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Rick Twomey's Birthday is a holiday at BMX Society

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Rick Twomey of Rick's Bike Shop fame's birthday is a holiday for us... the man had such an impact on BMX, this site and indeed... Rick continues to have a deep impact on my life personally - and that may sound melodramatic, but I assure you - it is literally true.  Where I live and what I do for a living now... all of it is connected to my relationship to Rick. This is not lost on me.

Forever grateful and with deep respect... Happy Birthday Rick 


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Rick personally sent me a shirt through this site a few years back. I wore it a lot and then retired it to the bike room (left of the window). He didn't know me from Adam at first but more than once he and I had some good BMX talks on Facebook years back. He always was so kind to me. Steve, I never made the connection until you just commented about your job but yes he DEFINITELY has had a huge impact on you and your life choices. I'm sure he's smiling now. Happy Birthday, Rick.


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Probably my most cherished piece of BMX memorabilia.

Rick was a special guy. He and I probably only talked a dozen times on the phone, but that man taught me some serious life lessons. At the time we were speaking, i had just moved out of my house and only saw my kids on weekends, and it was a hard adjustment for me. Rick taught me a lot about being a dad, and a proper man in general. I will always remember the lessons he sneaked into our talks, and will cherish the talks we had. Deeply missed....



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