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RETRO / Modern Replica / Custom Build BMX PROJECTS

Retro/ Modern Replica/ Custom BMX  

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~~ RETRO / Modern Replica / Custom Build BMX PROJECTS ~~


For the purposes of the BOTY, we'll define the era of eligibility for this class as 2000 to present, though concessions may be made for earlier bikes with fitting attributes, that make them more at home here.  Also be advised that the winner of the retro and new school category does not vie for the over all title which is open to the Old School classes only. It's a self contained honor for this class only.

Bikes that would belong in this class are modern fabricated bikes that are modeled on old school bikes and have incorporated an old school aesthetic or were custom fabricated according to the entrant's imagination / customized vision. Bikes in this class include all bikes that did not actually exist historically. Examples of this would be bikes like the SE retro line, the Supercross made skunk works projects, certain Kappa or VRP (or other Sal made retro projects) or some of the bikes made by Knight, or the new retro GHP's or the Skyway TA retros, the CW/Revcore retros, the Hutch retros, Mongoose KOS cruisers, the recent Haro releases, EK Performers. All the True Torch retros, etc. etc.. Essentially any enterprise aspiring to sell something to the old school guys by releasing a bike inspired by old, original era designs and productions. Other examples of bikes belonging in this class would include heavily altered examples of actual old school frame sets that have been customized with frame or fork modifications into a pit bike, a cruiser or anything other than it's original wheel base size. If you have a bike like this, it must be entered into this Retro/Custom class. Please do not enter a custom fabricated frame in the era designated classes.


There are still other bikes like Fireman's Texas Cruzers that are not replicas of vintage bikes, but definitely have the old school vibe.  You can put those here too, though they might be considered modern new school in some cases. You decide based on your parts selection and the feel you were going for when putting it together.

Please follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit. Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting. 

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2017 Hutch Pro Racer XL

Pro Racer F/F- candy blue

Hutch Pro bars

Hutch headset

Hutch Aerospeed cranks/ titanium spindle

Hutch Pro bear traps/ titanium spindles

Hutch post clamp

Hutch stem

Hutch grips

Hutch BB

Hutch number plate

Alex Supra B laced to Profile Elite hubs/ titanium axle bolts and cassette driver

Paul motolite brake

Paul love lever

Tioga Comp III

No name post with Hutch decal

Kashimax Aero/ leather and padded








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2017 Azusa XV 26"


Made to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Azusa retro project, only 15 of these 26" frame sets were made, fabricated by Greg Melms. This one is serial number 007.


F/F: 2017 Azusa XV 26

Bars: Bennett
Stem: ESP
Headset: Phil Wood
Hubs: Onyx
Rims: Velocity Cliffhanger
Tires: GT LP-5
Bottom bracket and spindle: Profile
Chainwheel: Profile
Cranks: Hutch Aerospeed
Pedals: Straitline AMP
Chain: KMC X1
Post: Gary Turner
Seat guts: Bennett
Seat: Brooks C17 carved
Grips: Oury DH
Brake and lever: Paul









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Custom 74 Redline Looptail.


Ok it's a recreation of the Looptail. I saw the frame and forks were for sale in Australia last January and had an idea of what I wanted to do with it. Had some parts for it like wheels. Tried to keep it all era correct exept the stem which is 77 vintage.


Full cromo frame and forks. Powderd candy Red. Stickers are screen printed to original

Araya Moped rims

Shimano MX hubs

105 spokes

Chen Sheng tyres 20 x 2.125s

Handlebars unknown

RedLine 1st gen Pro-Line stem

OGK grips

Persons saddle, red candy vinyl with stitching.

Cut down sissy bars

Wald seatpost

Schwinn seat clamp

Schwinn crank dated 74

Sweetheart chainwheel 50T

Nickel DID chain

NOS pedals and drilled out reflectors.

Schwinn BB

Schwinn headset

Red vinyl pads

Hunt and Wilde plate I made up as a dedication to Rick Twomey ( R.I.P ) #12 was Rick's MotoX number. Patti kindly let me know.






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