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Brian Hays

FBM is no more :(

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From their FB...

FBM started out as a crew.

Just some friends stoked on bikes. Through our curiosity and bike riding fueled smiles, we ended up as a full fledged bike company.

Unfortunately, as of January 1st we have closed the machine shop and FBM will no longer manufacture bikes.

This has been an unbelievably tough decision and we explored multiple options to maintain business as usual but we simply aren’t able to keep moving forward under existing model. That being said, we can’t thank everyone enough for being a part of FBM and helping us get this far in the world. The FBM Machine Shop opened in 2001 and built some of the best parts in BMX for 18 amazing years. You helped us build fun and share the message of community, positivity and DIY good times and we appreciate the support more than I even know how to express.

And since we started as a a crew, some day we will finish as a crew.

At it’s core FBM is built around friendship, and the spirit of FBM will live on forever, in our hearts, as a lifestyle and as an idea.

The heart of FBM is the people and that will never change. But FBM isn’t just for the people, it IS the people.

What we’ve all done collectively has been pretty powerful and inspiring!

The Road Goes on forever and the party never ends…

With the utmost gratitude.


P.S.  - Please share some stories of FBM stoke, lets see if we can inspire the next generation!

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That's pretty heartbreaking. FBM represented the very soul of BMX. Sad news indeed. I hope they'll continue at least as a T-shirt company, just the way they started 20 years ago.

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Sad day for sure. :(

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