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VINTAGE ERA FREESTYLE BMX (1999 and earlier)

Vintage Era Freestyle - 1999 and earier  

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~~ FREESTYLE BMX BIKES (1999 and earlier) ~~


Please make all submissions in accord with the BOTY RULES.

Kindly follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit. Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting. 

*Note that if we do not have 3 or more bikes, the entries will be merged with their relevant era BMX class, making it an Open class with Race & Freestyle combined. This is due to low number of entries in last couple of years. Conversely, if we have an upsurge in entries, we will divide 80's and 90's era into their own separate freestyle classes. 

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1987 Haro Team Sport

Frame is OG Finish and decals and I acquired it about 4 years ago as a little orphan frame. 

Through a long series of trades, things popping up, and a few pals hooking me up with parts, i finally got it rounded out this year.


Some highlights:

The Peregrine cranks

The UKAI HP's (I had one, the other I pieced together from NOS hub and separate wheel)

Bars: I had to repaint the bars, they were aftermarket 87 blue bars

Decals: Bars and fork are repop

Tires: New Haro HPF's, ride killer, look the part

Pedals: PDMX15's

Levers: Tech 7's polished out

Chain: NOS Izumi


not really much else to say.  she came out great and rides like a dream.




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Frame/Fork/Bars/Post: 1989 Bully Bashguard 
Bashguard: NOS (well the 1st time I built it up)
Grips: A'ME Unitrons - legitness
Levers: Tech 77's Japan Stamped
Brakes: ACS 860's
Pads: Vans and Odyssey
Wheels: Peregrine Masters
Stem: Group 1 (temporary, going to slap a black GT/SR Mallet on there at some point)
Seat: Kashi Handler
Clamp: Peregrine
Chainwheel: Haro Fusion
Pedals: Shimano DX's with repop caps
Cranks: Redline Single Pinch Full Wraps w/OG Hardward - loose ball
Chain: KMC


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1985 SE Racing Trick Master with 3rd Gen VDC Woody Bars - Origianl Paint and decals
Had to replace bent ACS 20 stem & found a original finish ACS 45. Original Chang Star brakes were in good shape but front caliper missing the cable hanger/adjuster & the backing nut on the Anchor bolt. The bike had no levers so added Chang Star Tech 4 style. Could not afford asking price so I had to buy it without the wheels the owner had put on. Found these used Skyway OE mags and cleaned them up and added NOS LHR Freestyle 360 tires. Cables were trashed and just the rear was still on but broken from the rotor. Took the original rotor apart and cleaned it up and added a new cable. Threw on NOS Spinner pegs. Only new parts are cables & housing and Kenda tubes. Everything else is original to the bike.


Parts List

*Frame:                  SE Racing Trick Master             
*Fork:                    SE Racing Trick Master Standing Gear fork       
*Fork pegs:             NOS Spinner 
*Handlebars:           3rd Gen VDC Woody Bars
*Stem:                   ACS 45         
*Grips:                   Mushroom II style         
*Brakes:                 Chang Star 980 Freestyle       
*Levers:                 Chang Star Tech 4 style
*Brake pads:           NOS Chang Star (Dia-Compe block style)
*Brake cables:         New -w/new housing
*Detangler:             ACS Rotor       
*Headset:               YST     
*Seat:                    Velo VL-119 Freestyle   
*Seatpost:             stock OE
*Clamp:                  MF 25.4         
*Cranks:                 Cr-Mo -stock OE       
*BB:                       YST
*Chainring:              CYC Tracer 44T       
*Disc:                     stock OE  -Tracer brand possibly
*Chain:                  KMC white outer/nickel inner     
*Pedals:                 Victor VP-300     
*Wheels:                Skyway OE mags         
*Freewheel:            Shimano 333
*Tires:                    NOS LHR Freesyle 360
*Dice caps:             Lucky Rollers
*Tubes:                  Kenda -new


trickfixx5c183a1b5f_blowup.jpg  Trick Master BeFunky-photo.jpg  Trick Master Dec 19 16.jpg  Trick Master Dec 19 19.jpg

WP_20181021_095.jpg  WP_20181021_061.jpg  Trick Master green qtr front pic low for your page.jpg   

WP_20181021_052.jpg  WP_20181021_101.jpg

WP_20181021_063.jpg  Trick Master green Tracer 44T chainring for your page.jpg  WP_20181021_112.jpg 

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96 gen 2 Morales after stripping off 4 layers of spray bomb. had a cool chrome Morales to build up.

frame  96 gen 2 Morales  with NOS decals

Forks Gary fisher

head set YST

Stem Peregrine

Bars poverty  prison bars AKA Dan's compe Grave yard copy's 

Cable front cable Odyssey slick


grips ODI

pegs GT show

​wheels Peregrine HP pro 48 hole

front tire Primo rear KHE

Chain KMC

sprocket NOS Quamen 30 tooth

Cranks Primo power bites 175 mm

pedals Haro

seat clamp KHS

seat post Kore

Seat Odyssey 99










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Profile Prostyler


Frame:  Profile Prostyler, OG paint and decals

Fork:  Profile Prostyler, OG Paint and decals

Bars:  Tioga Air Waves, refinished

Stem:  ACS Rotor 45

Headset:  Tioga Bear Trap 2

Grips:  A’me Unitron, reproduction

Seat Post clamp:  Tange

Seat:  Cyclepro Shotgun 2, checkered

Crank:  Profile 3rd Gen

Bottom Bracket:  Profile

Spider:  Profile, 110 BCD

Chainwheel:  Tuf Neck, 43t

Chain:  Yaban

Freewheel:  Suntour, 16t

Pedals:  Shimano DX

Wheels:  Peregrine Master

Tires:  Kenda K55 Freestyle, reproduction

Brakes:  Dia Compe 880

Brake levers:  Dia Compe Tech 4




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1994 S&M dirt bike

forks Haro

Stem snafu

Bars no clue found in trash can on trash day 1999

brake lever Dia-comp teach 77

rear brake tech troy S20

wheels Redline monster 48 hole

pegs snafu

tires dirt monster primo

cranks Gt stamped profile 175 mm

sprocket snafu 43 tooth

pedals welgo

chain KMC

seat clamp GT

seat post Primo rod 

seat $&M








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I have known of this late 1985 made, 1986 Haro Master for a while.  It was sitting in the basement of a bike shop for many years.  It is original minus the seat post clamp and the Spin Tech stem that has been on it since the beginning.  I was finally able to get my hands on it a few weeks ago.


Frame/Fork: 1986 Chrome Haro Master with 1986 Chrome Haro Fork
Bars: Tapered Haro
Grips: A'ME copies.  Looks like OE equipment
Levers: Dia Compe 183
Brakes: Dia Compe Nippon
Pads: Dia Compe
Wheels: Skyway
Stem: Sakae Spin Tech
Seat: Dominator
Clamp: Tange SC-2
Chainwheel: Haro Disc
Pedals: MKS Graphite
Cranks: Haro Group 1 3 Piece
Tires: Original Haro

Image 1.jpg


Image 3.jpg

Image 5.jpg

Image 2.jpg

Image 4.jpg

Image 6.jpg

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