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Just finished - MOSH Pro XL

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Got this done today - MOSH PRO XL.  Some old stuff, some new stuff, all has the look/feel of the era.  The shakedown ride around the neighborhood was awesome - bike rides great.  I still need to find some decent chain adjusters for it but that's not a big deal.


side.jpgfrontside.jpgdrivetrain.jpgstem.jpgbrake rim.jpgforkrim.jpg

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What's the details? Year, parts, etc??

Frameset came to me in a bunch of stuff when Giant was getting rid of some leftovers - I work for them.  Got 4 of them in '01.  Still have one more in the box.  Frame, fork, chainring, pedals, bars and stem are all OG Mosh.  I built the wheels with some hubs that were production samples for a company I worked for before Giant - nice sealed units that I had laying around.  Don't think they were picked up for sale here, at least by the guys I got them from.  The Mavic XY rims have always been a personal favorite - I have them on my Quad 24 as well.  New Redline cranks look the part and continue the Kastan connection.  A-Brake was era correct and new when it went on. Paul brake lever and Thomson seat post are new, but still keep a mid-school vibe 

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very nice build I dig it!

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