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Frame sets - GT Pro Performer, Hutch Trick Star, Skyway Street Beat

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Have a new car project to fund and now these are over in the US, after being in storage for more than seven years, it's time to sell.


Links below the photos go to my site where you can see more photos and a contact form. There's a bunch of other stuff also on the site and just picking out some items that are relevant for this site.


1984 GT Pro Performer 


Original chrome and comes with NOS decals, although the round ones may be reproduction.




Price $450

Link - http://onlybmx.com/gt-bmx-pro-performer-bmx-frame-set-chrome/


1985 GT Pro Performer


NOS with some shop wear.




Price $850

Link - http://onlybmx.com/gt-pro-performer-nos-1985/


Hutch Trick Star


Original chrome and in great condition. Guessing decals are original as well.




Price $750

Link - http://onlybmx.com/hutch-trick-star-bmx-frame-set-chrome/


Skyway Street Beat


One of the 'factory find' frames with 11-85 serial.




Price $400

Link - http://onlybmx.com/skyway-street-beat-bmx-frameforks-nos/

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