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1985 and 31 years later

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1985 the newly designed Haro Master was released and had to retire my 1982 Haro Freestyler.  The forks had bolt on standers and the rear had built-in standers.


This Master traveled everywhere and took a ton of abuse until getting sponsored by General in 1987.  Well that frame and fork has been sitting idle for 29 years until Haro Bikes decided to create a Retro version of the 1985 Master.


Thought it would be great to build a new school flatland bike like how I ran it back in 1985 with the black mags and white wall tires.  Even found one of the 1985 Motives kids T-shirts I never sold from my JTFreestyle shop BITD for our JT to wear



2016 Haro Master Freestyler with 1985 Haro Master JTFreestyle.jpg

2016-10-08 Haro Master Freestyler Tuffs 1985 JTFreestyle2.jpg

1986 JT Cherrybomb JTFreestyle.jpg

2016-10-08 Haro Master Freestyler Tuffs 1985 JTFreestyle3.jpg

1985 JT at Bicycle Source JTFreestyle.jpg

2016-10-08 Haro Master Freestyler Tuffs 1985 JTFreestyle4.jpg

1985 Jeff and Mike Buff drop in_.jpg

2016-10-08 Haro Master Freestyler Tuffs 1985 JTFreestyle5.jpg

1986 JT Organgrinder JTFreestyle_.jpg

2017-02-15 Jemma Motives shirt and 2016 Haro Master JTFreestyle.jpg

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