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some of my freestyle bikes enjoy !

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I like the S & M warranty story as well as the bike.


Your passion for these bikes is obvious. It is made personal the result of your write ups for each bike.


Keep riding and building!

Thanks. I just went riding I try to make the Tusday Huntington Beach freestyle group ride every week.


here is my new lake jumper bike I built out of left over bike parts. frame is a 94 GT race bike 


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Sweet collection. I really dig that pink and white Pro Performer!

thanks for a used bike it's nice.

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it will take awhile to gather all the parts I wan't to run on it. some are't even in stores yet for sale to really even start 

 thinking building it but could not pass up the black Friday sale price.   I payed $199.99 out the door of my local bike shop Epic BMX.  :(  ya he's taking a bath on them. he has the retro masters , sports/ vintage reissue  threaded 20" and thread less 24, 26" Haro Masters/ freestyler's. but almost no ones buying them. there just taking up valuable floor and wall space. so he threw them on black Friday sell to try and move them out. I should have all parts picked out and bought. just about the time the next calendar build off starts on bmx museum. that should motivate me to keep going with this build.. even tho , I don't really need another bike.:lol:


ya I was not in the market for a frame/ bike build. but at that price well Mary Christmas to me lol.png I brought it a 20.5 Haro Linage Master home.






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That new Haro is nice.


And can you really have too many bikes?

YES YES one can I did.  Hi my name is Dan and I am a bikeaholic but I think I got it under control now.. at one time I had 80 somthing bikes I'am down to like 30/ 38  :ROTFLMAO:  if we are only counting BMX bikes!

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