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New Here I'm resto'n my "survivor" GT Pro Performer from '87

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So I'm in TX, had my old GT shipped down from hometown in Maine. Really looking forward to the restore but could use ANY suggestions y'all may have. I'v compiled a handfull of things from the BMX Museum... like folding fork standers, and Odyssey  levers and some fiiiine power series cranks... So, yeah... any suggestions on strip, prep, powder coating and the whole list i'd sure appreciate, holla if your in Austin...





P.S. will post some pics soon.

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Lucky, remember this: All things are only original once.

If this bike and the parts have some form of orignal finishes I would say to leave em as is, save a good clean up.

If on the other hand the finishes are toast, re finisih and restore as needed.

I await the results.

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