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1977 Torker MX Complete

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No, it’s not April 1st. Yes, I know I will regret it and never own another one. Due to a host of poor life choices and a series of bad investments, I have decided to finally let my 1977 Torker MX go after over 25 years. I found it in the L.A. Times in the mid ‘90s before I even knew what eBay was. I got it almost as you see it here. I added the Redline stickers on the forks, Oakley grips and pads which were all NOS before that. I also added the minty Mesinger seat that I got on the site. The bike came with a Brooks seat that I tossed because I didn’t know what it was back then and couldn’t find any info on it—wah, wah. The frame is OG paint complete with the LBS sticker. It is in great shape but not 100% perfect. There are some reasonable scratches. Redline nickel-plated forks and V-bars. Obviously it has Motomags II wheels and the tires are Cheng Shin—they look fine but have million little cracks in them. I was told its Schwinn chain ring? Cranks are Takagi MX with KKT Lightning pedals—missing one cap. Yeah, they are too new, but they came on it. Seat post clamp… PLME or Laguna—can anyone tell?  And then there is the Cooks Brothers double clamp stem—“It is so choice, I highly recommend picking one up if you have the means…”  If there is anything you guys can tell me about this bike, or if I am wrong about something, let me know. Yes I am asking $4500. Wait, what?!? Look, I’m not trying to be a prick (it comes naturally). Like I said above I will never find another one—not like this. I couldn’t find any bikes to compare it to, but the one Cooks Brothers stem and one PLME clamp on eBay sold for like $1500 EACH… I don’t want to rob anyone, but I don’t want to leave any money on the table either. I am willing to discuss price with serious buyers—especially trusted members who won’t powder coat it green. I will also send more info, pics and video. There’s a catch however (there’s always a catch). I will NOT ship this bike. Cash paper money in person only. So you can come here to Phoenix, AZ, or for the right buyer, I will bring it to SoCal OC area. This will not show up on eVilbay. For sale here and on the BMX Society site only.  No joy riders, tire kickers or dreamers. No sob stories, I have my own. (Sorry, old Criagslist habit.)
















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Wow a museum piece for sure. Seeing those pictures, now I know where my old Torker (gone must have sold it back in '80 i dunno) got its geometry. Mine was purchased frome Wheels-N-Things and was called by them Big Profile. Had the more modern dropouts than yours but very similar if not same geometry. I wonder how they measure up with a tape.

I like you went with the gold trim (my bike was blue). But again after all these years yours (theirs now) is truly a masterpiece.

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