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What’s the biggest frame size for a 20” freestyle bike?

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I’m a big fan of the s&m steel Panther 

23” top tube and has a long Johnson seat post so I can raise it up. Like fairly odd said - tall race bars and a long reach steam will give you some “elbow room”.  This 20” has a longer top tube than their cruiser version.  I’m all about getting that bottom bracket way back as well or the TT doesn’t really matter (like on a boss prime time - long top tube, but BB isn’t any further back so when you stand and pedal - like ya know when ya race - you are still up by the bars).  The geo is of course very different on the cruiser  but I also have big feet and ride wonky and my toes hit the front tire when I turn on most cruisers and I’m not a fan of riding cruisers at all.   So a crazy long 20” is where it’s at for me.  
I also have a Yess EWC that’s got a 22.5” tt but it’s not as comfy as this and is all business with slammed seat, so not the most comfy neighborhood cruiser.  
park/street wide I still ride medium sized frames - from a 20.75” Subrosa flatland rig, 21” S&M Dagger. 21.5 BTM or a custom 22” ATF.  But I ride the shorter dagger the most. It’s stupid dialed.  
this is a race set up.  I wouldn’t go grind on it at the park.  :) 
I’m 6’4” 









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also your headtube angle will make a bike super responsive - or squirrelly if you aren’t used to it.  If it’s steep you will turn super fast.  If it’s raked out a bit, it will be more forgiving.    
Pic order

BTM 21.5 - park/street

Yess 22.5 - race 

subrosa (redline) 20.75 - flatland

dagger 21 - park/street - you could make a flatland rig with this frame  - low slung TT and its a short rear end

atf 22 park/street/trails 

for the record - I’m partial to S&M’s lol 






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