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Fork -/- Bar Identification ???

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This is tad early for me -


I found an old bike in a farm shed in the middle of NSW (about a six hour drive west of Sydney)


Before I bin the forks I thought I'd ask the gurus, any ideas?










Any/all help is appreciated!



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It looks to me that the small hole above the axle slot is for an axle retaining safety clip - should the axle nuts come loose, supposedly these clips are meant to hold the wheel in place.  Found on almost every low end fork from bitd and to an extent - they are still being used on low end bikes today.


I would be throwing those forks, Ben.  Or better yet, finding someone that needs a no name fork and paying them forward for some good Karma.


I like the bars but again my money is that they are an early no name (very low rise) BMX or possibly even MX bar.  Nothing noteworthy about them but they might be worth hanging onto depending on what you are looking at building in the future.


I hope this information is of some use to you.


PJ  :)




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Just as I thought, thanks for you response.


Onwards and upwards.



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What's the frame?

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The frame looks like one i have posted on my Sekai website.


Sekai (USA) ddint make there own bikes but they came from Japan and Taiwan.

My bike was mild steel and Im fairly certain it was made in 1977 in Taiwan.

The only stickers on mine were Kuwahara but the bike was rewelded and those appear added on.


Others that have found the frame also dont have stickers. at least two were found in the Northwest US, close to Sekai.


Im betting you bike is not a Sekai but the same bike company made it and it was probably marketed as something else in Australia. But then again maybe Sekai was trying to make inroads there. I wouldnt think Sekai unless you can find some old Aussie brochures from 77-78 that show Sekai was a brand sold in Australia.

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