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Rules & Guidelines for BOTY 2018

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0) Rule zero is that photos must be hosted on the BMX Society server. You can upload pics here directly. It's free & easy. You don't have to re-size or anything... it will do it for you.

1) Each member may submit any quantity of bikes as long as they meet the other criteria below. Please note however that any single bike may only be entered in one class. In other words if you have a bike that qualifies for two classes, you must choose only one class in which to enter that bike.

2) The Bike submitted should be a bike that you either acquired or finished building this past year, Jan 2018 to present. Please do not submit bikes from previous years that you have simply switched out some components. The obvious possible exception to this rule would be bikes entered into the survivor class. See survivor class rules addendum below and in that class' own thread.

3) You must still own and possess the bike and all the components shown as entered. You may be asked to prove it. So be prepared to do so please.

4) You must enter complete, assembled bikes. This means, for example, that you should have a chain on it.

5) To enter you must submit the following details:

   a) At least one photo. Submit as many photos as you like, but please concentrate on quality. * The photos must be hosted here on BMXSOCIETY.COM (SEE RULE ZERO AT TOP). Entries that do not meet the photo hosting criteria may be disqualified - we can probably get it sorted. If you need to learn how to post photos, please see this post:
Illustrated Photo Posting Tutorial.

   b) Details regarding Frame and Fork manufacturer, model and year if known.

   c) Components list

   d) Re-finished bikes and components are allowed and welcome. However, please          identify any re-finished (paint, powder, chrome, ano, etc.) partsAlso identify any reproduction or "re-issue" part including decals, pads, etc.


Please voluntarily abide by these standards. They are designed to give everyone the best understanding of each bike so we are able to compare and contrast with discernment.

   e) Any special comments or interesting details that you'd care to add.

Please note:  People will call you on a non-identified refurb or refinish or reproduction. These items are welcome & allowed but simply must be identified. You can help make things go smoothly in this regard by abiding by the standards we've set to the best of your ability and from the outset.

6) The Schedule for submissions, voting, and the final election of overall BOTY 2018, is as follows:

* Submissions for all categories: Dec. 16 through Sunday, DEC 23rd !!!

* Voting for class winners: Dec. 24 through Dec. 28

* Voting for overall winner: Dec.   28 through Jan. 1


** please note that this schedule is subject to some slight alteration **

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Ok, friends... BOTY 2018 is now open for submissions.


Let's see what you were up to this past year.   :rockout:  :cheers:

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ok... it seems we are good to go at this point, since everyone has now had 20 hours or so to make sure their bikes are listed correctly.


Gonna open voting within the hour.


Last call for error notification on the ballots.

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