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REGISTRATION - BMX Society x NBA Reunion May 18th Vintage BMX Show

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Hi everyone,





That's the link to the dedicated website for registering.  There are a number of options including:


BMX Society x Valley Relics Vintage BMX show and swap with this year's presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Mongoose Founder and Owner, Skip Hess, on Saturday May 18th. This will be at the Van Nuys City Hall Plaza

⚠️The Vintage Bike Show event will be FREE to attend to the general public.

⚠️A paid event registration option is available for those who wish to compete for honors in the vintage bike show, or participate in the swap meet, or who just generally want to support the show and make sure it keeps happening. To be clear, if you want your bikes to be elligible for awards, please register. If you want to take part in the Swap Meet - please register.

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Please don't wait to register, assure your spot as it's beginning to get tight and we may very well sell out spaces.  


Remember: Free to attend, but if you want to have assured spot to set up, it's best to register as people who are registered will have priority on spaces.


Also, it bears mentioning agains:  to sell in the swap or have bikes eligible for honors, one must be registered.  You get all the gear visible on the registration page as well:  shirt featuring Bob Haro art and Mongoose inspired style, and the collectible poster and lanyard.



Registered folks, YOU will receive priority placement, but you will need to be loaded in early. We'll be sharing more details soon. I just wanted to mention it, so people can start planning ahead. 

One thing people have to remember is that we cannot set up by our cars this year.  We are going to have to walk our stuff on to the plaza for set up from the parking in the surrounding area. That may mean people will want to have a wagon or dolly to help move your ez up, tables, cooler, etc etc

We have about 1 month left. It will go fast. Please plan to be compact in your set up. Think 10 x 10. We are not going to be able to have unlimited sprawl as we've had at times in previous years.

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The Friday Night event is actually at the Valley Relics Museum.  
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-ernie … AbDK6vYsww

Friday and Saturday events are about 5 miles apart as seen in the map.








Saturday May 18th, BMX Society Show & Swap and Lifetime Achievement Award presentation to Mongoose / BMX Products founder Skip Hess is at:

Van Nuys City Hall  14410 Sylvan St, Van Nuys 91401
9AM - 4PM

Registration 2nd chance closing today: https://bmxsociety2019.bigcartel.com

Registration gets you the shirt, poster, lanyard, bike tags and eligibility for the awards as well as the AUTHORIZATION TO SELL IN THE SWAP. 

Unregistered folks who simply want to walk around and take in the sights and sounds may attend at no cost - after 9AM.  You will not be able to sell in the swap and while there MAY be a place for you to set up, that is only guaranteed for registered people.

Unregistered people will not have access to the plaza prior to 9am... kindly stay away from the area so that there is no obstruction for those authorized for load in.

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Friday night is sold out, Sam.  Sorry, I tried to e-mail you but your the "samstheman" email was returned as undeliverable. 

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If you posted the Load IN details I missed it. My buddy is asking me what time to pick me up I am like Um , uh, lol. Just my second show. What is the time we can start checking in etc? Is there a certain parking lot we should use?

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For those that did register, you should have received the orientation e-mail by now.

If you did not, please email me at:  BMXsociety@gmail.com 
Please provide your name and e-mail you used to register, and or the name on your paypal account if it is different than your name.  Please do not wait to sort this out, I will not have much chance to repond after about 11am Friday.

The image attached is what your confirmation e-mail looks like. It was sent instantly and automatically the moment after your registration came in. Print that, or have it READY to show on your phone please. It will really help expedite the load-in.





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