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Morris Mag converting a front wheel to a rear wheel. Bendix 76 Help

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I used to have a pair of Morris Mags in 1990. My little brother lost the rear wheel in 1999 or so. I have always kept my front wheel. I just now started looking for a rear wheel. I can not find one so I bought the yellow N.O.S. front wheel off ebay. So now I have two front wheels. I have found out the front and rear wheel have the same U.S Pat. No. D232717 but are machined different the rear being bigger with a steel sleeve pressed in. This piece also includes the bearing races cut into it. I have a picture of a green wheel without the guts and also a paper add with an empty wheel. These are all I could find but I also have two pictures of a Motomag that used the Bendix 76 coaster brake, it's pretty much identical in the hub to the Morris Mag which also used the Bendix 76. My front wheel is 3.175" wide at hub with a 1.125 bore. I will have to have it bored out, My old hub is 1.600" (pic IMG_0608) so a little less -.002" or  what ever the machinist thinks it takes to have a press fit into cast aluminum. Once bored out the rim will be narrower at the hub measuring 2.450". If you look at pic IMG_0613.jpg it shows how much will be cut out, losing the raised unpainted portion on both sides making the rim measure 2.450" at the hub. There is a picture called hub insert showing a aftermarket freestyle hub for a motomag. It has knurled parallel splines with a flange on the non driven side. I thought maybe I would do my Bendix 76 28 spoke hub like that but mine is not wide enough. It measures 2.025" inside spoke flanges, pic IMG_0610. It measured 2.250" outside the spoke flanges, pic IMG_0609. It measures 2.475" total width past flanges with it totally disassembled, pic IMG_0614. So. that is .025" twenty five thousandths more than the wheel. Once pressed in it should have .0125" hanging out of both sides. This will work. I might have splines cut in mine if the machinist thinks it needs it. Before I commit to doing this, are there any experts that know better than me about the Morris or Motomag Bendix 76 coaster brake design pertaining to the steel race insert in the wheels. Are there any broken mags available anywhere that I might get the bearing race sleeve out of or is that probably a pipe dream and go ahead and commit to my idea. 







Hub Insert.jpg

57679459-ca53-4b18-8c79-30e066c31c945efbda663d9ca_blowup (1).jpg

motomag rear hub 2.jpg

motomag rear hub 1.jpg

Morris Mag Add 4.jpg

Morris Mag.jpg

Morris Mag Add 3.jpg



Bendix 76 Short lead.png

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Sorry It does not show the file name for the pictures referenced but if your smart enough to be reading this you can figure out what pictures I am talking about. BTW I bet my left nut this is the exact part pressed in the wheel maybe without the beauty lines in it. I would bet bendix made the hub and that's what Morris Mag and Motomag received in a box. Complete assembly just like I have. They probably deleted the spoke flanges but I got to looking and the are pressed on little splines no wider than the spoke flange and not welded. So there you go that's how they did it. I figured this out in a few days with zero knowledge of the rims but I am very mechanically knowledgeable and I had the picture of the empty green rear wheel and the black and white article and pics of completed Morris Mag rear wheels. 

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More pics of the front to rear wheel conversion project. I am just stripping and painting to match my yellow NOS wheel I bought for a lot of money. I took one look at it and knew that it was John Deere yellow 100% sure.  I used paint stripper so I wouldn't damage the cast texture with sandpaper. Even used a little brake fluid in the hard to get corners to eat the paint up. I bought my paint at Wright Implement the John Deere dealer.




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Great work love the seat post been looking for something like that for a long time but I don't know the name of it sadly I love rebuilding bikes but I'm more of a junkyard  Builder mix and match parts and stuff like that so I don't always know the proper names of parts that I need looking through your pictures and your posts all the rims that you showed I had at one time or another myself and never knew what to do with them but again great work great restore

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