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How To Post Your Bike

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It has come to my attention that those less familiar with the site can't figure out how to post.


First of all... are you a member?  If so, log in.  If not... register and log in.  Theoretically you can also do it with your Facebook or Twitter ID, but that sometimes doesn't work for some reason.


 You can skip over the support options and click "create account" when you see that option.







Ok... so you are a member and logged in.  Next step is to post.


At the end of any thread you will see this:





That shows the "quick reply" field.  Please click the "More reply options"  in order to get to the full function reply page.  You can upload your photos from the full reply option page. They are hosted here. Free & Easy.


You can click "Attach Files" and choose the photos from your computer OR... you can drag and drop to the photo field.




That's pretty much it.  If you have trouble:  BMXsociety@gmail.com


Please be patient... it's a very busy time of year.


That's pretty much it.  If you have trouble:  BMXsociety@gmail.com

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