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Found: The Humble Grail... the Redline Squareback cruiser from 1975

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Richard Vogt makes some note worthy observations.


I think the answer is "Yes" re the frame being able to accept a motorcycle fork. But of course I am not the person to ask.

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This is analysis and discussion is amazing. I keep thinking about that headset, and why it might exist. Did Linn answer that question to Mike or anyone else? If not, here's a thought: in 1975, when Linn made this to ship to Bob Phillips, Yamaha was marketing a bike with a suspension front fork that LOOKED like a motorcycle fork, but was really made to be a bicycle fork with properly-sized head tube and bearings. At the same time, Thom Lund, JP, and Billy Mac were all racing monoshocks and hacks with some version of a modified minicycle front fork. Did those bikes have the motorcycle-size head tubes for a direct swap, or did they have modified steerer tubes to fit the undersized bicycle head tubes? At any rate, was Linn simply experimenting with a frame that you could take and mount a stock minicycle fork without modification?


I can't speak accurately to Billy Macs bike or the others. But I Can speak about Thom Lund's Wayne King Mono. It has been a source of fascination ans inspiration to me for many years. The front fork on Thom's bike is a Yamaha Moto-Bike fork. It is essentially a stock oil filled Moto-Bike fork other than the addition of a second suspension spring in the right side fork upright. (Stock Moto-Bikes had a spring in the left side only.) And "accordion style" dust boots. these forks had standard bicycle 1" steer tubes. I have always been of the understanding that these forks were derived from ether a 50cc or 80cc Yamaha mini cycle of the day.


This second spring I speak of has always been a popular race mod to the Yamahas. This and the addition of a pair of rear shocks from the Yamaha 80 was the hot set up BITD. I know Billy Mac as well as Stu Thompson Both had Wayne King Monoshock frames, I think Stu still owns his. Any pics I can recall of them (no matter the fork used.) the head tubes appear to be for a standard 1" steer tube arrangement.


Mi dos centavos.

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