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OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS 24" & 26" (1970 - 1989)

Old School Cruisers 24" and 26" 1970-1989  

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This is the combined, 24" and 26" Cruiser Class, in the event we get 3 or more entries for both classes, we can split them into separate classes.


Please follow the Rules & Guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit.


Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting.

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Profile Champ Pro 24


Frame:  Profile Champ Pro 24, reproduction decals  

Fork:  Profile 24, reproduction decals

Bars:  1st Gen. Powerlite Powerbend Cruiser

Stem:  Pro Neck

Headset Lock:  Tange LP-440

Grips:  A’me Tri, Bubble font

Seat Post clamp:  Dia-Compe hinged

Seat:  Kashimax Aero

Crank:  Profile 3rd Gen., 180 mm

Bottom Bracket:  Profile

Spider: Profile, 110 BCD

Chainwheel:  Pro Neck, 41t

Chain:  Izumi

Freewheel:  Shimano, 17t

Pedals:  Shimano DX

Rims:  Araya 7X

Hubs:  SR High Flange Sealed

Tires:  Comp III, reproduction

Brake:  Dia-Compe MX1000

Brake lever:  Dia-Compe Tech 3

Brake Cable:  Dia-Compe, dated 1985

Pads:  OG Profile

Other:  Dia-Compe cable guides

P1 resize.jpg

P2 resize.jpg

P3 resize.jpg

P4 resize.jpg

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1981 26" Nomura Racing Cruiser


I bought this bike earlier this year after the owner reached out to me on Facebook. It turns out this bike used to belong to a permanent member of this site who was an avid Nomura enthusiast and historian. Many of you may remember "Bomat" as he was very involved in identifying and tracking down all things Nomura. Anyway as it turns out Bomat had gifted this bike to his son a bunch of years back. The bike was originally purchased by Bomat from Wade Nomura in 1981 and is reflected as such in Wade's original log book. This is frame #20 out of the 41 26" frames made by Nomura Racing. The bike currently sits exactly how I purchased it with the exception of the saddle, I replaced this as the original saddle had severely bent rails. I would call the bike a survivor, but Bomat made changes over the years and this reflects his final build state. The entire bike is 100% original finish and decals. I am really stoked to own this fine machine, I hope you guys enjoy it.


Parts breakdown:

Frame: Factory Polished 26" Nomura Racing Cruiser

Fork: Chrome, 26" Cook Brothers Racing

Bars: Chrome, Prodyne Cruiser

Stem: Blue, Pro Neck (inverted)

Headset: Blue, Tange MX5

Saddle: Black, Elina Super Pro

Seat Post: Chrome, 13/16 Race Inc.

Seat clamp: Blue, Excalibur

Rims: Blue, Araya 26x1.75 (shiny side)

Hubs: Blue, ACS

Brakes: Blue, Dia Compe MX1000

Brake Lever: Blue, Shimano DX

Brake Pads: Silver, Scott Mathauser

Chain Ring: Blue, Takagi 130BCD

Spider: Blue, Pro Neck Power Disk

Chain Ring Bolts: Blue, Sugino

Cranks: Chrome, Redline 401 flight cranks in 175mm

Bottom bracket: Blue, Hadley sealed

Pedals: Silver, Shimano DX

Tires: Black, 26" Cheng Shin comp IIIs 26x1.75

Grips: Black, Oakley .5s





IMG_1221_zpsvacf6bia (1).JPGIMG_1240_zpszwubeizd.JPG


IMG_1238_zpsl9slqunq.JPGIMG_1233_zpswwsuzyux (1).JPG


IMG_1241_zps1mpbazsx (1).JPGIMG_1223_zpsshfw79xs.JPG


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I have had this 1979 Panda Pro Am 26" with a Cook Bros. fork for a couple years.  When I purchased it, it had the canti mounts on it that had to be removed.  I did not use any of the parts that came with the frame and fork.  The Cook decal on the down tube was on it and appears to have been with the frame for many years since the fork has always been with the frame so I decided to leave it alone.  There is also the Springfield, Mo shop decal still intact.  Finished it up this year for a build off we did back in May.


Frame: 1979 Panda Pro Am 26"
Fork: Cook Bros. with reproduction decals
Bars: Early Boss mini widened to 30"
Headset: Tange MX 320 with original decal
Grips: Era Oakley B2
Lever: Dia Compe Tech 3 (Dated 1982)
Brakes: Dia Compe MX 1000 (Dated 1982)
Pads: Era black vinyl with a Era Shimano BMX stem pad
Wheels: Gold Araya 7x with Bullseye Hubs
Stem: Tuf-Neck
Seat: Era Brooks B17 with Era Nickel Seat Post
Clamp: Tuf-Neck
Sprocket/Spider: Tuf-Neck / Takagi with Stamped Sugino Chain ring bolts
Pedals: Shimano DX
Cranks: Takagi Cro Mo OPC
Tires: Maxxis Holy Rollers (This is my go to ride with the kids.  The thing rids like a dream so new have tires on it so I don't destroy OG ones.)








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1989 Kastan KEX 24" Cruiser.  The frame has the original finish, original decals, and original seat post.  The fork is also original to the frame and has Redline dropouts.  The frame has been local since new.  I purchased and built so it stayed in the area. 



Frame/Fork: 1989 Kastan 24" KEX with Kastan fork (Redline dropouts)
Bars: Boss
Headset: Tange 320 (also original to the frame but I installed repop decals.)
Grips: A'ME reproduction
Lever: Dia Compe Tech 4
Brakes: Dia Compe MX 901
Pads: Dia Compe
Wheels: Chrome Araya 7x with Bullseye bolt through axles
Stem: Boss
Seat/Post: Era suede Vetta with original Kastan Seat Post
Clamp: Integrated
Sprocket/Chain ring: Stamped GT Power Disc with GT chain ring and GT stamped chain ring bolts
Pedals: Crupi
Cranks: Redline Half Wraps
Pad Set: Reproduction Kastan
Number Plate: Zeronine Moto Control
Tires: Rainbow Tioga Comp III - Purchased from a bike shop basement NOS

Image 15.jpg

Image 17.jpg

Image 14.jpg

Image 16.jpg

Image 18.jpg

Image 19.jpg

Image 20.jpg

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