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1981 PK Ripper Rebuild - Request for help/input

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Could use your help guys!


This frame is not for sale... It has been mine for 40 years and I don’t plan to sell it. L


I am looking to rebuild it, but this is my first time doing this. Hoping you guys can help me find some Tange TX-1200s which is what was on it back in the day. Also looking for a California Lite top tube frame pad in red. I seem to remember it had a Mongoose threaded stem set that was silver on bottom and possibly more of a copper color on top. Possibly Mongoose handlebars and seat post too. The other thing I remember is a sprocket that had 4 air or paisley/teardrop shaped cutouts in it. No idea of the brand, but it was a 1 piece crank set that most likely came on a Mongoose.

I bought a set of new Tuff Wheel IIs in red, which is what was on it. 

My bike was originally a Mongoose frame that my Dad took back pretty quickly due to some quality issues. They essentially swapped everything off my original bike onto a PK RIPPER frame.

Below is the story inspired in the SE Racing Vintage 70s and 80s group. 



I am the original owner. I am told it is a 1981. I rode the hell out of this bike as a kid. It had Tange forks on it, red Tuff Wheel II mags, gold lettering, and red Oakley 3s. I was stupid and threw out the mags and other parts during a move 20 years ago. I had plans to build the bike up with Landing Gear forks, and a lot of SE racing stuff, so I figured I didn’t need that old “crap” wish I would have kept it.

I did some searching on the internet back in probably 2002 or so, found a number and end up taking to Mike Devitt, the notes I took are below. He explained who he was and that based on my serial number he was most certain that he had built my frame. He also told me about “The Old Man” and said he would go over my frame and fix anything that needed fixing for $50. I had to ship it to him and back too. I was a broke college student, and I didn’t do it. I have always felt like that was a huge mistake. 

So here is my frame 20 years later, still sitting as a frame. Also, that sticker set is original stickers, those were purchased in probably 1985 or so. My bike was stolen, luckily I got it back, and those stickers were purchased as an extra set because I had to get a new set due to my stickers being taken off when the thief had my bike.

Hope you all enjoy the story and the pics.

I am adding... In 1981 I would have been 6 years old. We didn’t have much money, Dad was a fire fighter and mowed grass as a second job. But he wanted me and my brother to have awesome bikes. We easily had the best bikes in the neighborhood... :-)




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