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Bunch of NOS pads, number plates, stickers and grips--BMX Society exclusive!

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I finally figured out what I will never use out of my stash and I'm posting it for sale here, and here only. I can't do eVil-Bay (you can thank the douchenozzle who tried to steal my grips for that). So basically everything is New Old Stock unless stated otherwise. It's also all pretty much mint, unless stated otherwise. Some of it is a little dirty. I will only ship within the lower 48, I won't do International, too many scams, sorry (that time it was an asshat in Italy who won my USA only auction and then tried to harass me to send him the Vans anyway, but I digress).

Don't be shy, we can discuss price. I am open to whatever the going rate is on the stuff I am posting, but that's sometimes hard to figure out. So if you don't like my price show me what a more accurate price would be and we can probably work something out. Bottom line, I won't be a dick about it, we can either make a deal or we can't and either way all will be good.

Also, I am open to trades. I need a 24 inch frame and fork for a rider, I am looking for something chromoly from the 80s, no 990 brake mounts, rough but usable shape.is okay. Other than that I'm very open-minded if we can work out a trade a partial trade. I also need an NOS or minty rear Tuff wheel, red, with freewheel mount, plastic hub not metal hub. And a rear Araya 7X 20in wheel with Suzue or similar freewheel hub, also NOS or minty. Gold, blue or red front MX1000, well used or better. Gold MX15 pedal, well used...

We'll start with this. NOT NOS, Well Used OG Torker frame pad in blue. Note the rusty snaps and there is a small cut on the edge. $200 shipped. (Are the NOS versions really going for $500? Because I have one of those too)


And I will go to the other end of the spectrum, BMX pad, missing a snap, otherwise appears to be NOS. $20 shipped.













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British racing green number plates. I can't find any markings so they may be generic, but they may be Hunt Wild or some other brand--please share any information you might have on these. Oval and rectangular with no holes, oval and rectangular with holes, and one rectangular with holes in Orange. All NOS butt they have minor surface scuffs all over them from being shuffled around shops for all the years. I have several of each of the green ones. $20 each, shipped.


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Hutch Windstyler sticker packs. I have several of these packs for later model Hutch bikes, please help me figure out what models I have. These are all NOS and I believe factory sealed. I will open them and take pictures of the complete set for any buyer who wants me to so we can make sure all the stickers are there before you buy. $80 per set, shipped.



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Grab on MX3 grips, I have two complete pair, and one pair that is missing one of the MX3 end caps, one of the compression fittings and both of the screws. These are NOS and the black foam part of the grip is reasonably soft for it's age. The blue part however is very stiff, and always has been. I'm not sure if that's how they were new, or that's just age. I want to sell these as a set so, one blue complete, one red complete, and one blue partial pair of MX3 grips all for $250 shipped.



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I'll be honest I don't know if I really want to sell this. I'm guessing this is solid brass, cast in 1979 in Chicago, ABA belt buckle. NOS, appears to be mint and never used, also no serial number. I have no idea what it's worth so I'm going to ask $300. Let's talk, show me some examples that this is insane and I'll drop the price!


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1982 ish Mongoose stem pad new in package, NOS black nylon frame pad sleeve and red nylon frame pad sleeve with the same logo. $30 each shipped. The frame pads are just sleeves, no foam, complete they are going for $30 to $50 on eBay. Again, we can talk.


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California light handlebar pad, and flight stem pad, new in package, $20 each shipped. NOS checker board pad, no package $20 shipped. I also have a checkerboard nylon sleeve, handlebar pad, no foam, not pictured, $10 shipped.





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NOS bulldog Pro Neck stem pad, Torker stem pad, Tuff Neck Stem Pad, $60 each shipped, I have a few of these





 Mike Buff freestyle pad set. Had these for years and never could figure out what the little pads were for, until I saw Mike buff in an ad where these were the pads on the lower section of a handlebars. It's a pretty complete except there is no foam for the frame pad. $100 for the whole set, shipped, or let's discuss.


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I will end, for now, with this... NOS, mint, Torker, 26-inch, Cruiser handlebar pad in red. It really is perfect as something from this era gets, I will say the end of the foam seems a little dry, but not crunchy. For this gem I am asking $299.00 shipped. Wait... What? Why?!? I don't know about you, but I've never seen one before, I've had it for years and didn't even know what it was until recently. Right now on eBay Torker frame pads (that they claim are for a cruiser) appear to be going for $599, I don't want to give this away and find out it was worth Bank. Yeah I think $600 for a pad is insane too. But then, so is $6,000 for 26-inch torker frame and fork. I know, I'm not complaining, supply and demand... And yes, we can talk about the price on this one too. Price drop, so it looks like those frame pads did't actually sell for $600, back to to $400 now?20191229_114104.jpg20191229_113415.jpg20191229_113339.jpg

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