15.00 for the whole bike. I took it to the bike shop to see if thay could send it to S&M an get it rewelded the right way. S&M said no but we can give you a new frame in exchange for it. how much,.. free!!! so I went with the sabbath as it was the closest size to the mad dog. the old forks where threaded S&M and the NEW Sabbath was threadless so S&M sold me a pitch fork for $20.00. how rad is that.when I stared building it I built it on a budget. was working part time, so some stuff was used. here is the parts list frame S&M Sabbath all bLACK , forks S&M ditch forks with 990 mounts welded on , head set FSA pig DH threadless with DIA-COMPE hollow top cap , GYRO made from spare parts gyro tabes welded on frame 2 ODYSSEY slik cabels , stem ANTIX , bars GRAVE YARD , grips PRIMO V grips , lever tech 99 DIRT TECH , wheels not sure they where used ALEX MT 28 rims sealed bearing hubs over sized 14mm axels but cant remember hub brand , cranks used 1 week old prototype GT unstamped sealed bearing at least thats what I was told at TEAM BIKE SHOP wich is one of my faveret bike stores. the crank arms are beffy as hell thay later named the cranks GT OVERDRIVE.sprocket HARO NUKE RING 36 tooth, pedals SHIMANO DX black, chain KMC K710, seat post clamp PRIMO, seat post ASCENT alloy , seat PRIMO oversized ralls graber frunt groves like OS GT freestyle seat ,tires SPECIALIZED CASINO 20x2.00 alen valve cap cuvers slime filled tubs mister tuffy tire puncturer strip , front brake ODYSSEY EVOLVER 990's rear used DIA-COMPE AD 990 , pegs 4 GT SIMI SLIK





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2004 Dragonfly Submachine

 ;D my work in progress 2004 Dragonfly Submachine
its a alloy anodized copper gold color DRAGONFLY frame top tub is 19" . the head steer tube is 1 1/8 threadles with GYRO tabs. the frame weight is 4.99 LBS. it has a AMERICAN bottom bracket. it also has 14 MM dropouts on the rear of frame.  it has WETHEPEOPLE ZERO forks, SOLID bikes a head set, HARO block stem with gyro tab removable plate,handlebars are KGB savet bars. I am running it brake less so no levers or brakes. but that may change I stink at brake-less (LOL)! its also crank-less till I get the right sealed bearings for my alloy primo 165 power bite cranks. the wheels are super light Odyssey hazard light chromed 36 hole rims. they are laced to a front PRIMO N4 36 hole polished sealed bearing hub. the rear hub is a FEDERAL 36 hole hub with KHE freecoster internals. the wheels have SAPIM 14G stainless spokes.the pegs are older alloy KHE. the tire's are HARO mid school RAP tiers 20. 210. seat post is redline. seat is a GT padded. seat clamp dragonfly double bolt clamp. the bike is super light! sorry NOT LOOKING TO SALE IT or trade it!!!! 
not the best pic of it but broke it back down to work on it some more. building a new rear wheel for it and doing some other stuff to it.





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2004 Sick Child Badda Bling

this is a 2004 SICK CHILD BADDA BLING frame antifreeze green color. frame is 5 LBS 2.3 OZ 100% 4130 chromoly 14mm dropouts chainstay lenth is 12.75" 1 1/8 headtube. its Bad ass for flatland!! when all the parts arive I will build it up as a main ride for flatland.right now its frame and FSA full sealed headset and SUELO V2 forks.had it siting in some other photos in back ground way to many people asked about it. so thought I would post it now will up date ass I get in parts for it!!retal was about $300.95 but I got mine for about $145.00+ 40 shipping= so about$185.00 not to bad. allways wanted one but could not scrape up the money when thay where new but I got one now and the best color to way cool!!








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1986 GT Pro Performer
pink serviver GT frame.

1986 pink factory painted GT pro performer frame survivor. forks GT pro WORLD TOUR white factory painted. head set TIOGA white paint touched up. stem GT meat mallet was white striped and polished. bars GT PREFORMER re painted white.nos GT AME grips. first gen silver ODYESSEY GYRO with nos white cables. brakes 980 freestyle white with DYNO brake protector and white STAR MX levers. wheels white ACS Z 48 rear has nos AIR-UNI OLIMPIC wheel cover white front has blue glow in the dark spoke covers nos and VANCOM 20x2.0 white GT repo new tires thay look just like GT tires tread and every thing is Identical but no GT wing printed on side best of all no dry wrought brand new wish they would make other colors besides black/white. green would be sweet for my next GT project but they do not make them yet. GT chrome fold up pegs pink nos SKYWAY pegs ODYSSEY rear standers. bottom bracket TIOGA. cranks chrome TIOGA 1pc. sprocket CD TIOGA COMPACT DISK. GT DX COPY platform pedals. nos TIOGA set clamp white. GT laid back seat post factory painted white..DYNA MAX seat. project started when I bought frame fell in love with the color always wanted one as a kid I think it's better than the poster pink but that  may just be me. the reason I used the parts I did was because I all ready had them laying around. let me know what you think.




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forgot one  LOL




  1987 Schwinn Predator Free Form Pro

mostly Stock 1987 Schwinn Predator Freeform pro

it has stock Dia-compe Nippon front brake back is Drop Forged Dia-compe rear with springs added to  brake cabel. I swaped out the stock ACS roter for a Odyssey GYRO 2 roter. up graded the brake levers to Odyssey RX.3

stem up graded tio GT meat malet block stem.

the plastic KKT pedals wear swaped for Shimano DX 1/2 pedale

the stock seat post was bent so swaped for this Tioga graber laid back.

cranks stock Schwinn made by SR

BB stock Schwinn

Sprocet stock Schwinn with Tioga crazzy bolts

stock YO rock n ROLL seat

wheels stock YO sealed system 48' with 20.175 torker Grafity tiers by chaing shine

bars stock Schwinn.

pegs front wear stock welded on YO. but they sucked for flat land. + plus you could not do feball grinds with them.they wear a inch and a half round disk. so I took a dia grinder and ground down the welds. to remove the pegs. I saved them just in case I want to put them back. no that there off. I had room to bolt on Haro Fushion grind pegs. the stock back where ok for flat. but I custom ground down a set of standerd industry tight thread pegs to fit on the rear chain stays/drop outs.

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