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Diamondback Strike Zone - Mike D (because there needs to be more freestyle threads lol)

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Ran across this Mike D Strike Zone over the weekend.  Initially I just intended to flip it.  But the survivor’ness is getting to me.  So I think I may blow it apart, scrub it down, whiten those mags, freshen it up - and then see how I feel about it.  I had one a long while back but it was a total restore.  Have one in front of me with OG finish and decals got the best of me.  

Just thought I would drop a little Freestyle into the mix on this fine Tuesday Morning.  
Ill throw some pics up as I move along if anybody wants to see an old DB get cleaned up and get a new life.  


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10 hours ago, TrulyOdd said:

real nice survivor.   i'd probably do the same thing, og completes grow on ya. 

They do.  I almost always cave. 
I ran across a really nice complete original 85 predator a short while back and same thing.  I was going to flip it but I have a soft place for Predators and once i started cleaning it up it was all over. I’ve still got it and love looking at it. 

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Working on the seat. It was pretty nasty and cushion top was faded.  Rails were rusty and are pitted.   But for this cleanup project I’m going to toss it on there.  Rails will be hidden, it’s original to the bike, these seats suck and I don’t wanna try and hunt down/spend the money on a nicer one :) lol 

So I hit the rails with a dremel and wire wheel.  The top with some vinyl/leather/rubber McQuires something or other.  And used salon 40 on the plastic to make it white(r)again.




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