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OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch 70's (1979 and earlier)

OLD SCHOOL 20" 70's class (80 - 89)  

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~~ OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1979 and earlier) ~~


Please follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit.  


Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting. 



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Got this one from a collector this fall and she is a beauty for sure. The 1st and only year for this color on the Scrambler.

*******1975 Schwinn Scrambler******


Frame: Schwinn

Forks: Black Ashtubla

Bars: Schwinn Box Bars


Grips:Hunt Wilde

Headset :Schwinn

Seatpost clamp :S stamped Schwinn

Seatpost :Schwinn

Seat: Schwinn

Brakes: Rear coster bendix 76

Brake pads :N/A

Bottombracket :Schwinn

Cranks :Ashtubla

Chainring : Schwinn

Chainring bolts :NA

Disc : Unknown

Chain :OG

Hubs :R-Bendix F-ACS dated 75

Spokes : HD OG

Rims : Schwinn S2

Freewheel :N/A

Tires : Schwinn Scrambler S2

Pedals: Schwinn

Pads : Scrambler1A1053E2-BCF3-4513-912F-FCBBD8E41CE6.jpeg3804158E-EFA2-49F0-BB84-D47ACC2132DB.jpeg508A820E-B590-436C-81E1-8D3EFCB73183.jpeg4254653F-7CB2-4BBB-B73C-09FC053B2BCA.jpeg24B3B0DC-02AB-47CE-933C-C99C7D7EC212.jpegA4C142E6-922A-4807-9F9E-404A14A8C57F.jpegE2AC16A6-6512-4695-A3F1-89A6425E762E.jpegD1AD49D5-8CA5-47B8-9C52-7785DC747C88.jpegCB5AB0B4-3E87-4321-9153-FF5D52A3F71B.jpegE3039518-2A46-4975-A27A-79FEB73C1545.jpeg3E99C194-ABD9-4C23-B11C-5A8A4FFADBFF.jpeg3D46E747-32F7-456B-93E9-B95D782398B2.jpeg

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Got this one less then 3 weeks ago from the OG owner that got in to a bit of well money issues. Been after it for many years and got the opportunity and didn’t pass it up


******1979 Mongoose Moro-Mag******

Frame: Blue Mongoose Moto-Mag

Forks:Tange TX-1200

Bars:Fluted Tuff neck

Stem:Blue Tuff-Neck Pro model

Grips: Ame (newer)


Cranks: 3-PCs Takagi Tourney

BB: Tange LB

Pedals: Blue KKT Lighting


Seat:Blue Kasimax MX

Seat post: Blue Fluted Tuff-Neck

Post clamp: Tuff-Neck

Mags: Skyway Tuff II freewheel

Tires: Blue comp II

Plate: MICH-15681D93721E-D016-4FB5-A7C4-A3409AB1CB5D.jpegA88A1F82-538B-4BB2-A2BC-8B538E28DA0E.jpegB2E7C4A2-A84F-4E6C-A22B-3A392DEFAE14.jpeg37FC64E5-894E-45C0-94E3-969F4E176A4C.jpegB7B2B7A4-65FE-41AA-8241-4E1002086D02.jpeg53EA3F98-3B78-4D49-B235-A6AD33796109.jpegC1A4B5EF-3093-422C-82B6-E41F40C1F37B.jpeg39072CA5-16ED-4230-9168-46B7478D69DC.jpeg5BF6627D-D9CC-4182-B4EA-93A8098403A6.jpeg30D693DF-59D6-4EDA-A16A-807A11D30176.jpeg73295769-DD75-452F-9620-4DA878AD0463.jpeg

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1979 Pre-Serial SE Racing PK Ripper

Burnished frame with OG decals (not to the frame)
Cyclepro forks refinished in Bad Boy Brown
Oakley 1 Grips
Cook Bros Bars
Original used Race Plate
Tuf Neck stem with original sticker
Fujita Seamless Seat
Cyclepro seatclamp
Takagi MX Chainwheel
Takagi MX Crank
KKT pedals
Tuff 2 with Bendix Coaster Brake. (Steel Hubbed)
Cheng Shin 2.125 up front
Cheng Shin 1.75 at the rearC4A8BA93-3148-403A-8ED3-3FB8369F73E7.jpeg












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1976 champion hank & frank

1976 schwerma champion og stickers
1976 redline forks og to frame
Early tuff neck og to frame
AAA Rascal bars refinished
Early non ribbed oury grips
1st gen araya 7b’s front and rear
Carlisle aggressors F&R
1976 dated shimano front hub
Bendix 76 high flange rear hub
Misc. schwinn hardware headset,bottom Brkt.seat clamp,sprocket and pedals



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 1976 FMF JW (Jeff Ward.) Replica.





*** All parts in used condition with the original finish unless otherwise specified. ***   


This is a 1976 FMF JW replica mild steel frame. I got it complete from another collector. I then made very few changes to it to make it more to my mind’s eye. The understanding is that JW stands for Jeff Ward. I’ll go with that.



Frame: FMF JW Replica. Serial # FJC0**.  (Repainted)      

Fork: Redline. (Chromed no longer nickle.) 

Bars: Matthews.

Stem: Ashtabula BMX non-stamped, Schwinn spec.

Head set: Schwinn approved Tange.

Grips: Hunt Wilde.

Seat: Schwinn approved 10 speed type saddle.

Seat post: Schwinn 13/16.

Seat post clamp: Schwinn

Cranks: Ashtabula BMX 6.5 inch non stamped.

Sprocket: Schwinn Mag type.

Pedals: Union Rat Trap. (Welded braces.)

Chain: Sedis.

Bottom bracket set: Schwinn approved Tange.

Rims: ARAYA, 20x2.125 steel, chrome.

Hubs: Front, Shimano MX.

           Rear,  Shimano “Coaster Brake” 36 hole low flange.

Spokes/nipples:  .120 gauge. / Chrome plated brass.

Tires: Ching Shin C-183 20x2.125 front 20x1.75 rear.

Extras and incidentals: Sewn on, snap type cross bar pad. Preston Petty oval number plate. Reproduction frame stickers. Reproduction FMF BMX sticker on the number plate. All other stickers vintage originals.





















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