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Free Images from BMX Society Shows Past...

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Bored much? I'm lucky to say I'm enjoying this time to get a bunch of projects done (my wife too)! But this whole debacle got me thinking there are some people bored out of their minds. And, since this year's BMX Society Extravaganza has been postponed, I figured we could do what we do best and look back at our past to relive some of those really good memories!  

So here is the deal, you can access, look at and download these images and use them for non-commercial use. Basically, anything personal. Make prints (Big images only), or share on the Internet (small images only). Don't forget to throw a shout out to BMXSociety.com and MoPhoto.co !

There are two folders for each event, one with large images (print only, too big for Internet) and one with small images (Internet and e-mail only, too small to print) The file numbers are the same, so if you want to print IMG1234Small.jpg, go to the corresponding Big folder and download IMG1234Big.Jpg (may also be IMG1234.Jpg). To download click on any image, use the Download Pull Down at the top and select Original.  DO NOT Select All Available Originals as it will download the entire gallery and you will curse me--you have been warned! 

Enjoy and be safe everyone!

https://mortonphotographic.zenfolio.com/bmxsociety PW: osbmxbmxsMPSB

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